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    SUNANDBASS Podcast #118 - Wadjit

    SUNANDBASS Podcast #118 - Wadjit

    Let's go 2022!
    We're very excited to kick off this hopeful year with a podcast mix from Wadjit. We all know and love Wadjit, having seen her at SUNANDBASS many times now, she's put together the perfect little number to start of the weekend and the year

    SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/wadjit
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wadjitdnb
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kelsey_wadjit/?hl=en

    # Track Title Artist
    1 Tear Down (Original Mix) Die & Break
    2 We Had A Song (feat. Leo Wood) Villem
    3 Angst (Original Mix) Division
    4 Lego (Original Mix) Dunk
    5 Sequenced (Original Mix) Glÿph
    6 Leprechaun (Original Mix) Walk:r
    7 Thymos (Original Mix) Hystatus
    8 Zig Zag Dunk
    9 Trust Me (Original Mix) Glÿph & Division
    10 Break the Machine (Original Mix) Alibi, Sl8r
    11 Back 2 Invert Era & Manual
    12 Black Birds (Original Mix) ONE MINDZ
    13 I've Been Waiting Agro & Sam Harris
    14 Retox (Mark System Remix) DJ Trace
    15 Closer Ben Snow
    16 The Edges Of Nowhere Confusious
    17 Blazin (feat Gexan) Entita
    18 Makes Me (Original Mix) Technimatic
    19 Who We Are (Original Mix) Bladerunner
    20 Demi Sound (Krispy Remix) Dopplershift
    21 Qwerty Boulevard (Remaster) Phabiaz
    22 Steel City Agressor Bunx/Forbidden Society
    23 Squake - Everything Dead v8 072621
    24 Rattle Dub Macca & Cnof
    25 Peggy Lee - FEVER (NEOH BOOTLEG)
    26 Wanna Know Pa
    27 High Times Break Remix v6 - 8A - 87.0
    28 Ha SMG
    30 System Report (Original Mix) Alibi, Acuna
    31 Step In (Felix Raymon Remix) Kuantum & BRK
    32 Abyss (Original Mix) Bredren
    33 Burn Dem Tomoyoshi & MC Zai
    34 Oldskool Newskool (extended mix) AKAS/GEORGIA PHOENIX FEAT 2SHY MC
    35 Don't Go (Dope Ammo, Sublow Hz & Zero G remix) AWESOME 3
    36 Most Uplifting (Bladerunner remix) DJ Ham/Bladerunner

    • 58 min
    SUNANDBASS Podcast #117 - Riya

    SUNANDBASS Podcast #117 - Riya

    And so, we have the final podcast mix of 2021, and who better to end the year than Riya!? Forget about getting into the Christmas spirit, this mix will get us into the SUNANDBASS 2022 spirit! Keep an ear out for Riya's latest track Blame, taken from her new EP of the same name as well as some other gems in there.

    Nymfo, Riya, Collette Warren - Patience [Liquicity]
    ID - ID
    Monty - Resident [1985]
    Henry & Mystific - Unbalance My Fate ft. Bazil MC & Riya [Fokus]
    Rezilient - Take You Down [Future Retro]
    Anile - Depths [Soul:r]
    Marcus Intalex - These Days [31 Recordings]
    Villem - Difference ft. Rider Shafique & Pat Fulgoni [D&B Arena] (With DiIlinja - It Ain’t Too Loud Tease [VLV])
    Jubei - Congo [Metalheadz]
    Sl8r - Temptation [V Recordings]
    Walk:r - The Reason [Guidance]
    HLZ - In Between [Metalheadz]
    Alibi - Musihertz VIP ft. Sofi Mari [V Recordings]
    Enei - No Fear ft. Riya - Spectrasoul RMX [Critical]
    Subliminal & Humanature - Around the World - Phaction Remix [Fokus]
    ID - ID
    ID - ID (With Zero T ft. Riya - Truth Hurts Vocal Tease)
    Alibi - Rave Digger [V Recordings Dub]
    LIN000 - LIN004 [TNQ] (with Alibi - Make it Real ft. Riya Vocal Tease [V Recordings])
    Break - Pill Popper [Symmetry]
    Total Science, Quadrant, Iris - False Alarm - Villem RMX [CIA Records] (With Foreign Concept & Riya - Affliction Tease [Critical])
    Data 3 - String Theory [Innerground] (With S.P.Y - Loneliness ft. Riya Tease [CIA Records])
    Total Science, Marky, S.P.Y - Try Out [Hospital]
    Pyxis - Opium [31 Recordings]
    Break - Overdub [Symmetry]
    Collette Warren & Dunk - Black Rainbow - DJ Marky Remix [Innerground]
    Philth - Submarine VIP [AutomAte]
    Riya & Collette Warren - Vices ft. Whiney [Carnelian Music]
    Macca - Regeneration [Skank & Bass]
    Riya - Blame [Spearhead]
    LIN000 - LIN001 [TNQ]
    Nymfo - Dizzy [CIA Records]
    Total Science - Redlines ft. Riya [Critical]
    DJ Marky - Whales [D&B Arena]
    Paul T & Edward Oberon - How Many Times ft. Riya [V Recordings]
    Askel & Elere - Perfect Symmetry ft. Riya [Soulvent Records]

    Listen to more of Riya here:


    • 1 hr 15 min
    SUNANDBASS Podcast #116 - Alite

    SUNANDBASS Podcast #116 - Alite

    November already and another month closer to SUNANDBASS 2022! This month's podcast is someone who represents the true spirit of SUNANDBASS, and she also recorded this mix live using only vinyl so you can enjoy the classic beauty of dnb right here. Very happy to have Alite back for our November podcast!

    • 53 min
    SUNANDBASS Podcast #115 - Rizzle

    SUNANDBASS Podcast #115 - Rizzle

    Perhaps a new name for you, but one you should definitely know! We're happy to have Rizzle providing us with this dark, sci-fi mix for our October podcast. Rizzle is continuously on the rise, from cutting his teeth on local label Wrec Records to consistently bringing the goods on established labels like Metalheadz, Dispatch, Overview, Shogun, Symmetry & Invisible to name a few.

    For more Rizzle, check out here:

    • 1 hr 11 min
    SUNANDBASS Podcast #114 - Fava

    SUNANDBASS Podcast #114 - Fava

    It's September, the sacred month of SUNANDBASS and what a better way to celebrate it than with a podcast mix from Fava himself! Fava has picked his favorite SUNANDBASS tunes that mark the special moments we shared since 2008. Here's to good music, good company and great MCs!

    • 1 hr 11 min
    SUNANDBASS Podcast #113 - quince

    SUNANDBASS Podcast #113 - quince

    This month's podcast is one that's very close to our hearts; from our very own family member Tom Moxham aka 'quince'. Tom has been a vital player to the SUNANDBASS core team for many years; maybe you've met or chatted with him along the way, or caught his sets in 2018 & 2019, or maybe you enjoyed listening to the podcasts that he curated during his time with us?

    Although Tom has moved on to new adventures, he will always be one of the SUNANDBASS family, and after all of his years curating the podcast, we are now honoured to have him come back for his own mix this month, and what a mix it it!

    "Having curated the podcast for the last 2 years and worked for SUNANDBASS for the last 6 years, doing a guest mix for the podcast is something I have wanted to do for some time, and it felt lovely to be asked. Having been lucky enough to play the Beach Stage and Ambra Night Gazebo the last two festivals, this mix really is exactly the sort of set I'd have planned for those if this year was happening. It's a showcase of as much of the new music I've loved since we last were all together, and what I completely envisaged hearing throughout the festival, but with one track that will forever be the track I've loved hearing most at SUNANDBASS. Maybe some of you will know it and feel the same. Colossal love to all of you and I hope I've captured just some of the essence of what might have been emitting from San Teodoro next month."

    • 48 min

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