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We’re a bourbon and cigar podcast for beginners. Whether you’ve never tasted bourbon before or lit up a cigar in your life, or you’re old hat at it all, we walk through the process from beginning to end. Subscribe, listen, and check us out! https://stogiesandmash.com #stogiesandmash #cigars #bourbon

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We’re a bourbon and cigar podcast for beginners. Whether you’ve never tasted bourbon before or lit up a cigar in your life, or you’re old hat at it all, we walk through the process from beginning to end. Subscribe, listen, and check us out! https://stogiesandmash.com #stogiesandmash #cigars #bourbon

    Episode 1 – In The Beginning…Bourbon

    Episode 1 – In The Beginning…Bourbon

    Apple Pie. Denim. Bourbon. They’re pretty much interchangeable with the good ‘ole Red, White and Blue and for folks like us there’s no doubt bourbon is the essential American liquor. A variety of whiskey, bourbon takes its name from Bourbon County, Kentucky; you know — the home of thoroughbred horses and Bluegrass. Combine some classic Kentucky music and horse racing with bourbon and we’re there! But, in all honesty, we’d take the bourbon regardless.And cigars, the most beloved and reviled of bad habits enjoyed by people the world over. There is, after all, precious little middle ground for the stogie; you love ’em or hate ’em. People see the cigar either as fragrant and satisfying and a spur to conversation and the philosophical mind, or they revile it as an odious clump of noxious weeds. If you see them as the latter, please kindly never come back to our website.Today we launch the inaugural episode of our podcast, an endeavor months in the making for our hosts and supported by our friends and our significant others. Hence our aim is to share the knowledge and experience of our hosts and our friends for the novice or beginner just looking to learn more about bourbon or cigars. From the origins of the first mash bills of the American forefathers of bourbon to the fields where the tobacco plants were grown that go into each of our cigars, our aim is to impart our love and appreciation for our passion to you all.

    The Bourbons

    Today we sampled three different bourbons from three different distilleries that represent, in our opinion, the best place to start for anyone that wants to begin their bourbon journey. Because of that, they all run about $30 a bottle from a major brand liquor store, and while we have some store pick bottles for our tasting you will experience much of the same flavor and nose that we describe when you buy any bottle off the shelf. Let’s dive in!

    Buffalo Trace

    Proof: 90Price: $25-30Characteristics: Easy, smoothRarity: Widely Available

    Tasting Notes

    On the nose we detected orange, buttery, mild scent and mouth feel. The color was lighter, though there were hints of darker color owing to the age of the bourbon.The most noticeable flavor was caramel and sugar on the first taste, it was a rather sweet bourbon compared to the other two. The initial tasting included sweet caramel, little brown sugar, oily espresso beans. We compared it to rum for that sweetness, though more indicative of the bourbon family in the underlying flavors.With the cigar, this fell to third place for all of us. Because of the smoke and the taste of the cigar, there was only sugar and water left in this cigar for us and we felt like it wasn’t a great compliment.

    Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond

    Proof: 100Price: $30Characteristics: Stronger on the nose,

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    Episode 2 – Wild Turkey In The House

    Episode 2 – Wild Turkey In The House

    Well, you’ve lasted this far and decided to tune back in for our second episode. I’d ask what the hell is wrong with you, but I think it’s rude to insult your listeners when you’re only two episodes into your brand new podcast. Either way, we’re very excited to dive deeper today into the world of Wild Turkey, and to have you along for the ride! Just one show production notice this time, we do record the show in a cigar lounge we’ve promoted in the show before, and this lounge has a pool table just outside the room where we record. Please excuse the background noise, but remember we record the show in public and there may be some distortion. Thanks for your understanding!

    The Bourbons

    As we saw the last episode, the room seemed to discount the Wild Turkey 101 at the beginning because of images and memories of frat parties and college hijinks fueled by plastic bottles of the stuff in a misspent youth. However, the group, in the end, tended toward the Wild Turkey 101 as their choice for the episode, and it was pure luck we scheduled our Wild Turkey episode to follow right after! Totally, guys, we swear, this was already planned, being 100 here…and now, as we dive deeper, we can see a little more of Jimmy Russel’s genius at work.As they all share one mash bill, we also wanted to give that at the macro level below. Glencairns out, everyone, it’s time to drink!

    Wild Turkey Mash Bill

    75% Corn

    13% Rye

    12% Malted Barley

    Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit

    Proof: 101Price: $45-65Characteristics: Easy, smoothRarity: Moderately AvailableNote: Our bottle was a store pick from Warehouse Liquors in Chicago (thanks, Gene!) and was aged in Warehouse G, Rick 5.

    Tasting Notes

    In the beginning, there was good citrus and lime on the nose which was quite refreshing. Had hints of the brown sugar and tart apple pie as we said in the Wild Turkey 101 from Episode 1, very light on ethanol.Had a good bit more warmth and sweetness in the flavor, with a robust Kentucky Hug at the end of the swallow that had all of us remembering the warmth of homemade apple pie.

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Slasherkillz ,

Very knowledgeable!

Love how they share knowledge from pros to even just beginners like myself! Definitely recommended if you’re looking to get into smoking cigars and bourbon!

Shamu_afterlife ,

Make some more episodes.

First I’d like to see some more episodes. Not sure why there was only 2 but it had potential.
First episode audio level was HORRIBLE. I had volume all the way up and could barely hear. A few of the laughs then almost blew my ears out.
I have a few bones to pick but I liked the show premise. I was a little surprised by the openness of a few of the hosts but was actually glad to see that not all cigar smokers are closed minded ultra conservatives.
On my bones of the material I though the first cigar selection was a little pretentious and limited access. Why not a cheaper more available stick. What’s wrong with a Montecristo white label, Romeo and Julieta Nicaragua or something?
Next they insisted on promulgating the myth that Maduro must be strong. Honestly I was afraid to try Maduros because I was taught this. Maduros often have sweet characteristics and often filler and binder is the same if it’s offered in multiple shades.
Next I like all the bourbons but the flight was like a dart board. Different mashes, different proofs. I absolutely agree with the idea not to start with the high proof but I like to have some sort of point of reference with flights so you have an idea where your changes in profile come from. All single barrel(especially if you have a batched point of reference like russels) all same grain, same age, same proof. That way you can learn how each thing affects flavor.
Same thing with cigars. I’ve liked comparing different wrapper Nubs because they have same binder and filler, Montecristo white and vintage white because you taste difference between Ecuadorian and American Connecticut and many others.
I liked that they recognized suggestibility in tasting notes, as well as difference of individual palates because of their abilities and experiences. The hosts definitely had good palates because I admit I can tell differences between things but putting a name to those differences is very hard for me. I can only name a few flavors, oak, banana but I can say there’s a difference.
To sum up; Please produce some more episodes!

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