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Podcast by Star Cast Productions

    007 STAR CAST "So Long Absalom" SEASON 1 FINALE

    007 STAR CAST "So Long Absalom" SEASON 1 FINALE

    This is the LAST episode of Season 1. After tonight, we are splitting from the Adventure Path and will be offering you original content starting at episode 1 of season 2!

    After being rescued by Level 21 Gang leader JABAXA, the mysterious Ysoki (mysterious because he's not one of Grease's cousins), the Star Cast Crew decide to follow him to Mama Fat, the gang's Headquarters.

    The thin line between law and crime is more and more visible, and the crew is starting to understand that corruption is also present in every high sphere, and kindness in every low ones.

    On the Menu: Street thugs, Emissaries, Ambassadors, Undead that are not evil, SPACE COMBAT and a farewell to Absalom Station as we venture in SPAAAAAACCEEEEE!!

    • 1 hr 42 min

Customer Reviews

Mabrasm ,

Great introduction to Starfinder

Awesome introduction, the crew knows what they’re doing, and the DM is knowledgeable on the rules. Good listen.

Jonnagan ,

Superb quality. Great Fun!

This podcast has me geekin out. I feel like a school girl weeb with a celebrity crush. Simon is my new favorite GM and this podcast is my new favorite show on any platform. I just want more of it.

The quality of voice Acting, roleplaying and Game Mastering is TOP NOTCH. I especially enjoy the editing and of particular interest to me is how Simon inserts the “Starfinder For Newbies” sections which clarify new and obscure rules for both the players and those listening.

Rsquinon ,

I love it

I love the show so far, just listened through episode 5. It’s great hearing everyone grow in their knowledge of the game. The only negative comment I have is that having 35 minutes dedicated going through and dividing up loot is not exactly a great listen (episode 5). I ended up skipping over half the episode while trying to find where the story picks up again. Aside from that, everyone is great and I’m looking forward to continued episodes.

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