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A Podcast for Every Story Teller

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4.3 out of 5
26 Ratings

26 Ratings

Snookies0422 ,


I really enjoy this podcast and have gleaned some helpful bits of knowledge while listening. Great hosts and guests!

Eight Cents ,

Smart people but...

There really are some nuggets about all sorts of drugs deferent aspects The hosts attract good guests from a variety of different parts of the writing and publishing process. A few times there were really interesting asides about identity politics and hierarchy.

For me though, the presentation seems very little concerned with the audience being able to keep up. The two hosts are clearly close and jump into topics and asides without giving the audience much by way of anchor.
In one episode they bring up a play (I think) as an example of the point they are make no about the importance of “why” in writing. They bounce back and forth about the play, make random joke referring to the play, but at no point do you get anything but the name, possibly of the play, possibly of the main character.
They also have a tendency to interrupt each other frequently, which tends to jar a thought in action to a halt.
It’s very easy to imagine them looking directly at each other and forgetting that there is an audience at all.
If you don’t mind the jumping around and the stream of consciousness of a private conversation you might be fine with this.
Also the earlier episodes had truly horrible microphones but that seems to be solved.

Lensuniverse ,

Your podcast on limiting beliefs

Thanks for this timely podcast Angie and Elizabeth. I am editing my wife’s very rough first draft. Not only was I encouraged by your advice and thoughts on scenes and character motivation but gained even more impetus (and confidence) of my past (and ideas for) future choices going forward. Thanks for this podcast ladies!

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