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A podcast to promote and improve the profession of Athletic Training through real conversations about the topics WE want to know more about.

Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Instructor Jeremy Jackson and colleagues engage various Sports Medicine professionals to promote and improve the profession of Athletic Training. www.sportsmedicinebroadcast.com Contact: @MrJeremyJackson

Sports Medicine Broadcast Jeremy Jackson

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A podcast to promote and improve the profession of Athletic Training through real conversations about the topics WE want to know more about.

Athletic Trainer and Sports Medicine Instructor Jeremy Jackson and colleagues engage various Sports Medicine professionals to promote and improve the profession of Athletic Training. www.sportsmedicinebroadcast.com Contact: @MrJeremyJackson

    Mental Readiness

    Mental Readiness

    • 29 min
    RankOne Data

    RankOne Data

    RankOne data makes it easy to tell your story as an Athletic Trainer. If you collect it then you can pull everything you need with a few clicks. If you need help just call and they can guide you through.

    What are some of the common things you RankOne sees from ATs?

    End-of-year audits

    Newspapers seeking info

    Easily filter through the data that has been entered

    We take data security seriously

    Data transfer is really important in security.

    We work with a lot of partners to make the transfer of data as seamless as possible

    We partner through our API to integrate those partners.

    Do you have a complete online solution for forms?

    We put the medical history form online

    We have included a physical upload form so parents can include a scan of the form.

    There are definitely pros and cons for both.

    Going Back to Data Collection

    Other than concussion reporting integration what are you seeing?

    Justifying the need for Athletic Trainers

    * Reports show how many treatments and using the CPT codes can demonstrate value

    The proof of your value is in the data.

    Until something bad happens the ATs value is usually glanced over.

    It gives you a great way to look back and reflect.

    Seen anything weird?

    We get calls requesting additions often.

    So we add fields when it helps them collect that data.

    We like to get a consensus before we make any big changes by checking with the Athletic Trainers.

    Ease of use features with RankOne Data:

    Print Paperwork

    Run Reports

    Messaging within RankOne

    We are creating a more robust messaging system that allows two-way communication.

    It will message the email that the account was created with.

    Any features you have cut?

    There have been quite a few changes that are in response to user feedback.

    What are we doing to prevent the dreaded August 1st breakdown?

    We have set up some API boundaries for our partners.

    Load-tested the servers.

    Thanks, Bethpage Consulting for helping make the trip to SWATA 2023 possible

    Check out the Instagram Live video

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    Nutrition Myths – Kim Lowry

    Nutrition Myths – Kim Lowry

    Kim Lowry and

    Nutrition Myths are so close, so easy, so trendy…Kim Lowry discusses some of the Sports Nutrition myths with Ryan Collins at the Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine Update.


    2-2.2 grams of protein if they are trying to bulk up

    Total calories are a common misconception

    You can not bulk up Muscle but not add any fat…almost universally

    Spread it out throughout the day

    Nutrient Timing

    Research is mixed - some say within an hour increases your muscle growth

    You can ap into muscle synthesis about every 3-4 hours

    High Protein snacks and meals


    Low-fat cheese sticks

    Greek yogurt

    Deli turkey

    P3 packets

    Protein bars and shakes

    Adding chicken to your pasta dish

    RAMEN - 

    You can add peanut butter

    Or peanuts

    I like to use the “Tasty App” and search for dorm room ramen for healthier options

    Eggs are another good option

    Creatine is BAD…

    Pretty much all of the nutrition myths have been disproven in all healthy usage of creatine.

    • 29 min
    SWATA Experience – Sean Hwang

    SWATA Experience – Sean Hwang

    Sean Hwang discusses his first SWATA experience with Dr. DJ Gilliland.

    Tell us your story, Sean

    Korean American

    Went to UT Austin.

    US Army field artillery officer for 3 years

    Went to chiropractor undergrad for a semester

    I had been doing something similar to AT with my amateur Korean soccer teams

    I shadowed John Houston at the University of Houston Women’s Basketball

    SWATA Student Track?

    I was not expecting to learn a lot because they made it out to be a fun hang-out.

    Dr. Knoblauch’s lecture about balance

    Being up to date on current trends

    Cannabis lecture from Dr. Konin

    Have you met anyone knew?

    I would love to…but I have not really.

    Dr. Harrison: we will take you around and let you shake hands with everyone

    Does UH pay for the students to go to SWATA?

    Nope they fundraise

    Last year's group did a great job fundraising.

    The stickers and bracelets were a pretty big hit

    How many students ended up coming from UH?

    There were about 20 students.

    Our preceptors and partners jump on the opportunity to get the students here.

    If you are passionate about learning new things then coming to SWATA is the place to be.

    What has been the most unique thing you have learned so far?

    Cannabis is not THC. CBD can be used without it causing an impact on your THC test levels.

    Suggestions from Sean

    I would like to see more nonathletic setting workshop courses here at SWATA.

    Tory Trevino asks: what are you learning as professionals?

    DG: CBD talks

    DG: Seeing people I have not seen in years

    LH: Bre’Layshia’s talk included a personality trait test and have mock conversations with different personality types.

    Contact Us

    @s.noogi__ on Instagram

    @drgililland on Twitter (X)

    @layciJ on Twitter (X)

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    Foster Care ATs

    Foster Care ATs

    Foster Care is not easy. Neither is Athletic Training. Travis Turner is trying to grow his family through foster care/adoption.

    • 29 min
    Storytime with Buzz

    Storytime with Buzz

    Storytime with buzz is just that, fun stories from an old school Athletic Trainer still practicing. Thanks, Bethpage Consulting for helping to get the SMB out to SWATA 2023 in Arlington.

    I have been attending SWATA for about 38 years

    I broke my collarbone playing football and then became the team manager.  Sam Aguilara came to teach the coaches about Athletic Training products.  I knew I could do the stuff he was showing the coaches.

    The next thing I knew they were sending me to AT clinics at colleges.

    I have met a lot of great people during my career as an Athletic Trainer

    Joel Kregerberg was the assistant AT for the Oilers while I was an intern.  I got to tape Earl Cambell.  He greatly deflated my ego when he told me it was the worst tape job he ever had.

    Give me some more storytime

    Houston Rodeo got me started with Justin Sports Medicine and Truman Spoon Sports Medicine

    Did you get autographs?

    Not really, I was always around the people and did not consider it.

    Where was your first job as an AT?

    Seminole High School is about an hour from Lubbock.

    I moved to Macaney with the head coach

    Then the Houston Oilers called and I moved to Houston

    Take us back to Seminole HS

    I taught driver's ed in the morning.

    It is a small school with a small AT Facility

    We were really good at basketball and gymnastics

    I taught a job at the Air Force base with firemen and nurses

    Who are some of the mentees that have impacted you?

    Valerie Tinklepaugh-Hairston - with her impact on college sports and SWATA

    David Traylor - SWATA Hall of Honor

    Southlake Carroll High School is being run by two of my former ATs

    TSATA Hall of Honor

    This award brings a smile to my face every time I think about it.

    What did you dream about being as a kid?

    My dad was a pharmacist

    My brother was a pharmacist and MD

    I thought about following them

    Storytime - What sticks out the most?

    A Houston Oiler went down and was basically numb from the neck down

    We backboarded him

    That was his last game to ever play.

    He was a good friend of mine.

    My wallet and everything I needed were in my bag that the equipment managers packed up since I went to the hospital with him.  We almost got stranded in Kansas City.


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4.6 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

Stacey Shapiro ,

Excellent, informative podcast

Excellent podcast! Jeremy packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!

isaiahplayer926 ,

Great information, very valuable

I love what you are doing for sports medicine professionals!!! I highly recommend to all my colleagues.

jswenk007 ,

Great podcast

Love the insights on what you need to do for medicine

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