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A podcast about the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game and Old School gaming.

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A podcast about the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game and Old School gaming.

    Episode 132: Capes, Cowls and Crawling!

    Episode 132: Capes, Cowls and Crawling!

    It’s a superhuman and heroic spectacular tonight on Spellburn! They said it couldn’t be done, but in true DCC tradition, they did it anyway! I’m talking of course about superheroes, masked men, vigilante crusaders, dark night detectives and of course, mutants cursed to protect a world that despises them. Earth’s Mightiest Judges are joined by some new third party designers working on superhero games for DCC … all this and more on this month’s Spellburn!

    Links mentioned in this episode!

    Fillable Mighty Deeds-of-Arms Record

    Evolved RPG! (DCC RPG Compatible!)

    Comics Crawl Classics!

    Netcrawl RPG

    DCC Day 2024!

    Steel and Fury (Deeds for DCC RPG)

    DCC RPG Organized Play

    Support Ed Stanek & Raorgen's Cosmologia

    [Mighty Deeds Record form- coming soon!]

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    Episode 131: The Gonzo Show

    Episode 131: The Gonzo Show

    Neither Chuck Barris nor the Unknown Comic will be in attendance this evening. Gonzo – what is it? How do you know your game is gonzo? It is one of those things that you’ll only know when you see it? Is DCC RPG the gonzo game some purport it to be? 

    Making his Spellburn debut, from Super Savage Systems, the Neon Lord himself, Brian Shutter creator of The Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland! Also making his first appearance on Spellburn is Martin Ouelet, headman at Headcheese Productions and author of Crime-Fighting Lucadores RPG!

    Links from this episode:

    Neon Lords of the Toxic Wasteland

    Crime-fighting Luchadores

    Netcrawl RPG - will launch September 3rd on Backerkit

    Peculiar NPCs: A Deck of NPC Portraits

    MURDER HOUSE! - A Level 0 DCC Horror Adventure

    The One That Got Away - A zero level tournament funnel adventure


    Human Occupied Landfill

    Crawling Under a Broken Moon omnibus

    Death is the New Pink RPG

    Burger Punk



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    Episode 130: Third Party Mutants… Unite!

    Episode 130: Third Party Mutants… Unite!


    Installation 665 Kickstarter by Purple Pirate Games and Judge Julian

    Netcrawl preview on DrivethruRPG!

    Jair's Home - Backerkit

    Mutant Mayhem Minis


    Secrets of the World Harvesters - Purple Pirate!

    Discordance at Dzyvatz by Purple Pirate

    Judge Phil's Zine of Goodies (Vol 3)

    Critical Hit Parader, Vol 1 (with Blue Oyster Cult adventure!)

    Critical Hit Parader - ongoing podcast and weekly content!

    The Doom that Came to Christmastown

    The Thing in the Chimney by Judge Daniel J Bishop!

    Hell Climb by Sean Richer!

    Legends of Uganda Vol 1

    The Canine

    Village of Hommlet


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    Episode 129: The Music of the Spheres is…. ROCK!

    Episode 129: The Music of the Spheres is…. ROCK!


    In the DCC world, we love our music! Even dating back to the hallowed “G+ era”, we had Doug’s DCC Music group that turned people on to tons of great tunes. For a long time we’ve wanted to do a Spellburn episode with some DCC related bands and today that dream is coming true!  We’re going to talk to some inspirational musicians about DCC, music and RPGs, sources of inspiration and much more!


    Whispers from the Sky Spire (review blog)

    ARNECON 2024

    Purple Planet Horde on Backerkit

    River of Lies on Backerkit

    CincyCon 2024

    Sailors on the Starless Sea

    Skate Wizards! (By Levi / Loot the Body!)



    Saint Karloff on Bandcamp

    Saint Karloff Instagram

    Saint Karloff on Facebook

    Saint Karloff Merch

    Majestic Mountain records!

    Spinning the Good Stuff (Record show)

    Saint Karloff on Goodman Games site

    SK featured on Sanctum Secorum with Judge Bob & Judge Jen!



    Loot the Body on Bandcamp

    Loot the Body on Instagram

    Loot the Body on Youtube

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    Episode 128: Horde of the Purple Planet

    Episode 128: Horde of the Purple Planet

    In just a week we will all get a chance to travel back to the Purple Planet! The DCC Sword and Planet setting of Harley Stroh and Doug Kovacs waxes into our collective consciousness once again. The weirdling sun beats down upon us. What dusty din approaches from the broken wastes? A gaggle of 3rd party publishers! Hark! It’s the Purple Planet Horde!


    Links from this episode:

    Adventures of the Purple Planet on Backerkit

    101 Hex Encounters and Die, Robot (Backerkit)

    Random Acts of Violet (Backerkit)

    O' Happy Dagger! (Backerkit)

    River of Lies (Backerkit)

    Memories of the Purple Planet

    Wrath of the Orb-Men

    Roll Funky Dice Heads to the Purple Planet,


    Other stuff:

    Crypt of the Science Wizard


    DCC Zines in Zinequest!

    * Joey Royale Ninja City: Drug Demon Disco - KS

    Sean Richer Snake Wolf 3 Mega Dungeon - KS

    Gregory Norton, Electi-Studio Jair's Home for MCC and DCC RPG - BK

    The Elixir of Kosomodes

    Exhuming John Barleycorn

    Pilgrims on the Goblin Road


    Goblins! for DCC RPG

    DCC Pulp heroes - Jeremy Father Goose Shuman

    Silam No 1 & 2: DCC Zines


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    Episode 127: Invoke Sean Richer!

    Episode 127: Invoke Sean Richer!


    Hail acolytes of the Dark Master! It’s the last Spellburn of the season and we are invoking a patron! Life’s blood has been spilled; we risk the very fabric of the universe by opening a portal to the author of the Orbital Intelligences, sire of the stratosfiends, circuit councilor supreme Sean Richer of Orbital Intelligence LLC! Strap into your best dungeon kart and get ready for the Drop! This is Spellburn!


    Email us all the time at Spellburnband@gmail.com!!

    Links mentioned in this episode!

    Indie RPG Creator Summit

    Terror of the Stratosfiend products!

    Dungeon Grand Prix (and friends!)


    Judge Jen's podcast with Diogo!

    Appendix LP - Critical Hit Parader




    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
142 Ratings

142 Ratings

Rashad626 ,

Amazing resource and entry to the DCC community

The hosts (old and new) are a wonderful, welcoming resource for anyone interested in learning about DCC - or if you are already playing the game gaining a better understanding of its nuances.

9felix99 ,

Critical Success!

I came to DCC in 2018 around the same time I came back to TTRPGs and I’ve found my spiritual gaming home. The podcast is a perfect supplement to actual play and enhances how I run and play games. Guest creators and judges’ insights are always appreciated also!

DM Cojo ,

Relevant then and now...

I love the new content, and I also go back and listen from episode 1 every year or two! I still find things of value that I missed in old episodes!

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