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A look at education inside the classroom and out.

State of Ed Podcast Marc Isseks and Nick Simone

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A look at education inside the classroom and out.

    Ep. 48: Humanizing Everybody

    Ep. 48: Humanizing Everybody

    Nick and Marc welcome back Dr. Tracey Benson to the podcast to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, racial literacy, activism in the NBA and the role of schools in the ongoing march toward social justice.

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    Ep. 47: Creating Spaces

    Ep. 47: Creating Spaces

    Nick and Marc are pleased to welcome Nadirah Simmons to the podcast. As both Social Media Manager at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the founder of hip-hop social club, The Gumbo, Nadirah weaves her creative energy into producing exciting content. She shares the recipe for how schools can succeed in turning out students who thrive academically and professionally in an unchartered 21st century landscape.


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    Ep. 46: Reality... Check

    Ep. 46: Reality... Check

    Nick and Marc welcome two incredible champions of AR and VR in education, Jaime Donally and David Lockett. They share the secrets of incorporating these fast-growing technologies into meaningful learning opportunities for students of all ages.

    Follow Marc on Twitter @marcisseks or online: marcisseks.com


    Jaime Donally:
    Twitter @jaimedonally
    Website arvrinedu.com

    David Lockett
    Twitter @davidjlockett
    David heads to NASA

    • 51 min
    Ep. 45: Ryan's Return

    Ep. 45: Ryan's Return

    Nick and Marc welcome back EdTech guru, Ryan Krakofsky, to discuss what lessons can be learned from Hong Kong's re-opening of school. Plus, game-changing instructional technology that educators everywhere should become familiar with, as well as the importance of leading from the heart, with or without a pandemic.

    Follow Marc on Twitter @marcisseks or online: marcisseks.com

    Ryan Krakofsky:
    Twitter @mrkpyp
    Website ryankrakofsky.com
    Reality Composer
    Teachin' It Real Podcast

    • 29 min
    Ep. 44: So... What Now?

    Ep. 44: So... What Now?

    On this supersized episode, Nick and Marc are joined by rockstar leaders from across the nation to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on education. Topics include the pros and cons of remote learning, best online practices, strategies for re-entry and most importantly... where do we go from here?

    Featured guests: 

    Jill Geocaris: @JillGeocaris
    Sari Goldberg McKeown: website; @sgteach_sari
    Allyson Apsey: website; @AllysonApsey
    Michelle Moore: @Michelle4EDU
    Nichole Allen: @nicwithanh73

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    Ep. 43: Cultures of Bravery

    Ep. 43: Cultures of Bravery

    Nick and Marc are joined by guest Dr. Tracey Benson, associate professor at UNC Charlotte, academic activist and co-author of Unconscious Bias in Schools: A Developmental Approach to Exploring Race and Racism. In this very candid conversation, they discuss the importance of addressing race in schools, as well as strategies to bring people together and work towards eradicating the negative impact of implicit bias.

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