Storylords Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

Doglips_Kojoyian ,

You’re gonna want to gander these geese

Truly a top tier storytelling podcast ! Hosted by 3 individuals that are here to give you a good time along with whirlwind of other emotions in their own uniquely crafted worlds. If you find yourself enjoying this show, I highly recommend checking out the other projects the three hosts are apart of whenever you get a chance 😎👍👍

Keithulu ,

So good you’ll 3 your jeans

Best Podcast on the net! Josh, Jeff, and Rich craft excellent tales that build out their respective universes in a way that makes you want more at the end of each story! I can’t say enough good things about this podcast!

Warewolfbarmitzvah ,

Itunes is the worst, Brosb4Pros is the best

It's me WarewolfBarmitzvah!

Yeah, that doesn't ring a bell for like anyone I know, but trust me I'm internet famous!

Brosb4Pros is like drinking a fine wine out of the skull of your enemy while pressing the jump-scare button on your rad hot-rod space-ship because you thought it was the hyper-drive button, but now you're just scaring the people who crew your ship.


GirthBrooks94 ,

Something for everyone

A fun, entertaining, and genuinely well written show where each host brings their own unique flavor to the fold. The excellent and varied writing grabs your attention while the chemistry between each member works to endear you to the show. One thing I appreciate about the show is that it is not afraid switch between tones. One minute you may be laughing and the next you may be overtaken by tension. Ultimately, after only a few episodes, it is easy to see that this show has potential to rank among the best of its kind.

Stef'N'B ,

Live, Laugh, Love, Storilum

Hey, do you like funny stories, good time bros, and a third thing? Well, check this one out. Three different newtime dime novels each episode all centered around a common set of prompts. These three will make you 3 until you 5 (star review the show (which to be clear is a suggestion(I would LEAGALLY never advise you as to rate a show(Just so we’re clear))))


Highly enjoyable

Refer to title.

cool sex haver ,

As hilarious as it is horny

Hope you’re not sleeping on this podcast the way I fall asleep on yo mama after a night of passionate lovemaking. If you are, you’re blowing it. Just like your aforementioned mama.

Sull-E42069 ,

Dangerously Funny

This show is dangerously funny. Be sure to have an oxygen tank as you’ll need it otherwise you might pass out from uncontrollable laughter. Do not operate machinery or vehicles while listening to this podcast. Jeff, Josh, and Rich all have their own flavor of hilarity: Jeff leans towards horror, Josh fantasy related humor, and Rich either fantasy or sci fi, always with twists you never see coming.

someotherguyorsomething ,

It’s good

Love that stories!

Joverthemoon ,

This podcast got me pregnant???

I’d Iike to caution anyone who listens to this podcast to close your ear holes before these boys’ smooth stories penetrate your brain and you become impregnated with wizardly and spooky thoughts. 100 outta 10.