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We are two guys who like to play punk music and make in-jokes.

Sour Grapes Andi and Jamie

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We are two guys who like to play punk music and make in-jokes.

    Pancake Valentines February Spectacular!

    Pancake Valentines February Spectacular!

    Join Andi and Jamie as they tear through a bunch of new and classic tracks both in and out of the genre that you’re used to hearing from them. They got Postal Service, they got Off With Their Heads, they even got Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. It’s a crazy dance party for the ears. And that’s not all.

    Sour Grapes goes deeper, asking questions about the issues plaguing society at the moment such as:

    Will HMVs imminent closure mark an upturn in business for independent record stores?
    Who is this Flag band and why should we care?
    Has Community lost its heart without Dan Harmon?
    These will be answered, along with many more in this super special episode of Sour Grapes.

    Track listing:

    1. The Murderburgers - Unemployment, Here I Come Again
    2. Off With Their Heads - Nightlife
    3. The Postal Service - Tattered Line of String
    4. Texas is the Reason - The Magic Bullet Theory
    5. Desaparecidos - Anonymous
    6. Broadway Calls - Lucky Lighter
    7. The Lillingtons - I Saw The Apeman
    8. Well Wisher - Fast Past
    Memory Lame: Rites of Spring - Hain’s Point
    10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street

    • 1 hr 38 min
    2012: A Year in Punx

    2012: A Year in Punx

    On New Years Eve 2012, Andi and Jamie sat down in the front room of Sour Grapes Hotel to discuss the year gone by. Over a few light sherries, they talked for way too long about the highs and lows of a year that just sorta came and went. Join them as they journey through movies, games, live shows, and much more besides.

    It's like a big wordy pie filled with 2012 and bad puns.

    Between all of our riveting gab, we took some time to reflect on the music of the year with highlights from some of our favourite 2012 releases and say goodbye to some of the bands we have lost along the way.

    Apologies I Have None - 60 Miles

    • 1 hr 37 min


    Aaaaand we're back. In an attempt to bring structure to our meandering rants about geeky crap and punk rock, we've decided to introduce a modicum of structure in the way of themes and regular features. This week, we focused on pay what you want/legally free labels Quote Unquote and Kill Your Own, so be sure to check both those sites out for some lovely free music.

    Also, we discuss why Emogame 2 is the greatest game ever, Pacific Rim and Jamie's deep love of Crass. As an addendum, the out takes for this show were far funnier than anything we left in. We'll try harder next time, I promise.


    1. Cold Ones- Dead End Job
    2. Bomb The Music Industry- Even Winning Feels Bad
    3. Bangers- The Funny Side
    Spotlight: 4. Horace Pinker- Into The After
    5. Sauna Youth- Big Bobbles
    6. Sanawon- Drifting
    7. Caves- Time And Time Again
    8. Laura Stevenson And The Cans- Landslide Song/The Dig
    9. Bonestorm- Expire
    10. Shinobu- Teachers Get Tired

    Memory Lame: 11. Crass- Big Man, Big M.A.N

    12. O Pioneers!!!- You Know That Part In Superman III...

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 8: The Podcast Knights Return

    Episode 8: The Podcast Knights Return

    After another lengthy gap (we’re getting really good at them now), Sour Grapes returns in an action-packed extravaganza of blood and righteous violence. Will Jamie find favourite hat? Will Andi remember which songs he chose to play this week? All this and more in this episode of Sour Grapes!

    In all seriousness though, we’ve tried to take a little bit of a different direction with this one. That is why you will find within lengthy discussions about the best Batman story arc, who our favourite voices actors are, and some kind of quantum singularity where everything is composed of Spinal Tap quotes. The music is still very much the main focus, but we’re trying to branch out a little into other things we can babble on incessantly about.


    1. The Lawrence Arms - Spit Shining S**t
    2. Cursive - The Great Decay
    3. The Menzingers - Gates
    4. Bomb The Music Industry - Congratulations, John On Joining Every Time I Die
    5. Chixdiggit - Chupacabra
    6. The Groovie Ghoulies - Chupacabra
    7. Crucial Dudes - Small, Bent and Ugly
    8. Adolescents - Losing Battle
    9. Bones Brigade - Let’s Go Get Cokes
    10. Apologies, I Have None - The 26
    11. Tilt - Partial Birth
    12. Neil Perry - Igor, My Girlfriend Dumped Me, Let’s Write Sad Songs

    • 1 hr 48 min
    Episode 7: Shadow Bangers From A Shadowy Podcast

    Episode 7: Shadow Bangers From A Shadowy Podcast

    So after nearly a month of deafness, idleness, deadlines and vomiting, we’re back with a new episode, and it’s back to business as usual, except the songs are songsier, the tangents are far more long and rambling, and it ends in a Mexican standoff. One or more of the previous statements may be a lie. Try to guess which one. So yeah, Sour Grapes 7 GO!


    1. Lightyear- That’s The Way That It Goes, Big Nose
    2. Hot Cross- Exits And Trails
    3. Discount- Am I Missing Something
    4. Captain, We’re Sinking- Crushed By Milwaukee’s Best
    5. Aspiga- Laughing This Off
    6. Good Clean Fun- Punk Rock Love
    7. Stuntface- Time To Fly
    8. Army Of Flying Robots- The Goths Brought Revels And I Felt Cheated
    9. Brat Pack- Hate The Neighbours
    10. Wooderson- Mint Condition

    • 1 hr 14 min
    6. Tinned Podcasts and Diamond Rings

    6. Tinned Podcasts and Diamond Rings

    This week is a pre-ManchFESTer special, so we thought we’d invite organiser Kieran Kelly around to discuss the festival, play some songs from the bands involved and hopefully start some some beef. And that’s exactly what happened. Featuring cuts from both the new Apologies, I Have None and Above Them records, alongside classics from ONSIND, Calvinball, and Sam Russo. It’s a UK punk extravaganza! Enjoy.

    • 1 hr 14 min

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