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A podcast devoted to sharing knowledge of how companies can become high-performance organizations. Hosted by Joseph Paris.

State Of Readiness Joseph F Paris Jr

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A podcast devoted to sharing knowledge of how companies can become high-performance organizations. Hosted by Joseph Paris.

    Michael F Schein; Author of "The Hype Handbook"

    Michael F Schein; Author of "The Hype Handbook"

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    About the Podcast

    In this episode of "State of Readiness", I welcome Michael F. Schein; the Head Hype Man at MicroFame Media. We met at a "non-conference" in Saratoga Springs in the summer of 2021 where Michael was speaking about "hype".

    When Michael graduated from university (much to his parent's chagrin) he announced that he was going to be in a rock-band. Even though the band didn't become its own genre, they did pretty well. Much of the band's success was attributed to do with Michael "hyping-up" the band and its promotion; even going so far as purposefully booking themselves in a venue where they knew they would be booed off the stage. After all, there is no such thing as "bad publicity".

    In our conversation, Michael shares his thoughts on what hype is and how to use it as a positive force to create an energy around your persona to stand-out from the crowd and be recognized; mastering the art and science of using shameless propaganda for personal and social good.

    Imagine if you could generate and leverage hype for positive purposes―like legitimate business success, helping people, or effecting positive change in your community.

    Influencers have always deployed the power of hype to get what they want. But never in history have people been so susceptible to propaganda and persuasion as they are now. Hype truly runs our world.

    About Michael F. Schein

    Michael F. Schein is the Head Hype Man at MicroFame Media, a company that specializes in making consultants and coaches famous in their fields, and author of the book entitled “The Hype Handbook: 12 Indispensable Success Secrets From the World’s Greatest Propagandists, Self-Promoters, Cult Leaders, Mischief Makers, and Boundary Breakers” which is published by McGraw Hill and released in January of 2021 and is available on Amazon and wherever else books are sold.

    Michael’s clients range from the outliers with fresh ideas who want to get their message out and make their mark – to executives at companies such as eBay, Magento, The Medici Group, Ricoh, LinkedIn, Citrix and many others.

    Michael graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Arts degree in English and his writing has appeared in Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Psychology Today, and Huffington Post, and he is a speaker for international audiences spanning from the northeastern United States to the southeastern coast of China.

    LinkedIn Profile; https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelfrancisschein
    Company; MicroFame Media
    Website; https://microfamemedia.com/
    Headquarters;  Beacon, New York
    Year Founded; 2012
    Company Type; Private Corporation
    Specialties;  MicroFame Media is a marketing agency that turns consultants (and other idea-based businesses) into thought leaders when they don’t have the time to do it on their own.

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    Marcy Axelrod, Author of "On Your Game"

    Marcy Axelrod, Author of "On Your Game"

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    About the Podcast

    In this episode of "State of Readiness", I welcome Marcy Axelrod, Author of "On Your Game" where she explains that each of us have our "A-game"; our individual "superpowers" that we bring every day. And most of the time we are on our game. But what do we do when we get knocked off our game and what do we need to do to fix it?

    She shares that "research shows that 80+% of Americans lays in bed every night feeling they are not accomplishing what they feel they can", attributing to loneliness, discontentment, and depression; often leading to substance abuse.

    On Your Game is a wake-up call to all of us who find our days whizzing by without achieving our goals. In a witty, captivating style, Marcy explains the challenges people face, why they face them, and how they can be overcome (and not you).

    She shares how the "off your game" systems that surround us are constantly conspiring to block our achievement and details what living "on our game" is really about; providing elegant solutions and easy tools to propel us back "On Our Game!" and keep us there.

    About Marcy Axlerod

    Marcy Axelrod is a Management Consultant, subject-matter expert/keynote speaker, Author of “On Your Game!”, and Forbes Magazine contributor on trending topic of Customer Journey Mapping with over 25 years of hands-on strategy and innovation work at 'Big 4' consulting firms and boutique consulting organizations focused on accelerating company growth.

    Marcy's award-winning book, On Your Game! directs consulting tools to drive achievement in our busy lives, supporting business and personal achievement, and earning highly favorable reviews from professors at Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Cornell.

    With a foundation of ten years as a leader in KPMG Consulting’s (BearingPoint’s) High Technology Practice in Silicon Valley, Ms. Axelrod proved her abilities to secure new clients and build ongoing revenue streams by delivering meaningful process and financial results. She utilizes a mix proven and innovative approaches to customer strategy, operational effectiveness, and growth strategy by integrating design thinking (a la Dave Evans and Bill Burnett), Jobs-to-be-Done and customer empathy based approaches.

    Marcy helped build Gartner Group’s Silicon Valley Strategy Consulting practice, was Vice President of Strategy for 3Q Digital, (Silicon Valley’s digital agency of record, where she built the company’s consulting capability, contributing to its 40% revenue growth and redirecting how the company goes to market. Since then she has been delivering independent work (see attached), and advising CEO’s from Wall Street firms to computer science camps.

    Prior to joining KPMG Consulting/BearingPoint (1999), Ms. Axelrod performed buy-side equity research at Lehman Brothers on Wall Street. She also consulted to Fortune 500 companies such as Applied Materials, Hillenbrand Industries and others in business strategy, process redesign and go-to-market strategy creation. Ms. Axelrod earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors from Cornell University and an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird.

    Company; On Your Game Corporation
    Website; https://onyourgame.today
    Headquarters;  Port Chester, New York
    Year Founded; 2008
    Company Type; Private Corporation
    Specialties;  Deliver corporate growth, innovation and effectiveness projects for global leaders and late stage start-up organizations. Deliver Jobs-to-be-Done customer strategy through primary and secondary research surfacing what they need to accomplish (important, under-satisfied jobs). Accelerate top line growth and internal effectiveness. Work with executives to evaluate issues, design and implement changes to make teams more effective and innovative. Speak about the nature of achievement today, how it actually works, what keeps people and businesses from achiev

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    John Bicknell; CEO and Founder of More Cowbell Unlimited

    John Bicknell; CEO and Founder of More Cowbell Unlimited

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    About the Podcast

    My guest today is John Bicknell, CEO and Founder of More Cowbell Unlimited.

    Our conversation focuses on processes and the data, and information, that is captured and generated in these systems. But more important, what this information is trying to tell us, how we can hear the messaging, and how it can help in our decision-making process by adding clarity, squelching the noise, and increasing our confidence in that what we are about to do is wise (or not)

    Processes underlie all naturally occurring phenomena. Poorly understood or opaque processes are a national security intelligence gap. If corporate, critical infrastructure, government, and societal processes were visible and explicit, opportunities become available to strengthen, exploit or monitor these processes.

    Process mining interrogates system event logs to find the wisdom that might exist in the data and information (with information being data with context). And although many might immediately think of digital information system such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system when they think of event logs, this does not have to be the case. For instance, a pilot's flight log is a system event log; with the people reviewing it being the interrogators.

    A really interesting conversation which I am sure you will enjoy.

    About John Bicknell

    John is a national security thought leader and passionate analytics visionary. He has written extensively on national security matters related to information warfare, critical infrastructure defense, and space situational awareness. And he founded More Cowbell Unlimited to help America remain a beacon of hope and strength on the world stage. America must adopt Process Dominance as a core capability in order to innovate and survive in the Information Age. His vision is for process technologies to be as ubiquitous as processes are.

    John earned his Bachelor or Engineering degree at Vanderbilt University and was a NROTC Midshipman (but without a scholarship). Afterwards, John joined the United States Marine Corps and served worldwide including tours in Afghanistan and assignments at the Pentagon. He retired as Lieutenant Colonel in 2010. 

    He also earned a Master’s Degree in Manpower Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School.

    If you’d like to understand more about how John and the More Cowbell Unlimited team are adapting process mining to enable better, faster decisions for United States Space Force, be sure to check out John’s guest article, Process Mining, Situational Awareness, and Competitive Advantage, published by the Operational Excellence Society.

    Company; More Cowbell Unlimited
    Website; https://morecowbellunlimited.com/
    Headquarters;  Lake Oswego, Oregon
    Year Founded; 2018
    Company Type; Private Corporation
    Specialties;   More Cowbell Unlimited is developing bleeding edge process technologies for national defense and industry. We create machine readable process models of naturally occurring phenomena such as; societies, governments, businesses enable numerous applications: Reflexive maneuver operations; Information warfare defense; Antifragility and network vulnerability analyses; Trans-national crime organization chart discovery; Red Team projects such as realistic threat emulation; Business and government agency optimization and “what if” simulations

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    Steven Leuschel; Director of Operational Excellence, Guardian Elder Care

    Steven Leuschel; Director of Operational Excellence, Guardian Elder Care

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    About the Podcast

    My guest today is Steven Leuschel, Director of Operational Excellence at Guardian Elder Care, with a network of elderly care facilities located across Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio.

    Steven and I had met at the Operational Excellence Summit at the Kennametal Center for Operational Excellence at Saint Vincent College where I was delivering a "State of Readiness Masterclass and Workshop in 2018.

    With four books under his belt and another in process, Steven is a rather prolific writer and we start by discussing the books he had written and the messages and lessons he hoped to convey to the reader. A true academic at heart, Steven is always studying, researching, learning, and teaching.

    But the real meat on the bone is our discussions related to Lean and the healthcare industry; how the adaptation and application of Lean principles in the healthcare industry are different and how they are similar to their origins in manufacturing.

    About Steven Leuschel

    Steven is an experienced practitioner and academic of Lean and Operational Excellence with an emphasis in applying his skills in the field of healthcare.

    He has published several books including;
    • "Lean Culture Change: Using a Daily Management System"
    • "The Executive Guide to Lean Culture Change", a companion workbook
    • Why Lean Transformation Fails: Common Challenges to Adopting New Leadership and Management
    • and his latest book; "Sensei Secrets: Mentoring at Toyota Georgetown" which is based on his thesis for his Doctorate Degree and is a study with former members of Toyota Georgetown's start-up years and their relationships with their Senseis.

    He was previously an adjunct professor at his alma mater, Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and a member of the Operational Excellence team at Indiana Regional Medical Center located in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

    Steven earned his Bachelors in Liberal Arts and his Masters in Business Management, Operational Excellence at Saint Vincent College (one of the few institutes of higher learning that offer a degree in Operational Excellence). And he earned his PhD in Business Administration and Leadership Studies at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

    He is married and the father of four. And his goal is to climb the highest point in all 50 States.

    Company; Guardian Elder Care
    Website; https://guardianhc.com/
    Headquarters;  8796 US-219, Brockway, PA 15824
    Year Founded; 1995
    Company Type; Non-Profit
    Company Size;  5,500 Employees
    Specialties;  Rehabilitation Services, Long-Term Care, Pharmacy Services, Healthcare Staffing

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    David Mackey; Senior Manager, AbbVie

    David Mackey; Senior Manager, AbbVie

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    About the Podcast

    I invite David Mackey is a senior manager at AbbVie presently responsible for the implementation of the SAP "procure to pay" processes at AbbVie. Previously, he was the Director of Operational Excellence at Pharmacyclics (a subsidiary of AbbVie). In addition to AbbVie, he has had senior leadership roles at Genentech and Roche.

    We start the conversation with David's early days when he was "bitten" by the travel bug, specifically the international travel bug. He was an exchange student to Sweden in high school and to Mexico when at community college.

    His first degree was in Geography with an emphasis on international trade from Humboldt State University and he earned his MBA in International Business Trade and Operations from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

    His love of travel has guided his professional journey; always seeking and chasing opportunities which would take him near (across the US) and far (everywhere else). Most of this work was found in the pharma/biotech industries.

    David shares the various companies he has worked for and the assignments he had there; each building on the other and each adding to his ever-increasing variety and scope of his accumulated life's experiences.

    We also spend some time discussing how he and the people who he leads, which are located around the world, have coped during the COVID pandemic. Interestingly, he shares that already being a disbursed workforce, the workings of his team were already purposely designed and configured for working virtually. The conversation then gravitates to post-pandemic business operations, what that may look like, what challenges might be faced, and what may be needed to keep a edge of the team's knife sharp.

    Give a listen. I am sure you will enjoy hearing David's story as much as I did.

    About David Mackey

    David is a global operational excellence leader that focuses on competitive advantage by optimizing employees, teams, technology, organization structure/culture, physical infrastructure, processes and the ability to measure and manage performance and results.

    His extensive experience managing operations and leading/participating in strategic global initiatives include; the design and launch of a new and ecommerce capable corporate websites, to restructuring multiple regional global supply chains and global service centers, to mapping the customers' experience to launch several improved and/or new operational processes and organizations. 

    After high school graduation, David departed as an exchange student for a second senior year to Sweden where he lived with an exchange family, attended school, and got a job on a dairy farm in the village where he lived.

    During his time there, he auditioned successfully to play keyboards in a rock band called Sista Utvagen (The Last Way Out); an opening act for more famous Swedish bands (such as Cal P Dahl) whose US hit "Can't Get That Feeling", with the crazy "Uga chaga uga chaga" as the memorable chorus. This gave him the opportunity to travel around Europe.

    He returned to California and attended Delta Community College, during which he was a summer exchange student to Mexico to improve his Spanish.

    Given his worldly experiences, he thrives in and across different cultures leading diverse, multi-site teams. And he has leveraged these experiences in his professional career with opportunities to work extensively in countries such as France, Mexico, Singapore, Sweden and across the US for extensive periods of time; as well as many other countries for shorter time periods.

    He considers his Core Competencies to be: Customer Focus • Coaching to Potential • Global Process Development • GxP • Data and Process Management, Analysis and Communication • Global/Trade Challenges • Continuous Improvement • Program Development and E

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    Brent Gleeson; Navy SEAL and Author of “Taking Point” and “Embrace the Suck”

    Brent Gleeson; Navy SEAL and Author of “Taking Point” and “Embrace the Suck”

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    About the Podcast

    Today I invite back to "State of Readiness", Brent Gleeson, a Navy SEAL combat veteran and serial entrepreneur. In addition to being a best-selling author of "Taking Point" and his new release, "Embrace the Suck", Brent has leveraged the principles of leadership, discipline, accountability and resiliency learned in training and applied down range for building high-performance teams in the business world.

    Brent was the very first guest on "State of Readiness" back when it was audio only and the conversation was riveting. In this episode, we talk about how he came to be a SEAL (hint: it wasn't a life-long ambition), what was involved, and the experiences and wisdom he has gained from his experiences; which he uses to help individuals and companies become the best versions of themselves they can be. And, of course, we talk about the lessons he shares in his books. I am sure you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

    Upon leaving SEAL Team 5, Brent turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business and has become an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and acclaimed speaker on topics ranging from leadership and building high-performance teams to culture and organizational transformation.

    I am sure you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did.

    About Brent Gleeson

    Brent Gleeson is a Navy SEAL combat veteran with multiple tours to Iraq and Africa. Upon leaving SEAL Team 5, Brent turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business and has become an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and acclaimed speaker on topics ranging from leadership and building high performance teams to culture and organizational transformation. You can learn more about his leadership philosophies in his weekly columns on Inc.com and Forbes.com.

    Brent is the Founder and CEO of TakingPoint Leadership, a progressive leadership and management consulting firm with a focus on business transformation and building high-performance cultures. With degrees in finance and economics from Southern Methodist University, certificates in English and History from Oxford University in England and a graduate business degree from University of San Diego, Gleeson’s extensive experience is both academic and real-world in nature. Gleeson has won awards for business leadership and was named one of the “Top 10 CEOs” in Entrepreneur Magazine’s October 2013 issue for his exemplary approach to building high-performance teams in business.

    Between his experiences in the SEAL Teams and building award winning organizations that have topped the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies, Brent has become a business transformation expert. TakingPoint highlights his ten-principle program all leaders and managers will need to lead change and achieve winning results in the twenty-first century business landscape.

    Company; Taking Point Leadership
    Website; https://takingpointleadership.com/
    Headquarters; Rancho Santa Fe, California
    Year Founded; 2014
    Company Type; Consultancy
    Company Size;  10
    Specialties;  Leadership and Organizational Development, Culture Transformation, Team Building, Workshops, and Keynotes.

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