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I'm slowly getting the word out, one snail mail at a time. Stationery Orbit is where we can all come to learn more about creative letter writing.

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I'm slowly getting the word out, one snail mail at a time. Stationery Orbit is where we can all come to learn more about creative letter writing.

    30. Philatelic overload, Postmark experiments and International Mail Art

    30. Philatelic overload, Postmark experiments and International Mail Art

    Ep 30
    In today’s episode we will be talking about stamps, postmarks and mail art 
    The etymology behind the word stationery

    Interesting call for pandemic mail-related items

    Barbados stamps for Centenarians.  “Comprising a total of 27 stamps, the collection was released on December 8, 2016”

    New Canadian stamps
    More neat stamps from the Royal Mail
    Japanese Pokemon Stamps! https://t.co/heLSiqQOiH?amp=1

    Go for Broke: Japanese American Soldiers of WWII Stamp (will release June 3rd)

    United in Mail Art

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    29. Pen Clubs

    29. Pen Clubs

    In today’s episode we will talking about pen clubs so when we can all get out of the house, we may have some folks to share our fountain pens with.

    NockCo Brasstown
     King Jim Magflap Clipboard
    Nakabayashi Lifestyle Tool Box
    Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen
    Nathanials Postmarks
    As The Pen Turns podcast 
    Maruman Croquis Sketch Pad 
    Pen Clubs Map!

    Calgary Pen Club 
    London Pen Club (Ontario)
      Southern California Pen Collectors Club 
      Southeast Pen Collector’s Club 
    Boston Pen People
    Greater New York Pen & Ink Group (GNYPIG)
    Research Triangle Pen Club 
    Seattle Pen Club 
    Seattle-ish Pen Posse
    GLAMPIG - The Greater Los Angeles Metro Pen & Ink Group
    Colorado Pen Posse   
    Dallas Pen Club
    London Pen Club
    Fountain Pen Network 
    Russian Penlovers Club
    San Francisco Stationery Meetup
    Huntsville Pen Munch   
    Middle TN Fountain Pen Club
    Charlotte Fountain Pen Club
    Wellington Fountain Pen Meetup
    CoPenHagen Meetup
     Fountain Pen Fans  
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    28. Postmarks Strike Back

    28. Postmarks Strike Back

     In this episode, we will be talking about new acquisitions, new droid postmarks, and Quill pens.

    Any new acquisitions?
    Evan - 
    Musubi purchases
    Pen sleeveNotebookRickshaw Bagworks Golden Waves Pen Sleeve
    Hero H718
    John - Montegrappa Monte Grappa
    Box of Sheaffer pens from TX
    Pictorial Postmarks:
    Canada Post sends a prepaid postcard to every household in the country 
    Follow up on star wars stamps, being released May 4th, virtual event on FB and Twitter

    March 25th Postal Bulletin https://about.usps.com/postal-bulletin/2021/pb22568/html/info_004.htm
    and the Pictorial Postmarks are in for the Droids, they are going to have a different one for each droid
    USPS guidelines for color pictorial postmarks
    “Customers may submit #6 or #10 envelopes constructed of paper rated as “laser safe.” The Postal Service™ recommends envelopes of 80-pound Accent Opaque, acid-free, 9/16-inch side seams with no glue on the flap.”
    Royal Mail King Author Stamp series 
    ColorVerse Eye on the Universe Season 7 https://www.instagram.com/p/CMbRFr4ju8a/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link 
    Quill Pen: 
    If you would like to leave us feedback we have a channel dedicated to feedback on the Stationery Orbit Discord

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    27. Exploring the world of socially responsible stationery with Daryl of Musubi

    27. Exploring the world of socially responsible stationery with Daryl of Musubi

    In today’s episode we will be talking about the magical world of high-end notebooks and what it takes to be a socially conscious company in an Amazon packed world.  Our guest today has established himself as a fixture at pen shows, a trusted source of knowledge for Tomoe River paper, he has just released a new series of notebooks featuring Cosmo Air Light Paper, and will be releasing his new line of Folio Covers later this year! Please join me in welcoming him all the way from Singapore, Daryl from Musubi.

    https://ozuwashi.com (store)
    Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise,raiSE

    @ateliermusubi on Instagram

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    26. Letter locking and Star Wars stamps

    26. Letter locking and Star Wars stamps

    Episode 26

    Any new acquisitions?
    Nock Co Waxed Canvas Brasstown
    Jeweler's loupe, and brass shims for tuning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxHM6JjScRs
     What projects are we working on?
    Evan- Postal Bulletin _ postmark
     Evan’s January postmarks started getting delivered March 4th
     John- fountain pen tuning
     Getting back to sealing with clear sealing wax out of a glue gun and dried flowers
     Dr. Chien Shiung Wu stamp and sending it off for postmark
    What is going on in the stationery world?
    Jana Dambrogio has been busy!
     Videos on this fold! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_awvL2O4PVY 
    Even made NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/02/science/locked-letters-unfolding.html?smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur 
     Related: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/buried-ash-vesuvius-scrolls-are-being-read-new-xray-technique-180969358/

    Stamps we haven’t mentioned yet that are coming out soon. New postal bulletin won’t be out till after recording (for new postmarks)

    New non-machinable (75c) stamp 

    Diamine Reddit ink (don’t know if there is a show preferred store to link to for something so available): 

    Letterlocking projects we have already done
     John- Dagger lock
    Tuck lock
     Evan- A.Dumbledor

    One of our listeners, Janet Faughtwill be puting on a Letter Locking class in June

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    25. Emergency Episode : Paper Source Bankruptcy

    25. Emergency Episode : Paper Source Bankruptcy

    Emergency Episode!
    Paper Source Bankruptcy
    The Card Bureau - https://www.thecardbureau.com/


    417 Press
    Amy Heitman
    Antiquaria Design
    Bench Pressed
    Bloom Wolf
    Charm Cat
    Chez Gange
    Constellation & Co
    Good JuJu Ink
    Darling Lemon
    Inklings Paperie
    Kiss and Punch
    Knot and Bow 
    Ladyfingers Letterpress
    Lake + Loft
    Loudhouse Creative
    Noteworthy Paper
    Paper Epiphanies
    Paper Baristas 
    Paula & Waffle
    Power and Light Press
    Rhino Parade
    Sapling Press
    Steel Petal Press (based in Chicago, like Paper Source)
    The Good Twin
    The Lavender Whim
    The Paper Wilderness
    The Social Type
    Up With Paper
    Wild Ink Press
    Yellow Daisy Paper Co. 

    More information came in after the episode was recorded but I wanted to pass it along, you can see more on my blog post on the Stationery Orbit website
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