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SoTellUs Time is a podcast for business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to grow their business from the basics all the way to the advanced from the latest technics and technologies. Together the hosts of SoTellUs Time have over 40 years of marketing experience from start ups to $100,000,000 companies. They have started several successful 7 figure companies and advised thousands of companies in 19 countries generating hundreds of millions in revenue.

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SoTellUs Time is a podcast for business owners and entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to grow their business from the basics all the way to the advanced from the latest technics and technologies. Together the hosts of SoTellUs Time have over 40 years of marketing experience from start ups to $100,000,000 companies. They have started several successful 7 figure companies and advised thousands of companies in 19 countries generating hundreds of millions in revenue.

    What to Do When Your Business is Slow: Maximize Your Downtime

    What to Do When Your Business is Slow: Maximize Your Downtime

    Welcome to today's discussion on how to make the most out of your business's slow periods. Slow times don't have to mean stagnation. Instead, they present a unique opportunity to refine and grow your business in ways that may be challenging during busier times. In this video, we'll explore five actionable strategies to help you take advantage of this downtime and come out stronger on the other side.
    1. Enhance Your Online Presence
    When business is slow, it's the perfect time to focus on your online presence. Start by updating your website. Ensure that it is user-friendly, visually appealing, and contains up-to-date information about your products or services. Consider optimizing your site for search engines (SEO) to improve your ranking on search results. This will help attract more organic traffic to your site.
    Social media is another crucial aspect of your online presence. Refresh your profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Post engaging content regularly, including blog posts, videos, and customer testimonials. Interact with your audience by responding to comments and messages. Scheduling content in advance can ensure a consistent online presence even when you're busier.
    2. Upskill and Train Your Staff
    Investing in training and development is a smart move during slow periods. Enhance your team's skills through workshops, online courses, and training programs. Focus on areas that are critical to your business, such as customer service, marketing, and technical skills.
    Encourage your staff to take part in these opportunities and even pursue certifications that can benefit the business. Not only does this improve your team's capabilities, but it also boosts their morale and engagement, preparing them to deliver better results when business picks up.
    3. Analyze and Improve Processes
    Take a close look at your business processes during slow periods. Conduct a thorough review to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. This could involve anything from your supply chain and inventory management to your customer service protocols.
    Implementing improvements can streamline operations and increase productivity. Consider adopting new technologies or software that can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more strategic activities. Continuous improvement should be an ongoing goal, and slow periods provide the perfect opportunity to make these necessary adjustments.
    4. Strengthen Customer Relationships
    Slow times are ideal for building stronger relationships with your existing customers. Reach out to them for feedback on your products or services. Address any concerns they might have and show your appreciation for their business.
    Consider creating special offers or loyalty programs to reward repeat customers. Personal touches, such as handwritten thank-you notes or follow-up calls, can go a long way in strengthening these relationships. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and refer others to your business.
    5. Plan for the Future
    Use the downtime to set new goals and plan your marketing strategies. Develop new products or services that can add value to your offerings. Create a detailed roadmap that outlines your objectives and the steps needed to achieve them.
    Planning ahead ensures that you are prepared for the future and can hit the ground running when business picks up. This proactive approach will help you stay focused and aligned with your long-term vision.
    This week, take the time to observe your business operations closely. Identify areas that need improvement and gather your team for a meeting. Discuss these observations and brainstorm ways to overcome distractions and focus on growth. By working together, you can develop a strategic plan to turn slow periods into valuable opportunities for your business.
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    Overcoming Summer Distractions in Business: Boosting Productivity and Staying Focused

    Overcoming Summer Distractions in Business: Boosting Productivity and Staying Focused

    Welcome to our channel! Today, we dive into a crucial topic that affects every business, especially during the sunny, relaxing summer months. With over 25 years of experience in business, we've learned that summer can be the season of distractions for both employees and business owners. But fear not! We're here to share valuable insights and strategies on how to stay focused, maintain high productivity, and keep your business thriving even when the sun is calling.
    Why Summer Distractions Matter: Summer spans approximately three months, equating to a quarter of the year. If you or your team are distracted during this period, it can significantly impact your performance and numbers, resulting in a 25% dip in your annual productivity. Understanding and addressing these distractions is essential for sustained business growth and success.
    Our Approach: Over the past week, we closely monitored our employees to identify the common distractions they face during summer. Using office cameras and keen observation, we documented what, where, and when these distractions occur. Here's what we discovered:
    Common Summer Distractions:
    Phone Usage: Excessive use of TikTok, messaging apps, videos, and personal calls during work hours. Excessive Breaks: Taking too many breaks and extending lunch hours. The Water Cooler Effect: Employees gathering around for casual chats, leading to interruptions and reduced focus. Flexible Timings: Coming in late and leaving early, especially for those with children on summer vacation. Addressing the Issues: We took a systematic approach to tackle these distractions:
    Individual Documentation: We documented the distractions for each employee. One-on-One Meetings: Scheduled meetings with employees to discuss the distractions and their impact. Discussion Points: Identified specific distractions (phone, social media, messaging). Pinpointed where distractions occur (at their desk, distracting others). Determined when distractions are most prevalent (mornings, post-lunch, end of day). Creating a Plan: Together with our employees, we developed personalized plans to mitigate these distractions and enhance focus. This collaborative effort ensures that everyone is aware of their distractions and committed to overcoming them.
    Tips for Business Owners: Owners are not exempt from summer distractions! It's vital to evaluate your actions and track your productivity. By setting an example and staying focused, you can inspire your team to do the same.
    Your Homework: Observe your workplace this week. Identify the distractions and schedule meetings with your team to address these issues. Implement personalized plans to help your employees stay focused and productive. Let's work together to make this summer a season of growth and achievement for your business!
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    Gut Check! Mid-Year Business Review | Business Podcast

    Gut Check! Mid-Year Business Review | Business Podcast

    Welcome back to our business podcast, "Gut Check!" It's crazy to think that we are already in June, and half the year will be over in just a few weeks. In today’s episode, we dive into the Mid-Year Gut Check. With six months nearly gone, it’s crucial to evaluate how you’re doing on your goals, financial numbers, and tax planning. Let’s ensure your business is on the right track for success in 2024.
    Goals: Assessing Your Progress
    First, let’s talk about your goals for this year. How are you doing? Are you on track to achieve what you set out to accomplish in January? If not, how far off are you? Identifying the gap is the first step to closing it. If you find yourself falling short, it's time to strategize. What do you need to do between now and the end of the year to reach your goals? Whether it’s increasing sales efforts, enhancing productivity, or refining your business strategy, pinpointing the actions required is crucial for success.
    Numbers: Analyzing Your Financial Performance
    Next, let’s take a close look at your financial numbers. Are you on track or falling short? How do your numbers compare to last year? Understanding your financial position is key to making informed decisions. If your numbers aren’t where they need to be, it’s time to recalibrate. What changes do you need to implement to reach your financial targets by the end of the year? Consider strategies such as cutting unnecessary expenses, investing in more effective marketing, or automating processes to enhance efficiency.
    Tax Planning: Optimizing Your Strategy
    Have you met with your accountant yet this year? Based on your goals and current financial status, you might need to adjust your tax strategies. Do you need to set up another company? Establish a 401K or IRA? Control expenses more effectively? It’s essential to look for ways to utilize your capital before the year ends to maximize tax benefits. Proper tax planning now can save you from a last-minute scramble in December and ensure you're making the most of your financial resources.
    Homework: Take Action Now
    Don’t wait until the last month of the year to do a gut check and find out it’s too late to make meaningful changes. Conduct your mid-year gut check this week and start making necessary adjustments. Proactive planning and timely action can transform 2024 into your best year yet!
    Keywords: business podcast, mid-year review, business goals, financial numbers, tax planning, business strategy, financial performance, marketing strategies, business automation, tax strategies, accountant meeting, capital utilization, 401K, IRA, business efficiency, expense control, proactive planning, business success, 2024 goals, business adjustments.
    Tune in to this episode of "Gut Check!" and take control of your business journey. Let’s ensure that the second half of the year is even more productive and successful than the first. Subscribe, like, and share our podcast for more valuable business insights and strategies. Let’s make 2024 a year of outstanding achievement!

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    Maximize Productivity with a Working Vacation!

    Maximize Productivity with a Working Vacation!

    Welcome back to our channel! In today's episode, we're diving into an innovative concept that can revolutionize how you approach your business and marketing strategies: the Working Vacation.
    Introduction: Are you tired of returning from a family vacation only to find a mountain of work waiting for you? Today, we’re going to flip the script. Instead of discouraging work during your vacation, we’re here to show you how a well-planned working vacation can help you stay productive, reduce stress, and ultimately grow your business. So, let's explore how to make the most of your next working vacation!
    The Problem: Every business owner and entrepreneur knows the struggle of being constantly pulled in different directions. Whether it's employees seeking guidance or customers demanding immediate attention, these daily distractions can derail your focus from strategic tasks that drive business growth. How often do you find yourself working in the business rather than on it?
    The Solution: The Working Vacation: Unlike a traditional vacation, which often leaves you playing catch-up upon your return, a working vacation allows you to step away from everyday distractions and concentrate on high-impact activities. Imagine setting aside dedicated time to work on business strategies, marketing plans, and long-term goals without interruptions.
    What is a Working Vacation? A working vacation is a planned break from your usual work environment where you can focus on strategic business tasks. It’s not about disconnecting from work completely but rather about creating a productive environment away from the usual chaos.
    Case Study: Ron, Trevor, and Troy: Let’s talk about the success story of Ron, Trevor, and Troy. They managed to build out all their business automation in just three days during a working vacation. By isolating themselves from daily distractions, they achieved more in those few days than they would have in weeks of regular office time.
    Suggestions for Planning Your Working Vacation:
    Location: Choose a nearby destination or even consider a staycation. Plan: Outline everything you intend to accomplish during your working vacation. Communication: Inform your employees and clients that you will be unavailable during this period. Schedule: Allocate specific times for work tasks and for relaxation activities. Balance: Ensure you stick to your schedule, balancing both work and fun to rejuvenate your mind. Benefits of a Working Vacation:
    Return with a lighter workload. Experience reduced stress and enjoy some fun. Focus on working on the business rather than getting bogged down by daily operations. Homework: Ready to transform your productivity? Start by planning your next working vacation. Get it on your calendar and decide what strategic tasks you will focus on. Outline your goals and set a balanced schedule of work and relaxation.
    By implementing these strategies, you can harness the power of a working vacation to enhance your business and marketing efforts. Don’t let daily distractions hold you back. Embrace this innovative approach and watch your business thrive.
    If you found this video helpful, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more tips on business and marketing. Share your thoughts and experiences with working vacations in the comments below. Happy planning!
    #Business #Marketing #WorkingVacation #Productivity #WorkLifeBalance #Entrepreneurship

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    How to Identify and Overcome Business Burnout

    How to Identify and Overcome Business Burnout

    Welcome to our channel! Today, we're diving into a topic that resonates with many business owners and employees alike—business burnout. Burnout is more than just feeling tired; it's a state of chronic stress that can significantly impact productivity, mental health, and overall job satisfaction. In this video, we will explore three common scenarios of burnout and provide actionable strategies to overcome them.
    The Perpetual Workaholic
    Our first scenario is the Perpetual Workaholic. This individual is characterized by their relentless work ethic. They consistently work long hours, skip breaks, and often take work home. Their belief that they cannot afford to step away from their desk leads to chronic stress and, paradoxically, decreased productivity over time.
    How to Overcome:
    1. Set Strict Work-Life Boundaries: Establish fixed start and end times for your workday. Adhering to a schedule can help create a clear distinction between work and personal time.
    2. Take Regular Breaks: Integrate regular breaks into your day to recharge. Use tools like time management apps to remind you to step away from your desk periodically.
    3. Ensure Quality Time Off: Make sure that your time off is genuinely work-free. Engage in activities that you enjoy and that help you relax, ensuring a mental and physical break from work-related stress.
     The Resource Depleted
    Next, we have the Resource Depleted scenario. This person feels they lack the necessary support or resources to perform their job effectively. The constant struggle to manage tasks without adequate resources leads to feelings of helplessness and exhaustion.
     How to Overcome:
    1. Open Communication: Encourage open discussions about needs and challenges with management. Transparent communication can lead to finding solutions that might include additional training, workload redistribution, or enhanced team support.
    2. Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to ask for help when needed. Whether it’s more training, better tools, or additional manpower, addressing these needs can alleviate feelings of depletion.
    3. Focus on Efficiency: Prioritize tasks and focus on efficiency. Sometimes, streamlining processes can make a significant difference in managing workloads.
     The Passion-Faded
    Finally, we explore the Passion-Faded individual. Initially passionate and enthusiastic, this person has become disenchanted with their job. The work that once excited them now feels monotonous and uninspiring.
    How to Overcome:
    1. Explore New Challenges: Encourage taking on new challenges within the role or company. New projects that align with personal interests or professional growth goals can reignite passion.
    2. Professional Development: Engage in continuous learning and development. This can include workshops, courses, or even a career coach to provide new perspectives and strategies.
    3. Consider a Role Change: If the disenchantment runs deep, it might be time to consider a change in role or even a new employer that better aligns with core interests and passions.
    Take a moment to assess your current work-life balance. Identify where you might be failing and make necessary adjustments. Also, evaluate your employees’ well-being. Remember, putting someone in a box and ignoring their individual needs can lead to significant losses in productivity and morale.
    By recognizing and addressing these scenarios of burnout, both business owners and employees can foster a healthier, more productive work environment. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for more insights and tips on managing your business and well-being. Thanks for watching!

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    Website Superhero Part 2: Transform Your Website into an Automation Powerhouse

    Website Superhero Part 2: Transform Your Website into an Automation Powerhouse

    Welcome back to our series where we elevate your website from a static page to a dynamic engine driving your business 24/7. In today’s episode, "Website Superhero Part 2", we dive into how automation can turn your website into your best employee, tirelessly working around the clock. Join us as we explore powerful automation tools that can transform how you interact with visitors and streamline your business processes.
    🚀 Transforming Your Website with Automation Automation is key to maximizing the efficiency of your website. Implementing strategic calls to action such as a persistent phone number that remains visible as visitors scroll, or a compelling form to request quotes or tours, ensures your website actively engages visitors at every opportunity.
    🎁 Special Offers to Capture Leads Entice visitors with irresistible offers. Use automation to provide live chat or automated responses when your team is unavailable, ensuring you never miss a chance to connect with a potential client. Our discussion will cover how to maintain engagement 24/7 with lead capture modes that keep the conversation going.
    📞 Automated Communication Tools From missed call text-back services to automated emails and SMS for form submissions, discover how to automate every aspect of your customer communication. We'll go through systems like Call Connect and automated follow-ups that alert your team to new leads and ensure timely responses.
    🗓️ Online Scheduling Simplified Learn how to integrate online scheduling into your website, giving visitors instant access to your calendar and the ability to book appointments seamlessly. We’ll cover how automated confirmations and reminders can enhance customer experience and reduce no-shows.
    📄 Streamlining Employment Processes Our episode also covers automating your employment application process. From application forms that trigger email and SMS confirmations to online scheduling for interviews, discover how to automate the hiring process, making it efficient and responsive.
    🏫 Homework Challenge If your website isn’t working as your best employee yet, it’s time to transform it into an automation powerhouse. We’ll guide you on where to start and how to implement these changes effectively.
    🔗 Engage With Us Subscribe to our channel for more insights on making the most of your website through automation. Like this video, leave a comment with your automation challenges or successes, and share with others looking to boost their website’s performance.
    #WebsiteAutomation #WebsiteEfficiency #AutomationTools #BusinessAutomation #WebsiteOptimization #AutomatedCommunication #OnlineScheduling #LeadCapture #SpecialOffers #WebsiteTransformation

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10 Ratings

Chancler100 ,

Troy and Trevor have Amazing Advice, Tips, & Tricks!!

Every episode is full of inciteful knowledge for business owners in all points of their business! From just starting to running for 20+ years! I love listening to this instead of music in the morning during workouts! I recommend the podcast to all my family and friends! 👌🏻

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New Business Owner That Can Relate

I completely resonated with the Bootstrap Business episode, since I’m currently in the process of bootstrapping my business and use SoTellUs to help grow our reputation management. I loved everything Trevor & Troy talked about because it’s so true and even had a few laughs.

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