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DKROM is a Chicago based Sportswriter & sportscaster with a near encyclopedic knowledge of all things NFL. We here at Sports Krunch with DKrom enforce our “No Spin” policy 24/7/365, and do our absolute best to help all of you football fans cut through the spin and get to the truth. Sports Krunch will cover all the important stories you may have missed in the NFL universe. Sports Krunch will regularly have very influential and knowledgeable guests. So be on the lookout for the next episode and be sure to subscribe!

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DKROM is a Chicago based Sportswriter & sportscaster with a near encyclopedic knowledge of all things NFL. We here at Sports Krunch with DKrom enforce our “No Spin” policy 24/7/365, and do our absolute best to help all of you football fans cut through the spin and get to the truth. Sports Krunch will cover all the important stories you may have missed in the NFL universe. Sports Krunch will regularly have very influential and knowledgeable guests. So be on the lookout for the next episode and be sure to subscribe!

    #231: Election 2020 Recap (and NFL talk) with Matt Mackowiak

    #231: Election 2020 Recap (and NFL talk) with Matt Mackowiak

    1. Today, the Electoral College ratified President-Elect Biden’s victory, but the overall election wasn’t anywhere close to as rosy for the Democratic Party. Democrats lost at least a dozen seats in the House and the GOP is highly likely to retain control of the Senate barring a total catastrophe in Georgia on January 5. In an era of very few “ticket-splitting” voters, this initially came as a shock to many. That said, Public Opinion Strategies studied a lot of suburban voters this cycle, and they found while many of them couldn’t stomach voting to re-elect Trump, they also were lukewarm to the policies of the current Democratic party. Is it fair to say that the growing influence of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and AOC on the Dems cost them dearly down-ballot? 

    2. Another VERY promising sign for the GOP going forward is the historic amount of minority support President Trump was able to attract. He received nearly 1/3 of the Hispanic vote (a similar number your former boss George W. Bush posted), 12% of the black vote (the highest number for a Republican in a long time), and over 30% of the Jewish vote (the highest since Reagan). Why was he able to make such inroads in all three communities, and what do Republicans need to do grow support among those voters these next few election cycles?

    3. President-Elect Biden’s victory will not be officially official until January 6 when Congress tallies all 538 EC votes. And as the New York Times reported yesterday, House Republicans plan to object to the vote of the six states that flipped the presidency to Biden. And at least two GOP Senators (Ron Johnson and Rand Paul) are open to signing on, which, if they do, means the full Congress will debate the objection.  Although this does effort is all but guaranteed to fail, it will be another debasement of our republic’s democratic institutions. That said, from a political standpoint, House/Senate R’s who don’t go along with this risk exposing themselves to a primary challenge from a QAnon member…or worse. As a political strategist, what is your advice to congressional R’s on how to not alienate the base yet respect the sanctity of our institutions simultaneously?

    4. Looking at Biden’s cabinet picks so far, which ones, in your view, are likely to pass a GOP-controlled Senate…and are any dead on arrival? If Justice Breyer retires within the next two years, and Biden appoints a moderate, do you think a GOP-controlled Senate will consider the nomination, or do precisely what they did with the Scalia vacancy in 2016?

    5. The main reason why I voted against President Trump was the existential risk that he, in my view, posed to our democratic republic. I remain VERY frightened that the United States remains on the fast track to another Civil War, a potential split into two different countries, or a full-blown dictatorship unless reforms to our electoral system are made. And no, I’m not for abolishing the Electoral College or expanding the size of SCOTUS. I’m talking about a LOT of hard compromises between both parties that will be ESSENTIAL to preserve this republic as we’ve known it. What do you think of the following proposal?

    6. -Who will end up with the NFC’s #1 seed: Packers or Saints?

    -Who should the Chiefs fear more: Steelers or Bills?

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    #230: Election 2020 (and the Denver Nuggets) with Jake Marsing

    #230: Election 2020 (and the Denver Nuggets) with Jake Marsing

    1. Four years ago around this time, many (if not most) in the news media touted Hillary Clinton as a solid favorite to win...and we know how that ended. Today, several are describing Joe Biden in the same light. As I mentioned in the intro, we had Austin, Texas-based GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak on the program. He said he expects this to be a VERY, VERY close election and is convinced that whoever wins the presidency is going to win it by a narrower Electoral College margin than 2016. Do you share that view and do you think the media is making the same mistake they did four years ago by GROSSLY underestimating President Trump’s chances of winning?

    2. Speaking of the Electoral College, you live out west in Colorado near another pivotal state that needs just as much attention as Florida and the four major Midwestern states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota). That state is Arizona. For well over a year, Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report has remained unwavering in his belief that Arizona is more likely to flip from Trump to Biden than Florida AND Wisconsin are. And there are more than enough reasons to take his thoughts seriously. Arizona is an increasingly diverse and metropolitan state with the kinds of voters moving TOWARD the Democrats whereas Wisconsin on the other hand is the whitest, most rural of the four Midwest battlegrounds and has the kinds of voters that are moving AWAY from the Democrats. Would you be surprised if a Biden victory consisted of all the Clinton states + MI/PA/AZ as opposed to all the Clinton states + MI/PA/WI?

    3. Right now, with voting underway, the biggest priority for the Democratic party MUST be GOTV efforts. And given the pandemic, most Democrats plan on casting their ballots BEFORE November 3. According to a recent NBC News/Survey Monkey poll, 71% of Democrats intend to vote absentee whether by mail or using in-person early voting. Everybody MUST make a plan to vote, but given a weakened, hobbled postal service, many voters (especially those living in states without a universal vote-by-mail system like Colorado) may have to adjust their plans. If someone wants to receive a ballot in the mail, what is the LATEST possible date to submit a request? Several are recommending that those who receive their ballots on or after October 14 return them in person to their county election office or a ballot drop box if available. Would you recommend that as well?

    4. Several top-tier Biden supporters have voiced concern in recent days, most notably, his chief rival for the 2020 Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders. He suggested that Biden would almost certainly lose unless he stopped his centrist approach and catered more to progressive voters on economic issues. Also, some more establishment Democrats in swing states believe there is still a sizeable enthusiasm gap between the Trump base and the Democratic base and that Biden needs to do a lot more in-person campaigning to energize voters, as NYT reported. Do you think there is such a gap and if so, should Biden pivot and endorse progressive policies like the Green New Deal or Medicare For All?

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    #229: 2020 NFL Week 1 Preview (with Matt Barr)

    #229: 2020 NFL Week 1 Preview (with Matt Barr)

    1. Season Headlines


    -In the wake of the deaths of George Floyd, Breanna Taylor and others at the hands of police violence, NFL players have made it clear they will NOT be silent and will kneel during the playing of the National Anthem in protest. Even owners who are passionate supporters of the President (such as Jerry Jones), have given their players the green light to do so. Upon hearing the news, Eric Trump, the second of the President’s three sons, tweeted that the NFL was over. And there is no doubt that the President will try to make kneeling for the national anthem a centerpiece of his re-election campaign. If ratings show a sizeable drop, the NFL will be caught between a rock and a hard place and have to walk the tightest of lines in an attempt to avoid alienating significant chunks of the fan-base 

    Matt: COVID…can they finish the season?

    2. Truth/Exaggeration

    -The NFL will decide to conduct the 2020 playoffs and Super Bowl in a bubble environment, especially if the pandemic worsens the further we get into fall and winter.

    -Von Miller has played his last down as a Denver Bronco

    -Jalen Ramsey’s blockbuster contract extension further ensures that the Rams will remain in a state of mediocrity (or worse) for the foreseeable future

    -Kyler Murray will have a similar breakout campaign in 2020 to Lamar Jackson’s in 2019, even if he doesn’t win MVP

    -The Chiefs are heavy favorites to repeat as AFC Champions

    -The Packers will NOT make the playoffs in 2020

    -Because of there being no preseason games due to COVID, the opening month of the 2020 season will be DOMINATED by offenses and defenses will struggle

    3. GAME OF THE WEEK: Texans at Chiefs

    -Will the speed of the Texans WR corps help mitigate for the loss of DeAndre Hopkins against an opponent like the Chiefs?

    -Just how low is the floor for the Texans defense given the TREMENDOUS holes and inconsistencies in their secondary?

    -On paper, how much have the Chiefs improved compared to last season’s Super Bowl triumph? How much have they regressed on paper?

    -Game deciding matchups: Chris Jones vs. Texans interior OL, Chiefs WR’s/Kelce vs. Texans secondary

    -Game Predictions

    4. GAME OF THE WEEK: Bucs at Saints

    -You have been EMPHATIC that Tom Brady has little to nothing left. Do you anticipate seeing a similar decline from Drew Brees this year like we supposedly saw from Brady last year?

    -Does this Bucs D have the potential to be a top-10 unit?

    -Can Emmanuel Sanders be the most consequential free agency acquisition of 2020?

    -Game-deciding matchups: Saints iOL (Ruiz, McCoy, Peat) vs. Bucs behemoth DT’s (Vita Vea, Ndamukong Suh), Tristan Wirfs vs. Cameron Jordan??

    -Game Predictions

    5. Game Predictions

    -Seahawks at Falcons

    -Raiders at Panthers

    -Colts at Jaguars

    -Eagles at Washington

    -Browns at Ravens

    -Jets at Bills

    -Dolphins at Patriots

    -Packers at Vikings

    -Bears at Lions

    -Chargers at Bengals

    -Cardinals at 49ers

    -Cowboys at Rams

    -Steelers at Giants

    -Titans at Broncos


    ME: Saints and Bucs will combine for 80 points and the game will end with 0 seconds on the clock as Drew Brees finds Emmanuel Sanders for a 10-yard TD on fourth and goal

    MATT: Garoppolo throws for 4 TD’s (2 to Kittle, 1 to Aiyuk, 1 to McKinnon) 350 yards

    7. Challenge Flags

    ME: NFL teams…do what the Bucs, Lions and Eagles did and turn your stadiums into voting locations for the 2020 election, giving your fans a VERY safe option to vote in-person during this pandemic.

    MATT: Fans and analysts…DO NOT OVERREACT TO WEEK 1

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    #228: Election 2020 (and a bit of football) with GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak

    #228: Election 2020 (and a bit of football) with GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak

    1. Last week, the sports world briefly hit the pause button in wake of the Jacob Blake shooting, starting with the NBA. As a result, it was announced that all NBA clubs intend to use their arenas as voting locations for the general election, whether it be for voter registration drives, in-person early voting, and/or having county officials there to collect completed absentee ballots. Given all the issues and red tape with voting by mail (not just USPS), isn’t voting in person at a sports arena one of the best ways of voting imaginable, especially during a pandemic?  

    2. One of the President’s last remaining hurdles to overcome on the path to reelection is his handling of Covid-19. From a policy perspective, what MUST he do between now and November to prepare the country for the expected uptick of cases in the fall/winter?

    3. In the aftermath of George Floyd’s unconscionable murder, we have seen America at its best and at its worst. I personally have witnessed both Biden and Trump voters alike saying we need to significantly address racial biases in our criminal justice system. But we have also seen lawlessness and violence on both the extreme left and right alike. Whether it’s Antifa setting fire to police facilities or armed white supremacists firing guns at innocent bystanders, EVERY American should be equally outraged at the instigators on both sides. And just this week, three innocent demonstrators (two anti-Trump in Kenosha, one pro-Trump in Portland) were killed. This has only heightened my concern that a wave of violence a million times worse than we’re seeing right now could erupt after the election, especially if it’s super close and the outcome is in doubt. What do both Democrats AND Republicans need to do ASAP to ensure that doesn’t happen? 

    4. Another nightmare scenario that could lead to such violence is the so-called “blue shift” that happened in the Arizona US Senate race in 2018. When we woke up the morning after the election, Martha McSally was leading, but the absentee ballots counted subsequently put Kyrsten Sinema over the top. If a similar scenario happened to Trump, which is possible given the fact that a record number of Americans are expected to vote absentee given the pandemic, it is a virtual guarantee that he will consider the election stolen. Currently, 14 states, including some key battlegrounds, prohibit the processing of these ballots until the morning of the election. However, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has proposed that the state begin processing absentee ballots three weeks before the election (as opposed to the morning of) so they have a better chance of completing the count by election night or the following day at worst. Do you agree with that proposal and if so, should all other battleground states follow?

    5. Whoever wins in November will not only have to deal with this once-in-a-century pandemic, but an increasingly dangerous Russia and China, who are hell bent on creating a new world order in their respective totalitarian images. In recent weeks, Vladimir Putin has threatened to deploy armies to Belarus to help Lukashenko retain power and poisoned his chief rival, Alexei Navalny. Xi Jingping has accelerated his crackdown on pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, and more alarming info about his genocidal campaign against the Uighurs in Xinjiang has come to light. And of course, China gravely misled us on the dangers of COVID-19. Putin and Xi are arguably the two most dangerous men in the world right now, and we need to act FAST in order to stop them. What do you think should and can be done in order to do so? Should we grant asylum to some Uighurs and dissidents of both regimes?    

    6. Thoughts on Steelers 

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    #227: 2020 NFL Training Camp Storylines (with Matt Barr)

    #227: 2020 NFL Training Camp Storylines (with Matt Barr)

    1. What we have seen with Major League Baseball (with the COVID-19 outbreaks within the Marlins and Cardinals causing games to be postponed) thus far is likely a preview of what to expect in the NFL this season. Peter King a few weeks ago wrote he is convinced that at some point the league will likely have to suspend play like the NBA did in March when the pandemic first hit. However, Richard Sherman countered that he only sees that happening if things get REALLY REALLY bad. Under what circumstances should the NFL suspend play?

    2. Biggest Training Camp Storylines for Each Team

    -NFC West: 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Cardinals

    -AFC West: Chiefs, Broncos, Raiders, Chargers

    -NFC North: Packers, Vikings, Bears, Lions

    -AFC North: Ravens, Steelers, Browns, Bengals

    -NFC East: Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Washington

    -AFC East: Patriots, Bills, Jets, Dolphins

    -NFC South: Saints, Bucs, Falcons, Panthers

    -AFC South: Texans, Titans, Colts, Jaguars

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    #226: 2020 Dash To The Draft (Last Minute Buzz & Mock Draft II with Matt Barr)

    #226: 2020 Dash To The Draft (Last Minute Buzz & Mock Draft II with Matt Barr)

    A. Latest Buzz (Buy Or Sell)

    -Chris Mortensen said today of all the teams that are being discussed as strong candidates to trade up, the Falcons are expected to be the most aggressive and could move up all the way to the top five. So buy or sell: the Falcons will trade up to the top five and take Jeffrey Okudah if the Lions pass on him at 3, or move down to 6. 

    -The run on WR’s will begin earlier than most expect with two WR-needy teams trading up to the 8-10 range to get their guy

    -If the Dolphins want Tua Tagovailoa, they’ll take one of the four OT’s at five, and will be able to stand pat at 18 where he’ll fall into their lap

    -If the Dolphins do NOT want Tua, they will wait until 26 overall to take a QB…and that QB will be Jordan Love as opposed to Justin Herbert

    -There will be no more than five trades in the first round due to the complex logistics of conducting the draft virtually

    -The first round will last an hour longer than expected due to technical glitches

    -The 49ers will move back from both 31 AND 13, especially if the WR run occurs earlier than expected

    B. MOCK

    1. CIN: Joe Burrow

    2. WAS: Chase Young

    3. DET: Jeffrey Okudah

    4. NYG: Tristan Wirfs

    5. MIA: Andrew Thomas

    6. LAC: Isaiah Simmons

    7. CAR: Derrick Brown

    8. AZ: Jedrick Wills

    9. JAX: Justin Herbert

    10. ATL (from CLE): C.J. Henderson

    11. NYJ: Mekhi Becton

    12. LVR: CeeDee Lamb 

    13. DEN (from SF): Henry Ruggs III

    14. TB: Javon Kinlaw

    15. SF (from DEN): Jerry Jeudy

    16. CLE (from ATL): K’Lavon Chaisson

    17. NE (from DAL): Tua Tagovailoa

    18. MIA: Xavier McKinney

    19. LVR: Jordan Love

    20. JAX: Jeff Gladney

    21. PHI: Denzel Mims

    22. MIN: Justin Jefferson

    23. DAL (from NE): Cesar Ruiz

    24. NO: Kristian Fulton

    25. MIN: A.J. Terrell

    26. MIA: Yetur Gross-Matos

    27. CLE (from SEA): Ezra Cleveland

    28. BAL: Patrick Queen

    29. TEN: Ross Blacklock

    30. GB: Jalen Reagor

    31. DEN (from SF): Josh Jones

    32. KC: Jonathan Taylor

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