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Weekly Podcast from the Spinning Unrest Studios featuring insights, news, tour information and the best in new Alternative music.

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Weekly Podcast from the Spinning Unrest Studios featuring insights, news, tour information and the best in new Alternative music.

    Weekly Riff #2

    Weekly Riff #2

    Today we talk on the new variant of the Coronavirus that actually has a lime, and also what REALLY happened to Curt Cobain. Spoiler alert, it wasn't suicide. We also discuss what it would take to get us in bed with Hillary and what is the correct way to apply ketchup to fries. We're blazing trails here people...

    • 47 min
    S02 E15 - I Wanna Be Beautiful

    S02 E15 - I Wanna Be Beautiful

    In today's episode we answer a bit of criticism we recently got regarding our song picks, and also get another track in from our newest former movie star musician that we're not even sure was a movie star! 4 throwbacks, Chewies Deep Dive, Stump's Closer and are insanely awesome new F**k, Marry, Kill segment. Click the start button!
    Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2rdQvVd
    Music From: Cage The Elephant | Ecca Vandal | Lowborn | Wilderado | The Amazons | Midi Matilda | Eels | Clutch | Peter Bjorn and John | The Mars Volta | Modern Aquatic | Marshmello | J. Roddy Walston & The Business | Hirsch | COUNTERFEIT. | Saint Agnes | Superorganism

    • 1 hr 29 min
    Weekly Riff #1

    Weekly Riff #1

    Coming in hot with the first installment of the Riff. Topics include Kobe, awkward cashier interactions and the acceptable time to wait before masturbating after a catastrophic event. And that's just the stuff we could put into writing here. LET'S DO THIS!

    • 49 min
    S02 E14 - Wanna Be Blood Brothers?

    S02 E14 - Wanna Be Blood Brothers?

    In this week's Friday show we circle back to a guy who we consider to be the master of the cover song, the same guy that Rev would like to not play anymore! We also share our discovery of where a mysterious former child actor has been up to the past few years. Spoiler alert...it's not what you would think he would be up to! Live and cover song features and a fresh batch of Hot or Nots to wrap this week up. Let's get acquainted!
    Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2XxzAZY

    • 1 hr 34 min
    S02 E13 - Active Aggressive

    S02 E13 - Active Aggressive

    In today's Monday episode, we discuss some of the upcoming Summer festival line ups and which, if any, are strong enough for us to even CONSIDER going. We also let Stump try to stump us on whether or not it's a random YouTube comment, or a Johnny Stevens Tweet. Throwback, deep dive and more MFK's! Podcasting is fun.
    Playlist: https://spoti.fi/334JlA1  
    Odd Band Out - (15:14)
    Tour Tease - (29:04) 
    Johnny's Game - (50:12)
    Soaking - (65:14)
    Full Face of Laura Linney - (89:44)  
    Music From: Foals | Radkey | Love Ghost | Sex Bob-Omb | Kensington | With Confidence | Spacehog | Trapt | Interpol | Against Me! | Flipturn | Neon Trees | Barns Courtney | Airways | Grace Mitchell | Foster The People | Innerpartysystem

    • 1 hr 36 min
    S02 E12 - Agree To Disagree

    S02 E12 - Agree To Disagree

    In this TGIF episode, we go into full Mea culpa mode as we open with a track that we COMPLETELY roasted Chewie for even suggesting. We also re-visit one of our favorite NYC 2 piece acts and get your our hot take on that football murder documentary thing. Live and Cover features and as always we'll wrap it up with our Hot or Not's and Stump's track of the week. GO CODE GREEN!
    Playlist: https://spoti.fi/335YzED

    No Direction - (14:26)  
    Stay In Your Lane - (28:23)  
    Full Vessel - (43:07)  
    Hernandez - (60:10)  
    Magnetic Stain - (77:26) 

    Music From: Harry Styles | Paris Shadows | NoMBe | Matt Maeson | Machine Gun Kelly | Sub Urban | Interpol | The Mowgli's | The Score | Nonpoint | RAT BOY | Rebounder | No Love For The Middle Child | Dirty Honey | Hot Snakes | Brand New

    • 1 hr 41 min

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