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Why is there something rather than nothing? This podcast is a philosophical and psychological exploration into the act of creation (poets, musicians, writers, painters, thinkers, all of us) by: Ken Volante

Something (rather than nothing‪)‬ Ken Volante

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Why is there something rather than nothing? This podcast is a philosophical and psychological exploration into the act of creation (poets, musicians, writers, painters, thinkers, all of us) by: Ken Volante

    Olivia Britz-Wheat

    Olivia Britz-Wheat

    Mortal Emblem [https://www.mortalemblem.com/]owner Olivia Britz-Wheat is a multimedia artist who has been tattooing for over 15 years in Portland. She hails originally from Colorado, attended college in Missoula, Montana until learning how to tattoo under Phil Roberson and Jed Dillon.

    Enjoy this wide-ranging conversation and regale in thoughts about art, Depeche Mode, Portland, The Lloyd Center mystique and VHS love.

    SRTN Website [https://www.somethingratherthannothing.com/]

    • 48 min
    Cheeky Fun with Riccelle and Chelsea of Baroque B*tches Podcast

    Cheeky Fun with Riccelle and Chelsea of Baroque B*tches Podcast

    ART FUN w/ Riccelle and Chelsea - hosts of the Baroque B**ches Podcast [https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/baroque-b-tches-an-art-history-gossip-podcast/id1714175986]!

    How much fun can you have on a podcast? I dunno but this was hella fun. Join this wildly ranging art, life, and raunch conversation to discover what you did not want to know but, really, c'mon, you actually really did want to know.

    Art Scholarship for the People!!!

    BB Website up in here [https://baroquebpodcast.com/]

    SRTN Website [https://www.somethingratherthannothing.com/]

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    Elizabeth Coplan

    Elizabeth Coplan

    Death is the high cost of living. The weight of that knowledge can feel crippling but is it there we find the deepest and most important knowledge of how to live?

    After tragedy struck in 2013, Elizabeth Coplan turned to writing to express her personal grief. She wrote many published essays, and later, after experiencing three losses in less than a year, she turned to writing plays focused on this global experience known as death. In 2016, Elizabeth developed the groundbreaking play, Grief Dialogues, and built the nonprofit Grief Dialogues [http://griefdialogues.com/], a theatrical movement creating new conversations about dying, death, and grief.

    Elizabeth is the script consultant, director, and producer for Juntos Nos Ayudamos/Better Together, a film about a Hispanic family surviving suicide. She is also the creator and the co-host of the podcast, Out of Grief Comes Art [https://griefdialogues.com/podcasts/], and the Executive Producer of 8 AM, an award-winning short film on traumatic loss.

    'Til Death, Elizabeth's full-length play about one mother's choice that unveils a family's long-buried secrets, opens Off-Broadway in November 2023 under the direction of Chad Austin, Producing Director of the Abingdon Theatre. The play stars Two-Time Tony Award Winner Judy Kaye, Tony Award Nominee Robert Cuccioli, with Whitney Morse, Dominick LaRuffa Jr., Michael Lee Brown, TV and film star Amy Hargreaves.

    In addition to an updated production of Grief Dialogues scheduled to open in New York City 2024, Elizabeth is currently working on The Book Club, a new play highlighting the lives of five senior women. She is collaborating with Ina Chadwick on The a Chronicles, a theatrical series of stories that spark conversations about women's reproductive rights, and on a TV sitcom pilot Act Three, a coming-of-age story about a late-in-life emerging playwright. All before she turns 70 in June 2024.

    Elizabeth Coplan  [https://elizabethcoplan.com/]

    SRTN Website [https://www.somethingratherthannothing.com/]

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    Allyson McCabe

    Allyson McCabe

    ALLYSON MCCABE [https://www.allysonmccabe.com/]is a journalist whose work is heard on NPR's newsmagazines, public radio stations and programs, and podcasts. Also appearing in publications such as the New York Times, New York Magazine/Vulture, BBC Culture, Wired, and Bandcamp, McCabe is also the author of WHY SINEAD O'CONNOR MATTERS, UT Press, 2023.

    SRTN Podcast [https://www.allysonmccabe.com/]

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Katherine Yeske Taylor

    Katherine Yeske Taylor

    Katherine Yeske Taylor [https://linktr.ee/Taylorkatnyc] began her career as a rock critic in Atlanta in the 1990s, interviewing Georgia musical royalty such as the Indigo Girls, R.E.M., and the Black Crowes while still a teenager. Since then, she has conducted several hundred interviews and contributes regularly to Billboard, Flood, Spin, and American Songwriter, among others. She is a longtime New York City resident and is extremely active in the downtown rock scene.

    SRTN Website [https://www.somethingratherthannothing.com/]

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    Kola Shippentower

    Kola Shippentower

    Shippentower signs with the Oregon Ravens

    Kola Shippentower is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. She has co-founded and is the Director of The Wisáwca Project - Enough Iz Enough, a non-profit organization working together for change, for better communication and involvement.

    Kola has developed a Safety Plan to be utilized by anyone in identifying safety methods, contacts, and procedures to keep one safe whether in an abusive relationship or a plan to track a missing person. She is a professional fighter and brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

    Welcome back to the show Kola!!!

    Waymakers Ravens Video [https://youtu.be/YgFHBYQUIZQ?si=dEXOR6fYnSNVQorZ]

    Oregon Ravens [https://oregonravens.com/]

    SRTN Website [https://www.somethingratherthannothing.com/]

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Rice Hole ,

Cool Art Variety Show!

I like Kens way of thinking and coming up with interesting ways to interview and story tell with all different kinds of people. When he interviews his guests, he finds ways to bring out information you wouldn’t expect and demonstrate who these artists really are.

Cool guy, cool show! Check it out!

Em Gaddis ,

A must-listen

Ken hosts the show with wit, humor, and kindness. He is clearly so passionate about the arts, his guests, and the community he builds with listeners and contributors alike. He is well spoken, engaging, and brings a variety of voices to the forefront. He asks insightful questions, and leads with curiosity. This is by far one of my favorite shows, and really is a must listen if you like art, conversation, and/or really cool people.

jennyjo8675309 ,

Exemplar ART/Philosophy/Healing/Activism/Thinking podcast

…by creative host, Ken Volante. SRTN dives deep with each conversation- K.V. brings thought-provoking questions to a variety of creators and thinkers from all over the planet, and in turn allows for both a safe space and a platform by which guests can follow the path they choose for the episode to take. SRTN clearly has a plethora of interests and curiosities which lead to a delicious variety of voices being heard—- from poets to burlesque dancers, painters to metal bands, opera singers to bodywork healers, and everything in between. Specifically remarkable is the show’s conspicuous support of Indigenous artists and thinkers, as well as their continued acknowledgement of and action toward justice for Native American peoples.

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