Sudhir Breaks the Internet Customer Reviews

3.8 out of 5
252 Ratings

252 Ratings

Ana Teresa R ,

Insider View

Incredible podcast, I saw all things mentioned working at a tech giant. This is a great resource to learn about start up vices. Hopefully they’ll release a 2nd season!

Vball golf ,

Democrats will love this

This podcast is the most left leaning I have heard in a long time. I listen to a lot of neutral news and for this to be considered facts is a joke. I’m very disappointed that the Freakonomics group blatantly went this far left.

GlennWatson ,

Inside defends big tech

The lack of awareness this guy has for his own bias is astounding. Somehow he sees himself as open minded despite being completely in the pocket of the men who own the Internet’s most popular sights. This podcast does give the discerning listener an inside look at how truly corrupt these platforms are.

Different_Drummer ,

Sudhir destroys his credibility

This series was disappointing. I really thought Sudhir’s earlier work with gangs was fascinating and was very excited to hear this podcast. However, it fails to impress, and actually makes me start to question his credibility.

I was expecting him to speak on the effect of social media on society from a sociologists perspective. Although the podcast started out that way, it seems more and more he is using this as a vehicle to expound his leftist viewpoints.

Dude, you have the choice of being a social scientist, or a political activist, but you can’t do both at the same time. I question his credibility, because he used a quotation taken out of context, and spent significant time in one episode interviewing and supporting the ultra biased opinions of a political agitator without critical examination. It seems Sudhir is fueling the problem for which he is claiming to have a solution.

Srinkyfeet ,

Where’d you go?

I really enjoyed this show and thought it was a fascinating look at the internet and social media. Why’d you stop? This was a highlight of my week!

appleuser173 ,

Nothing Freak about this show

This podcast is horrendous not worth anyone’s time. There is nothing in this podcast of value Unless you follow the host’s resume with unhealthy interest. Please drop this before it ruins freakonmics brand.

ahscau ,


Why I started listening, things I like about the show, and potential improvements

Why I started Listening:
I started listening because I love freakanomics and the host kept mentioning your podcast.

You have a lot of experience that I want to learn from. I am excited to hear your stories of the tech community and how you bring in your sociology background. It’s rare for tech podcasts to talk about emotions or human connection- as a woman going into tech, I want to hear about those things. I loved the raw emotion and personal stories in The Garbage Can Model of Decision Making episode.

Potential Improvements:
- Tell the story like you’re talking to a friend at the bar. Right now it comes across like a really nice audiobook.
- **Read the book “Talk Like Ted”** Bring more than one guest on each episode and have each guest talk no longer than 15-18 minutes (Most people can’t focus for more than 15-18 minutes)

Krlillie ,

Seems pretty biased

I consider myself pretty moderate politically. Ilove how freakenomics is able to balance and remain mostly unbiased. I feel the content of this show SHOULD lend itself to an unbiased presentation, but this podcast has a strong left leaning bias while acting as though they believe they are telling the total truth. Thus this show feels rather untrustworthy. Don’t bother!

rza_shm ,


Bad or horrible is an understatement!

timfluential ,

Self Promotion

A shallow show from a shallow self-promoter who is not above plagiarizing graduate students.