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A podcast with Meadow DeVor and Laura McKowen. Sometimes spiritual, sometimes not.

Spiritualish Meadow DeVor and Laura McKowen

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A podcast with Meadow DeVor and Laura McKowen. Sometimes spiritual, sometimes not.

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4.1 out of 5
471 Ratings

471 Ratings

SammyD1126 ,

Balance is off

I've listened to Spiritualish from the beginning, and I continue to enjoy it because Laura and Meadow have lots of really interesting, insightful things to say. The decision to use listener questions/predicaments to organize most of the episodes works well and has largely provided the structure that, in my opinion, the first few episodes were lacking (totally understandable that it may take a minute for the two of them to hit their groove, though!).

That said, I find myself continuously wishing is that Meadow would take a few steps back so we can hear more from Laura. I've noticed that Meadow fairly consistently interrupts Laura, and seems pretty insistent on redirecting much of what Laura says back to herself. Much of the time it feels like Meadow is "coaching" Laura," which makes me feel like there's a power imbalance, when the premise of the podcast (at least I think) is supposed to be a conversation between equals.

This is a bummber, because while I think Meadow has a ton of wisdom, I find Laura to be the more articulate, concise, and engaging communicator. I'd love to hear more of her voice and perspective directly, rather than feeling like I'm watching Meadow attempt to help or guide her. The balance was off between Laura and Holly on HOME, too, and I hope that she's able to find a more balanced dynamic with Meadow or with another co-host in the future.

Nobama2008 ,

Need more stars!

I was introduced to this podcast through a prior relationship and am eternally grateful for that.
Meadow and Laura are brilliant and insightful beyond measure. I’ve listened to ALL 75 episodes and revisit some again and again (learned about boundaries...never knew they existed before)
The work they do and talk about covers so much ground and learnings.
You feel like you’re sitting there with friends and that you’re gleaning it all in.
I’m a guy and this podcast and all it’s brings to you is for anyone with a heartbeat.
Sadly, the podcast has ended and both are still creating content out there...but there is something special here.
Give it all a listen.

LaurieFro ,

Warm, fun, informative, and relatable

Laura and Meadow balance each other nicely in a way that reminds me of Gretchen Rubin (Meadow) and her sister Elizabeth (Laura). The episodes that work best highlight the contrast between Laura’s heart first spirituality and Meadow’s head first “ish.” Meadow always shines on the topic of financial wellness and I love how Laura’s willingness to be vulnerable provides opportunities for Meadow to share her wisdom. Laura’s profound experience of addiction and recovery adds depth and insight to most topics on the show as we all struggle with related themes. Your work truly matters, Laura and Meadow, and I hope you will continue doing it because you have wonderful chemistry as friends and business partners!

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