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A podcast about the Traveller RPG and GURPS, and additional tabletop roleplaying games occasionally.

Send your praise, questions, and comments to SafcoMailbag@gmail.com

Super Adventure Friends Co. Podcast Robert Loftin

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A podcast about the Traveller RPG and GURPS, and additional tabletop roleplaying games occasionally.

Send your praise, questions, and comments to SafcoMailbag@gmail.com

    SAFCOcast 9: Planet Generation Smackdown, Traveller session recap, etc.

    SAFCOcast 9: Planet Generation Smackdown, Traveller session recap, etc.

    In this episode we discuss two of the systems generated by listeners in our Random Planet Generation Smackdown. We had considered doing more, but we'll do two per episode until we're done with them. We had got some nice mailbag comments, and we'll do a recap of the last session of our Traveller campaign, Into the Void.  And of course we'll hit a few Internet Finds.
    Relevant links:
    Basilisk Station: A Traveller Blog
    Art Gorski has made these awesome iPad apps for Traveller (mostly T5): https://naasirka.weebly.com/software.html
    Mongoose's Traveller Fiction
    The Mighty Protectors page on Facebook - where you can find Weird News You Can Use ! Gaming & BS Podcast Internet Finds
    Jeff found some interesting items on the internet, and used them for inspiration for a planet and a game hook.

    1. Inspiration:  Photo found on Internet of a small mining “island” at the bottom of a deep well.  Island is reminiscent of a sci-fi version of the computer game “Myst”

    Book 3 “Worlds and Adventures” (1981)
    E - Frontier Installation (Marked spot on bedrock for landing)
    Size: Asteroid
    Thin atmosphere
    20% water
    0 inhabitants
    No law level, no government
    Abandoned outpost

    2. Inspiration: Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators - Russian nuclear power sources for lighthouses, in great disrepair, but still radioactive.  Locating and transferring the cores to safety is very dangerous because of very short acceptable human exposure limits. https://bellona.org/news/nuclear-issues/radioactive-waste-and-spent-nuclear-fuel/2003-11-radioisotope-thermoelectric-generators
    Idea for session: The power source of a long-abandoned distant monitoring outpost is desired by a salvage company.
    Random Planet Generation Smackdown
    Krystian in the Chaste system (X-260620-7, De,Ni,Ri,N)
    Submitted by Colin Turvey
    Orbits a class K5 star in its first orbit remarkably despite being a desert world it's not just inhabited but bears a population in excess of 60 million mostly Belters as it's a low gravity world with only one asteroid belt orbiting between it and it's system's sun.
    It does have 3 gas giants it's widely thought the massive amounts of oxygen permeating the system is the reason why Krystian remains inhabitable.
    It was originally a prison colony particularly for political types despite the conditions the inhabitants and others continue to live here as a mark of defiance at their former oppressors.
    The Naval base originally intended to prevent escapes now watches protectively over them such is the change of fortunes they have overcome.
    Found a system generator the Chaste system now has a K5 type star with 8 orbits.
    Asteroid belt the main source of the Belters pay. Krystian Gas Giant Ember Gas Giant#2 Leone Space Station (Naval base)  Gas Giant#3 Literally the molten remains of a much larger world the only residents live aboard the refinery station that orbits this dwarf planet as it literally has no solid landmass!
     A Research base is also located aboard and is largely focused on discovering what happened to the Chaste system.

    Submitted by Ted Hale
    C 454 227 9 
    Aegle was originally colonized by forced resettlement.  The colonists were families belonging to the "Salvation Tears" religion.   The organization's rapid growth, and popular appeal was perceived to be a threat to several surrounding world governments.  The religion was designated a cult.  
    Aegle, an unpleasant hot world with a thin, toxic atmosphere, was also a world rich in unexploited bitumen and other petrochemicals.  Ling Petrochem saw an opportunity to fulfill a long unmet need for affordable labor on Aegle. The Subsector Duke and surrounding world governments wanted a politically acceptable means to rid themselves of the cultists.  A deal was struck between the Subsector Duke, Ling Pet

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    SAFCOcast 8: Agent of the Imperium, Participation Announcement, and other Traveller stuff!

    SAFCOcast 8: Agent of the Imperium, Participation Announcement, and other Traveller stuff!

    In Episode 8 we start with Mailbag! Thanks to everyone who has contacted us! Then we move on to Internet Finds and talk about some cook things on the internet! Then a session recap of our campaign. Then we talk about Marc Miller's Agent of the Imperium. A fun talk! 

    Random Traveller Planet Creation Smackdown! Roll up a Traveller or Cepheus Engine world/system, describe it, and submit it here! We'll read the entries on the next episode! Should be fun!
    Links noted in the show...
    Traveller Freebies Traveller Map Dumarest of Terra: Ultimate Spoilers and Trivia by Jeff Buser, whose page is beautifully oldschool. List of Traveller Books Martin Goldsack's Traveller Models Thought Eater Podcast - by Jeremy "Frothsof" Smith Recap of session 11 of our Traveller campaign, Into the Void Cepheus Light Agent of the Imperium

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    SAFCOcast 7: Interview with John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games

    SAFCOcast 7: Interview with John Watts of Gypsy Knights Games

     After a quick review of the SAFCO mail bag and discussion of a couple of internet finds, we are honored to present our interview with John Watts, of Gypsy Knights Games, author of the Clement Sector and associated books compatible with Cepheus Engine and useful with any 2d6 science fiction RPG (our words, not his). 
    Relevant links mentioned in the podcast:
    Marc Miller at GaryGon 2019
    Stellar Reaches: Traveller site with great free PDF fanzine.
    How to Steal a Spaceship”
    New from Felbrigg Herriot:  Medico Service on DriveThroughRPG  
    Traveller Con coming up - This weekend!  (Oct 11th)
    Gaming materials created by Michael Brown


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    SAFCOcast 6: Lone Star Game Expo 2019 recap

    SAFCOcast 6: Lone Star Game Expo 2019 recap

    In this episode we discuss our recent experience at the Lone Star Game Expo, an excellent gaming con held in Grapevine, TX, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

    We talk about the Classic Traveller session Bob ran, the Dungeon Crawl Classics game we played in, various seminars we attended, and the great talk by Marc Miller, author of Traveller and many other games via Game Designers Workshop and Far Future Enterprises.  We also discuss the new X Boat Traveller Fan Zine, some internet finds, and some new gaming purchases. 
    Relevant links mentioned in the show:
    Marc Miller at TravellerCon 2017 part 1 (I was wrong about the year) The Path of Cunning - new GURPS fanzine in e-format. Freelance Traveller Traveller Map www.traveller5.net Gypsy Knights Games Cepheus Light by Stellagama Publishing Bob's Notes from the Marc Miller talk:
    Marc comes in a bit early, sits down on the stage, and just starts chatting with us about Traveller. Asks who had read Agent of the Imperium. I had. He mentions the Vang series, by Christopher Rowley. http://www.christopherrowley.net/novels/VangSeries.php Mentions cosmopolitan nature of the Traveller universe, but notes that humans are still 51% of the population of the Imperium. Mentions that he wanted (and has) an Alien Generator in T5. Mentions various Traveller media projects. A Possible Traveller "starter set", similar to the D&D starter set, at retailers. He considers the new T5 set to be a tool kit. "Want to do [insert something like robots} - here it is ... pats the book. Talks about world generator - using imagination to reconcile seemingly illogical world stats like low tech level with high starport level. Talks about origin of the hobby in tactical wargames, how he learned gaming, "This is a great hobby to be in" "Good clean fun". Talks about direction of historical wargaming having young guys who were enamored of Nazi kind of stuff - fetishized it - and he thinks D&D saved the gaming hobby, by providing a setting in which people can roll play sketchy/evil people but not have it tied to offensive, real world, horrible evil like the nazis. question about all the dice rolling -- why? (talking about the random generation of worlds, people, and creatures). Marc says that using that kind of random generation helps "allow interesting things to happen". origin and creation of the Spinward Marches Beside Dumarest, Vang, what novels/series does he recommend and which were really super influential in the origin of the game. He says stuff by H. Beam Piper, Space Viking, Cosmic Computer, John Varley, Citizen of the Galaxy. I comment that I appreciate that he has always kept the bar high -- high standards. Traveller never goes low. Never incorporates creepy, sexist, gross-out, lowbrown stuff, and that from getting the boxed set when I was a kid the game was uplifting and "made me feel smart." He says many people have told him the game changed their lives, and he appreciates that. Later in the talk, with regard to potential movies/TV, he reiterates his desire not to allow lowbrow lowest-common-denominator stuff (My words, not his) to be associated with Traveller. Talks about Zhodani core expeditions a bit. That's all I got, folks. It was a 2 hour talk, and really fun.
    I got a chance to really look at the new hardback Book 1. I have the PDF, and I found the PDF overwhelming. Looking at the book in person, I found it easier to understand. This isn't an official review, but it this looks really good, seems well-organized. Looking at it as a toolkit makes a lot of sense. He mentions that it will be $100 for the whole set - compared to $150 for the 3 D&D 5e books, so its a bargain! Oh, the art is pretty good in the books. Mark mentioned that he prefers descriptive art in his books so you can see what things look like, as opposed to "atmospheric" art. The new book very much adheres to this.


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    SAFCOcast 5: Internet Finds, Traveller, and Descriptiveness/Immersion

    SAFCOcast 5: Internet Finds, Traveller, and Descriptiveness/Immersion

    In this episode we discuss a couple of internet finds, which lead us to some talk about Traveller, and then discuss the merits of being highly descriptive and dramatic in your RPGs. 
    Links to stuff in the show:
    Traveller System Reference Document High Level Traveller Character - from Ancient Faith in the Far Future blog From that same place - Traveller is not a Power Fantasy Felbrigg Herriott's podcast page, with links to his adventure modules. Hiverlord's Hijinks - with his Doldrums Setting, based on the Dumarest Saga. Lonestar Game Expo Links from Denis McCarthy: His blog https://dungeonfantastic.blogspot.com/ , his play by post https://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=56335&date=1562097277, and his Northport GURPS Dungeon Fantasy setting https://gwythaintny.wordpress.com/ . Michael Brown's stuff on DriveThruRPG.  As always, you can find our Into the Void Traveller campaign materials on Bob's gaming blog. UPDATE: John Watts, of Gypsy Knights Games, sent me this clarification regarding the Traveller System Reference Document, including info on use of the name "Traveller". Thank, John, for helping and not calling me a dummy!  
    Just a quick note: The Traveller SRD that you've found online is the portion of Mongoose 1e which was made OGL by Mongoose (with permission of Marc Miller). It can be used by anyone for any purpose so long as the proper reference is made in the required recitation of the Open Game License in the back of whatever publication in which this is used.
    The Traveller SRD does NOT allow you to call your product Traveller, state that the product is compatible, or use the logo. That requires a direct license from Marc Miller or participating in Mongoose's TAS program.
    This is why Cepheus Engine, Universal Machine, and Clement Sector products cannot have the name Traveller (or, indeed, use the word "Traveller" in them) on their product. While most everyone knows that these products are usable with existing Traveller products, it can never be legally stated that they are compatible.
    But thanks for mentioning it! Much appreciated...and yeah...tons of backstabbery. LOL.
    Incredible Traveller art below by William H.Keith Jr.

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    SAFCOcast 4: Traveller Recap and Homebrew Vehicular Combat System, Mail Bag, Upcoming Cons in Texas

    SAFCOcast 4: Traveller Recap and Homebrew Vehicular Combat System, Mail Bag, Upcoming Cons in Texas

    After a month of work and vacation, we're back!
    This episode is all about Traveller, specifically Classic Traveller and Cepheus Engine stuff. It's also the debut of SAFCO Mail Bag, in which we respond to comments and email we've gotten.
    As always, comment here, on Bob's gaming blog (where this show is embedded), or email us at SAFCOmailbag@gmail.com.
    Links to stuff in the show:
    Traveller Session Report about the game session we discuss,  from our Into the Void campaign. Gypsy Knights Games - where you can find all the Clement Sector rulebooks, including the Core Rulebook and the Core Setting book. Fantastic stuff! Cepheus Engine - the core rulebook for "Traveller with the serial numbers filed off." Very compatible with Classic Traveller, and like the Clement Sector stuff a great source of usable modern updates to the classic system. Cepheus Engine Vehicle Design System SAFCO Simple RPG Vehicular Combat Framework pdf - used in our games when fun and speed are important, but we don't want to use heavy, complex systems. Intended to be very cinematic.  Traveller 5 dot 10 Kickstarter. Funding is over, and we await the hardcover books. PDFs have been sent to Kickstarter backers. Not yet available on Far Future Enterprises, Marc Miller's website. Lone Star Game Expo ReaperCon Madness Games & Comics - our home away from home Speculative Machines Podcast, by Trent Straughan, creator of our theme music, Mechanimism.  Behind the Claw, the podcast about Classic Traveller, by Felbrigg Herriot.  Awesome Grav Bike Rider image courtesy of Robert Pearce's Yet Another Traveller Blog.

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