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Whether you are just launching a career in professional organizing and productivity or you’re a seasoned veteran — The Stand Out Podcast Series from the National Association of Organizing & Productivity Professionals (NAPO) will teach you how to make the most of the Organizing and Productivity Industry. Host Clare Kumar interviews business experts and successful professionals in the productivity and organizing world.

Stand Out NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals)

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Whether you are just launching a career in professional organizing and productivity or you’re a seasoned veteran — The Stand Out Podcast Series from the National Association of Organizing & Productivity Professionals (NAPO) will teach you how to make the most of the Organizing and Productivity Industry. Host Clare Kumar interviews business experts and successful professionals in the productivity and organizing world.

    Why Paper Still Matters

    Why Paper Still Matters

    In today’s digital day and age, we have forgotten about the benefits of using paper. We turn to our shiny little screens to take photos, notes, and store records. Joining us today on the Stand Out podcast is long-time NAPO member, Julie Bestry. Julie is a professional organizer who dazzles people with her wonderful blogs. Today, we discuss what she is noticing about the shift in our relationship to paper over the last few years, the Cornell note-taking method, haptics, and the beauty of cursive. We also discuss Julie’s hybrid system when it comes to note-taking, planning, and recording, and look at the importance of finding a system that works for you. Finally, Julie tells us why she is known as the ‘paper doll.’ To hear all this and more, tune in now!
    Key Points From This Episode:
    An introduction to today’s guest, Julie Bestry. What Julie is noticing about how our relationship to paper has shifted over the past few years. Discussing the Cornell note-taking method. Julie explains what haptic is. How writing was a thing of beauty in the past. The beauty of being able to read and write cursive. The importance of finding a system that works for you; digital, paper, or hybrid. Why Julie is called paper doll. Julie’s passion for words and stationary.  
    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Julie Bestry — https://juliebestry.com/
    Julie Bestry on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliebestry/
    Julie Bestry on Twitter —https://twitter.com/ProfOrganizer?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
    Julie’s Blog — https://juliebestry.com/blog-page/
    Evernote — https://evernote.com/
    Waze — https://www.waze.com/en-GB/live-map/
    TripTicks on Amazon — https://www.amazon.com/Tripticks-British-Literature-Ann-Quin/dp/1564783189
    Mint — https://za.mintgroup.net/
    Target — https://www.target.com/
    The Cornell note-taking method — https://www.umfk.edu/student-success/academic-support/notes/
    Remarkable — https://remarkable.com/
    TikTok — https://www.tiktok.com/
    American Scripture — https://www.amazon.com/American-Scripture-Making-Declaration-Independence/dp/0679779086
    NAPO — http://napo.net/join
    NAPO Stand Out on YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlLAQMWs4Ek&list=PLMWVypTlTZSmLTi8pmCASPyIXvnaFkbCr
    Itoya — https://itoya.com/
    WH Smith — https://www.whsmith.co.uk/
    Clare Kumar — https://clarekumar.com/
    Clare Kumar on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarekumar/recent-activity/posts/
    Clare Kumar on Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/clarekumar/?hl=en

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    Prolific Productivity Pioneer Reveals Secrets of Success

    Prolific Productivity Pioneer Reveals Secrets of Success

    This is an extra special episode of Stand Out, and one that none of our listeners will want to miss! Today we have the past Director of NAPO and organizing and productivity pioneer, Harold Taylor on the show, to share some of the wealth of wisdom he has accumulated after 45 years in the business! Harold is now in his 80s, but has not let this slow him down, and continues to work, publishing books and leading an extremely rich and exciting life. In our conversation, we get to cover the basics with Harold, talking about personal productivity and building a system that suits our unique needs, before we get into some of the more specialized areas in which our guest has worked. We talk about the many books he has written and published, the use of humor in his presentations, the evolution of distractions, and much more. As you will see, Harold has an amazing ability to synthesize and communicate ideas, so to catch it all from this generous and important member of our community, tune in!
    Key Points From This Episode:
    [00:03:32] The ever-present experiences Harold Taylor has dealt with throughout his career. [00:06:26] How Harold has depicted disorganization in his presentations. [00:08:48] Blocking out the necessary interruptions; taking responsibility for your own time! [00:11:24] What actually happens when we allow ourselves to get distracted. [00:13:19] The inclusion of humor in Harold's presentations, and the idea of high-risk speaking! [00:15:02] The importance of focusing on a specific niche and area of your subject. [00:19:29] Developing a system that suits your unique needs and habits. [00:22:40] The range of work that Harold still does; seminars, writing, and more. [00:24:45] What keeps Harold interested and motivated at this stage of his life and career! [00:27:06] The different writing projects that led up to Harold publishing books. [00:34:35] Harold's approach to new technologies and leveraging this power. [00:39:51] The recent book that Harold wrote on the subject of how to develop character. [00:40:45] Comments on the malleability of personality; how environment and attitude impact us.    
    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    NAPO — http://napo.net/join
    Taylor in Time — https://www.taylorintime.com/
    Making Time Work for You — https://www.amazon.com/Making-Time-Work-Harold-Taylor/dp/0968367003
    Harold Taylor on LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/haroldtaylortimemanagement/
    Harold Taylor on Twitter — https://twitter.com/haroldtaylor
    Harold Taylor on Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/time4all
    Youtube — https://www.youtube.com/user/taylorintime
    Bookboon — https://bookboon.com/
    Golden — https://www.amazon.com/Golden-Power-Silence-World-Noise/dp/B09CSFPLWK
    Video of Harold
    Shep Hyken — https://hyken.com/
    Carol Burnett — https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000993/
    Mary Tyler Moore — https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001546/
    The Administrator's Guide to Personal Productivity — https://www.amazon.ca/Administrators-Guide-Personal-Productivity-Management/dp/1883001013
    Exactly What to Say — https://www.amazon.com/Exactly-What-Say-Influence-Impact-ebook/dp/B073SF65ZZ
    Humber College — https://www.humber.ca/
    NAPO on YouTbe — https://www.youtube.com/c/NAPONet
    Clare Kumar — https://pro.napo.net/directory/clare-kumar

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    Community-Inspired Collaboration

    Community-Inspired Collaboration

    Diversity, inclusion, and representation are essential in any field. Unfortunately, most of our institutions still have a long way to go in addressing this. It’s unsurprising that in response to this type of exclusion, whether intentional or not, people of color and other minorities have often formed support groups and alternative organizations where they can find much-needed solidarity and understanding. Today on the show we talk with Carolyn Rogers, an electrical and software engineer and organizer, and one of the six founders of Ebony & Orderly as well as the National Association of Black Professional Organizers (NABPO). We discuss the many positive elements of NAPO, its unfortunate lack of diversity, and some of the steps they’re taking to rectify this. Carolyn reflects on how gravitating towards people who look like us is part of human nature and the important role that human connection has played in her career as an organizer. She describes how NABPO was formed out of a desire to serve a broader community, why NABPO is all about inclusivity, and how anyone can get involved. We also take a closer look at how intimate and personal being an organizer can be and why trust between a client and organizer is essential. To learn more about NABPO, building community, diversity, inclusion, and much more, make sure you tune in today!
    Key Points From This Episode:
    Introducing the National Association of Black Professional Organizers (NABPO) and today’s guest Carolyn Rogers [00:00:33]. The group Ebony & Orderly and how it inspired the formation of NABPO [00:03:06]. How NABPO first started gaining clients and hosting conferences. [00:05:30] The importance of helping people see the benefits of getting organized. [00:06:14]. The figures that have brought awareness to organizing as a career and a service. [00:07:18]. How the COVID-19 pandemic has created a demand for organizational services. [00:09:14]. The current state of Ebony & Orderly and how its members are supporting each other's individual journeys. [00:10:18]. How human connections have helped Carolyn move forward in organizing. [00:13:56]. How the formation of NABPO came about. [00:16:26]. Some of the diversity challenges of NAPO. [00:16:52]. The sense of belonging that comes from being in environments that contain diversity when you’re a person of color. [00:19:02]. How minorities support each other in different industries, like engineering. [00:20:59]. The shifts and pushback we’ve noticed from people when it comes to inclusivity. [00:22:54] Some of the shifts that have taken place in advertising and representing diversity. [00:25:50] The benefits that have come out of NABPO and Ebony & Orderly for the communities that they serve. [00:27:10]  
    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Ebony & Orderly — https://ebonyandorderly.com/
    National Association of Black Professional Organizers (NABPO) — https://nabpo.org/
    NAPO — http://napo.net/join

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    How to Stop Overthinking and Trust Yourself

    How to Stop Overthinking and Trust Yourself

    High sensitivity is a trait that affects one in five people in the general population, but today’s expert guest agrees that there seems to be a much higher prevalence of this in the organizing and productivity community as well as the coaching community. Joining us today is Melody Wilding, a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), thought leader, coach, professor of human behavior, and the author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work. She’s been listed as Business Insider’s most innovative coach and has written for publications such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, O Magazine, and many other high-profile publications. Tuning in you’ll hear about the traits that define highly sensitive people, the percentage of people who fall into this category, and how these personality traits can create challenges for us while also being our superpower. Melody breaks down some of the common challenges we face, such as “the honor roll hangover,” and explains how we can harness our emotions to have them work for us and not against us, along with some practical exercises to try. For some fascinating insight into the minds of highly sensitive people that may help you achieve success at work, tune in today!
    Key Points From This Episode:
    Claire’s suspicion that there are more highly sensitive people in the organizing, productivity, and coaching communities. [00:00:42] An introduction to today’s guest, Melody Wilding, and her impressive career. [00:01:39] Why Melody agrees that high sensitivity is more prevalent in organizing and coaching professions. [00:03:14] Insight into the percentage of people who are highly sensitive. [00:04:13] The SEED model Claire uses to differentiate highly sensitive people from others. [00:06:07] The STRIVE model Melody uses to describe the personality traits common among high-achieving highly sensitive people. [00:07:56] What Melody means by the 'honor roll hangover' and the trifecta of common qualities found in sensitive strivers. [00:11:47] How we can harness emotions and have them work for us, not against us. [00:13:02] How to protect yourself from the emotional exhaustion that may come with challenging clients and the Four Feelings Test. [00:14:32] How to show up in your business in a way that you feel good about. [00:18:53] Why highly sensitive people tend to disconnect themselves from their intuition. [00:20:55] Benefit from your strong inner drive while overcoming the tendency to do too much. [00:23:23] The value of rest in today’s corporate climate, particularly for sensitive strivers. [00:26:31] Exercises to help you get back in touch with your ‘sensitive striver sixth sense’. [00:29:03] Melody’s final thoughts on sensitivity as a strength and superpower. [00:31:15]  
    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Melody Wilding — https://melodywilding.com/ 
    Melody Wilding on Twitter — https://twitter.com/melodywilding
    Trust Yourself — https://www.amazon.com/Trust-Yourself-Overthinking-Channel-Emotions/dp/1797201964
    Fierce Self-Compassion — https://www.amazon.com/Fierce-Self-Compassion-Harness-Kindness-Thrive/dp/006299106X
    Stand Out — napopodcast.com 
    Stand Out on YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfgICVg2b-bKSVmzoDKMrdg
    NAPO — http://napo.net/join

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    The Critical Role of Organizing in Caregiving - Amelia Pleasant Kennedy

    The Critical Role of Organizing in Caregiving - Amelia Pleasant Kennedy

    Today we talk about the critical role of organizing in caregiving. Joining us for this discussion is Amelia Pleasant Kennedy, a NAPO member and an experienced professional organizer and life coach who runs a company called A Pleasant Solution. Amelia explains how she began her journey into the world of caregiving when her mother could no longer care for herself and how being a professional organizer uniquely prepared her for this role. She shares her story with us about how she first realized her mother needed additional care, how she broached the conversation with her brother, and how together they broached the conversation with their mom. Tuning in you’ll hear how Amelia overcame the emotional challenges of this journey by compartmentalizing, the importance of caring for yourself in a process like this, and some of the unexpected joys that Amelia got out of this experience. To hear Amelia’s advice and encouragement to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation, or may be serving a client who is going through this process, as well as tips on how to marry compassion with the practical, tune in today!
    Key Points From This Episode:
    The story of how Amelia became a caregiver. [00:03:18] How Amelia’s organizing expertise prepared her for caregiving. [00:04:57] Amelia explains how she navigated family conversations about her mother’s need for more care. [00:06:38] Advice to anyone who has to approach a conversation about care, and the importance of marrying compassion with practicality. [00:08:53] How Amelia has overcome the emotional challenges by compartmentalizing. [00:11:24] How Amelia’s mother’s home reflected the state of her mental disorganization. [00:12:40] Clues that an elder parent may need extra care or assisted living. [00:14:11] Some of the unexpected joys that came out of this experience for Amelia. [00:17:31] Amelia’s advice to anyone in the organizing profession who may find themselves in a similar situation. [00:20:26]. Words of encouragement for anyone who may be on a similar journey. [00:23:21] The importance of caring for yourself while you care for others. [00:24:55]  
    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Amelia Pleasant Kennedy — https://www.linkedin.com/in/ameliapleasantkennedy/
    A Pleasant Solution —  https://www.apleasantsolution.com/
    NAPO — http://napo.net/join
    NAPO Podcast — napopodcast.com

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    Good Enough is Perfect - KC Davis

    Good Enough is Perfect - KC Davis

    We’re all familiar with the phrase, “Good enough is good enough,” but today’s guest is here to share some wisdom around why good enough isn’t just good enough, it’s perfect. KC Davis is a therapist, author (of How to Keep House While Drowning, which we highly recommend), and mother of two, who also recently became a TikTok sensation for her open and honest accounts of her home life during the pandemic and her approach to dealing with a messy household. Struggling with postpartum depression during nationwide lockdowns, KC came to the life-altering realization that not folding her kids’ clothes didn’t make her a bad mother and that it’s unrealistic to expect a lived-in home to look fit for the cover of a magazine. She has since come up with practical strategies to help people concurrently look after their mental health and their home environment, which she shares with us today. Sometimes we get too caught up in society’s expectations of us and we forget what’s really important; so if you’re needing some perspective, you’ve come to the right place!
    Key Points From This Episode:
    Introducing today’s guest, KC Davis. [00:01:51]. KC’s accidental journey to becoming internet-famous, and how it has changed her life and continues to change the lives of many others. [00:03:06]. The mindset shift required to make dealing with a messy house more manageable. [00:08:07]. How KC’s relationship with the phrase “do your best” has evolved over time. [00:10:11]. KC explains the concept of moral neutrality, and how it can be applied to so many areas of our lives. [00:15:15]. Why embracing imperfection is the key to living a full and happy life. [00:17:54]. A household task that KC struggled with when she had postpartum depression, and the ‘adaptive imperfection’ solution she came up with to manage it. [00:19:55]. The three layers of function that KC has developed as a way to help people manage their household tasks. [00:26:14]. An explanation of KC’s 9 square matrix for setting priorities. [00:28:27].   
    Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:
    Struggle Care — https://www.strugglecare.com/
    How to Keep House While Drowning by KC Davis — https://www.amazon.com/Keep-House-While-Drowning
    KC Davis on TikTok — https://www.tiktok.com/@domesticblisters
    NAPO — http://napo.net/join
    NAPO Podcast — napopodcast.com

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4.9 out of 5
129 Ratings

129 Ratings

music by greg ,

Valuable content.

Thank you Clare for setting the stage and asking insightful questions. The content for each episode is so valuable.

Sheri in Chicago ,

Clare Kumar

Clare, Clare you are an exceptional host. Excellent topics, especially Regina Lark, and always add relatable personal comments. Would love to hear more about HSP.

Sheri Spielman

Alphawav ,

Clare Kumar is excellent host

Great podcast for entrepreneurs

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