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Not another sales and marketing podcast... Male Entrepreneur is for men seeking more than just financial success in life.

Why are you doing what you do? What's the payoff for all your hard work? What kind of legacy will you leave behind?

Build a healthy business. Live a good life. Make a positive impact on the world. That's what being a Male Entrepreneur is all about.

The Male Entrepreneur Podcast with Purdeep Sangha Purdeep Sangha

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Not another sales and marketing podcast... Male Entrepreneur is for men seeking more than just financial success in life.

Why are you doing what you do? What's the payoff for all your hard work? What kind of legacy will you leave behind?

Build a healthy business. Live a good life. Make a positive impact on the world. That's what being a Male Entrepreneur is all about.

    Pros and Cons of Coaching vs. a Mastermind?

    Pros and Cons of Coaching vs. a Mastermind?

    You know you need some outside perspective if you want to take things to the next level. Now, you're at a crossroads.

    Should you:

    A. Keep going it alone, and just have some patience

    B. Join a high-level mastermind

    C. Get a coach who's been where you want to go?

    The answer depends on who you are, how you tick, and what you need. That's why we put this episode together.

    Take a deep dive with us, and discover:

    The mindset needed for a successful mastermind that you don't need when you get coaching insteadHow COVID19 impacts coaching and mastermindsWhat attracts people to mastermind groups (more than just wanting to be more successful)The perfect number of people for a productive mastermind meetingOne thing that might hold you back from getting the most out of a mastermindThe two most valuable things you'll get from having a business coachThe main strengths and weaknesses of masterminds and one-on-one coachingHow to pick which is right for you, based on your needsAnd a lot more

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    Six Sinister Self-Limiting Beliefs

    Six Sinister Self-Limiting Beliefs

    The biggest thing holding most men back is their own beliefs.

    Even the most successful guys I've ever worked with had one or two issues preventing them from reaching their goals. And after finding them, and working through them, they were able to smash through their self-imposed glass ceilings.

    This week, Nathan and I sit down and chat about the most common self-limiting beliefs we see in our clients. These are the six most common, and their effects can be devastating. Do you suffer from any of them?

    We'll also get into why these belief systems are so flawed, why the impact so many guys, where they originate, and what you can do to break free.

    This was one of the best episodes we've done, to date. And it's probably because we just did it off the cuff.

    If you want to find out what our Sinister Six are, you gotta give it a listen.

    Do yourself a favor, don't miss this one.

    • 27 min
    Currency, COVID, and Business Closures

    Currency, COVID, and Business Closures

    How has COVID19 impacted your business?

    Some of the biggest brands out there have started closing up their doors. Economists estimate more than 40% of small businesses will never open again either. Did you have the right pieces in place to weather the storm?

    Do you even know what those pieces were?

    This week, we take a look at our money system, why so many businesses were taken out so easily, and the unfair advantage some other businesses enjoyed in this crisis.

    We'll also look at:

    Why big banks fail when they doThe secret truth of where our money comes fromWhat gives money it's valueWhy corruption is so rampant in the banking industryHow credit is hurting more businesses than it's helpingWhat COVID19 exposed about business operations The biggest difference between how our parents managed their money and how our generation doesOne thing you want to know before you ever take on new clientsWhy so many businesses failed when the pandemic struckThe silver linings and hidden dangers of our current economyAnd a lot more

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    Real Estate Investing in the Post Covid Economy

    Real Estate Investing in the Post Covid Economy

    Whether it's a recession or a depression we're about to enter, real estate is one of the best places to have your money... if you know what you're doing.

    On the flip side, if you find yourself upside down in your investment, you might end up losing it all.

    Steven Pesavento is an investor, coach, and host of The Investor Mindset Podcast. He joins us to share his journey, the bumps and bruises he got along the way, and how it worked out for him in the end.

    We'll also be talking about how the current lockdowns, safety concerns, and economic responses might shape the future of real estate investing. This one gets deep.

    Tune in and discover:

    What to read after Rich Dad, Poor DadWhich properties are the best to invest inWhy some people strike it rich and others fall flat when investing in real estateHow mindset impacts your results in life and investingWhy Corona is sending mixxed messages about the future of property valuesWhat health and safety guidelines mean for property showingsHow to be ahead of the curve when the economy starts top open back upWhat small business closures mean for commercial propertiesWhy so many people are flooding to real estate right nowHow the stimulus checks are going to impact your savingsAnd a lot more

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    And check out Steve's website at


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    Why Leadership Matters Now, More Than Ever

    Why Leadership Matters Now, More Than Ever

    Have you had a look outside? It's getting crazy out there. And it's not looking like it'll clear up, anytime soon.

    What the world needs now is strong, moral leadership. Unfortunately, it's in short supply. And the conversations we need to have are being shouted over by the loudest, most emotional among us.

    How do we right the ship?

    In this week's podcast, we talk about that, and:

    How current events might be impacting our kidsWhy positions of power tend to be filled with the worst kind of peopleWhy nuanced thinking is more important now than everHow emotions are making people less rationalWhy leadership in the family is just as important as political leadership isA big part of the racism problem that isn't being addressed and why the problem can never be solved until it isWhy expecting other people to solve our problems never worksWhat role men need to play in the direction we move as a people, going forwardAnd a lot more

    Warning; Strong language in this one. But worth listening to.

    • 23 min
    Creating the Trend

    Creating the Trend

    Okay, this year has been pretty unpredictable, to say the least.

    Every time we think we have a handle on things, we enter a new stage of craziness. So, what's a businessman to do?

    Instead of reacting, figure out how to cause action. Instead of trying to keep up, focus on creating the trends. And it's easier than it might sound.

    So, how can you be ahead of the curve? How can you be in charge of where things are going? Tune in to this week's episode and find out.

    You'll discover:

    How to know which way to pivot in troubling timesWhy following trends could be killing your businessWays to find opportunity in the middle of chaosHow to predict where society and your market will be heading, and be ready when they get thereThe easiest way to consistently come up with sure-fire business ideas Why you need a mentor, a coach or mastermind group in your lifeThe biggest trend to keep an eye on in the coming economyWhat to do when a business idea falls flatWhy list-making will improve every aspect of your business2 reasons why most ideas never take flightHow to tune your brain into creativityThe good and bad side of obsessionsAnd a lot more

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

UWec8875 ,

Love it 💯

Love the content. Purdeep is the real deal and this podcast is no different. Check it out!

iPodcastEdit ,

Extremely Insightful

This podcast has really helped me as a male entrepreneur. If you are in business and you want to get to the next level this podcast is for you!

Jon Vroman ,

Walks the talk

Lots of people have shows, but few people have a track record of success within their niche as Purdeep. The style of this show resonates with me, as I really enjoy when good guys can achieve results with authenticity and integrity. As a male entrepreneur myself, having resources that help me avoid isolation, are extremely valuable. Thanks Purdeep and the team who’s working so hard to put out this show. Keep it up!

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