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Connecting You with God and Others

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Connecting You with God and Others

    Change Your World Through Mission

    Change Your World Through Mission

    Everybody wants to change their world. And while there are lots of beneficial ways we can help make our world a better place, if you want to change your world in a way that matters for eternity, there’s no better way to change your world than to join Jesus in His mission of redeeming the entire world!


    How do we join Jesus on mission in our world?


    In this sermon, we’ll see how the Gospel gives us three things to change our world:


    New Motivation: The Gospel gives us a new motivation to live for King Jesus.
    New Perspective: The Gospel changes how we see the world as we look to the New Creation.
    New Assignment: The Gospel gives us a new assignment as ambassadors on mission.


    Takeaway: Change Your World Through Mission


    Do you want to change your world in a way that matters for eternity? God is, in Christ, reconciling all things to Himself, bringing in the New Creation where King Jesus will make all things new when He returns.


    And we have the privilege and responsibility of being ambassadors of that coming reality. Everywhere we go, wherever we live, work, learn or play, we go as representatives of Jesus.


    2 Corinthians 5:14-21


    To learn more about The Journey of a Lifetime, visit https://www.moodychurch.org/journey


    Questions about the sermon can be sent to livingthemessage@moodychurch.org

    Grow In Love Through Service

    Grow In Love Through Service

    How do we become a person of love? In this sermon, we’ll explore how Jesus is inviting us on a transformational journey to become people of love like Himself. On this transformational journey, there’s a pattern to follow, a power to change, and progress to be made.


    Pattern: Jesus is our model of self-giving love. To follow Jesus is to become like Him. It is His pattern that we are to follow.
    Power: How are we to become people of love like Jesus? You need a new heart, a clean heart. On the cross, Jesus cleanses our hearts so that the Holy Spirit might come indwell us and transform us from the inside out. The Holy Spirit is transforming us into people of love.
    Progress: Becoming a person of love won’t happen in an instant. But the new life must push its way through the compacted soil of years of selfish habits and self-absorbed living. Our selfishness has become a bit of a lifestyle, and we have much relearning to do. We are called to work out what God is working in us, because progress comes through practice. So, in service we practice giving ourselves away in love.


    Takeaway: Grow in love through service.


    Serving doesn’t just help others, serving changes us. Serving is the laboratory in which God transforms us into people of love.


    John 13:1-15


    Living The Message episode: https://youtu.be/3jMyXAPcgHA

    Feed Your Soul Through Community

    Feed Your Soul Through Community

    Each of us is more than just a body; we're also a soul. And as our bodies need calories for nourishment, our souls need nourishment as well to live and thrive. What can satisfy our soul’s hunger?


    In this passage from John 15:4-13, we’ll explore Jesus’ invitation to feed our souls through community.


    The Soul’s Design: Our souls were made for an abiding connection with the abundant, pulsating, and vibrant life of God Himself. Jesus came to die for our since and rise again to make us right with God, so that we might have an abiding connection with God through Jesus.
    The Soul’s Health: Our souls thrive in the indwelling presence of Christ as His word, love, obedience, and joy become our own. A healthy soul I sone that is tethered to Christ.
    The Soul’s Communion: Our souls are enfolded in living communion with our Triune God and His forever family. Following Jesus isn’t a solo sport, it’s a team effort. To have a soul-connection with God, is to have a soul connection with God’s family. And to abide in the love of God is to love those that God loves. And the only way to do that is in community.


    Takeaway: Feed your soul through community.


    We need each other deeply at the soul level. There are truths about God you will never see unless others show them to you. There are dimensions to the love of God you will never realize unless you open your heart to others. There are aspects of obedience to Jesus that you cannot live out unless you live your faith around others. There are divine joys you will miss out on unless you enter into relationship with others.


    Community is where we gather to feast our souls upon the Word and love of our God. And when it comes to meals, the very best ones are shared.


    John 15:4-13

    Know God Through Worship

    Know God Through Worship

    Abundant life! A life rich in meaning, full of purpose, thick with substance, durable and flourishing—that’s the kind of life we all want. It’s the kind of life that deep down we know we were made for. And it’s the kind of life Jesus is offering those who will follow Him.


    When Jesus says, “Come, follow me!”, He’s inviting you on the four-stage Journey of a Lifetime to know God, feed your soul, grow in love, and change your world. It’s a spiritual journey of abundant life—the life you and I were made for—and it all starts when we respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him.


    In this sermon, taken from Luke 15:1-2 and 11-32, we focus on the first stage in the journey and what it means to know God through worship. The story Jesus tells in this passage is nothing short of brilliant. Jesus shows us three things:

    The Purpose of Our Lives: We are made to come alive in joyous relationship with God.
    The Problem We All Have: Through both irreligion and religion, we estrange ourselves from God.
    The Pursuit We Can’t Live Without: God relentlessly pursues His lost sons and daughters in redeeming love.


    Takeaways: Know God through Worship.


    You were made to Know God, to rejoice in His presence, to bask in his love, to delight in His goodness, and to come alive in worship of Him! And Jesus came from Heaven to Earth to make God known to you and to make it possible for you to know God and worship Him in joy forever.


    Isn’t it time you said “yes” to gathering regularly for worship?


    Luke 15:1-2 & 11-32


    Living the Message episode: https://youtu.be/P2bRDes-jJc

    The Moment and the Mission

    The Moment and the Mission

    The moment we are in does not pause the mission we are on. As we look back on where we’ve come from and consider the times we are living in, this passage from John 20:19-21 gives us four powerful reminders of how to live on mission for Jesus.


    Fear is always the opposite of faith.
    Peace is always the Christian response.
    The cross is always our hope and motivation.
    We go confidently because Jesus sends us.


    Our response to the call of Jesus should be: "Here I am, send me."


    John 20:19-21

    In His Presence

    In His Presence

    How would you respond if you saw the risen Jesus face-to-face three days following the crucifixion? The disciples were notably disturbed, fearful, and shamed in this passage from John 20. Yet Jesus’ response to them was something that reverberates thousands of years later for believers today: "Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you."


    In this passage, we learn that in Jesus' presence we have four priceless things:



    Are you living your life like Jesus is dead? Are you feeling demoralized, or stuck? The resurrection gives you the chance to live in His presence with all the promises therein. Because when you’re in His presence it changes everything. How will you live in light of this?


    John 20:19-23

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4.7 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

KJ7562 ,

Start Here

I’ve been working through all of Pastor Miller‘s sermons and have benefited greatly from them. He’s adept at handling the Word and skilled at speaking into today’s context. We need more pastors like him, and I encourage anyone looking to feed on the Word of God to start here.

Trout-Bumm ,

Solid biblical teaching and preaching

I truly enjoy this Pastor’s expository preaching. He has a unique gift where he provides enough context, history, language skills, and theology without trying to show how much knowledge he possess. This skill allows him to feed the saints and guide the seekers.

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