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Ever feel like making a change in your life but not sure where to start? Christina Moyes, Certified Holistic Health & Transformational coach guides you on your way with SIMPLE health and wellness tips for you and your family that you can use TODAY. Because being healthy shouldn’t have to be hard!

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Ever feel like making a change in your life but not sure where to start? Christina Moyes, Certified Holistic Health & Transformational coach guides you on your way with SIMPLE health and wellness tips for you and your family that you can use TODAY. Because being healthy shouldn’t have to be hard!

    Healthy Bite 032 - How Lemons fight Cancer

    Healthy Bite 032 - How Lemons fight Cancer

    When you think of lemons and cancer, the organization “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” may come to mind. But more than just a way to raise funds for cancer research, lemons can fight cancer by eating them too. Today we will be talking about the real, physical benefits lemons have on the body, and the most effective way to get the most out of this amazing fruit!

    Lemons vs Cancer
    Everything people choose to eat either contributes to disease or helps to fight it. Disease cannot live in an alkaline body where it actually feeds disease in an acidic state. Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods you can consume. It may seem counterintuitive because of it’s sour taste, but it turns alkaline once ingested.

    Lemons are a citrus fruit, high in vitamin C, which is great for giving our body the immune boost it needs to stay in check. When vitamin C levels are low, little to no repair happens in the body. Lemons are also high in potassium, which stimulates brain and nerve function. Potassium helps reduce free radicals, increases red blood cell production and controls blood pressure. What does all this mean in real-talk? More energy, clearer skin, anti-aging properties, less sickness, less stress, and more focus! Um, yes please!

    One very simple and inexpensive way I tell my clients to help detoxify their system is to drink warm or hot lemon water throughout the day for a period of two weeks. The trick here is of course not to drink any other beverages during that time. So no juices, coffee, alcohol or ice teas, hot cocoa etc, just sip lemon water throughout the day. This is especially helpful after the holidays or any other time of year you may have overdone the cookies and made a little “too merry”! Make sure the lemon is not from a container of lemon juice, but from a piece of whole lemon.

    So what’s this about cancer? Well, the compounds found in lemon peels are a thousand times more powerful than Adriamycin, a common drug used in chemotherapy. In fact, Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer compounds, including limonene, citrus pectin and flavonol glycosides which stop the division of cancer cells. Limonene seeks to destroy the malignant cells while leaving behind the healthy cells, undamaged. Let me be clear. I am not suggesting that anyone stop chemotherapy and just eat lemons. This is definitely one more simple way to help fight the disease.

    In fact, according to The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia, citrus fruits redice the risk of some cancers by 50 percent. These scientists report that citrus fruits are most protective against stomach, mouth, larynx and pharynx cancers.

    One of the best ways to consume this superfood is to first rinse, then freeze the fruit whole. Once completely frozen, grate the entire lemon along with its peel. Then feel free to use the shredded lemon as a salad topper, in your morning smoothie, in a cup of hot water or tea, or in various other recipes. Check out my website recipes for one of my favorites: broccoli, avocado and lemon salad, at www.supersimplehealthy.com/recipes. And keep an eye out for the collection of my favorite “Super Simple, Healthy Holiday” recipes on sale for a limited time!

    As always, feel free to add comments and questions and share this episode with your loved ones.

    Until next time: Keep it simple. Be Healthy.

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    Healthy Bite 031 - Change Your Life in an Instant

    Healthy Bite 031 - Change Your Life in an Instant

    “Trade Your Expectation for Appreciation and Your Life will change in an instant.”- Tony Robbins. I thought that was quite an appropriate quote for the spirit of the season, and today we are going to talk about three decisions you make every day that can change your life in an instant.

    Expectation vs Appreciation
    Trade your expectation for appreciation and your life will change in an instant. What does this mean and why is it important to your life? Sometimes it seems life can be unfair. Every person is born with unique abilities and gifts that are meant to be shared and used to the best of their abilities. Yet somewhere along their journey challenges arise, even tragedy. It can be very difficult at the time these moments occur to see that each one holds a gift.

    When I was a junior and senior in high school, I worked as a cashier at our local grocery store. One year, a couple of days after Thanksgiving, a woman came in steaming mad asking to talk to a manager. In her arms, she carried a large unfrozen, uncooked, turkey. She stood there yelling at the manager that their Thanksgiving had been ruined because the bird she bought was bad. They had a house full of relatives and friends and they all had to work together at the last minute to come up with whatever else they had on hand in order to feed everyone.

    Now, I understand. On Thanksgiving Day, we expect the Turkey with stuffing and gravy and all the other delicious sides that come with it. My mom makes her famous “jello mold” and I love my sister’s cranberry nut bread. And if you look on my Super Simple Healthy Facebook page, you’ll see a video showcasing my famous “sneaky” mashed potatoes. But at that moment as I stood there in the grocery store as this woman was screaming, almost in tears, I couldn’t help but think she’d rather missed the point. What if, instead of focusing on the “bad bird” that ruined their Thanksgiving, she had focused on the fact that she had all her friends and family under one roof. And in spite of no turkey, they still had enough food to feed everyone. Not everyone, even in this country can say that. She chose not to focus on the fact that no one got sick, or that she has a place where she can go – one store where she can simply choose all of her food. She doesn’t have to spend hours, weeks, months, planting and growing all that food. It’s just there. And she has a car to bring her there. And a warm home in the middle of a chill fall night where she and her family will sleep. And this is certainly a Thanksgiving her whole family will be able to remember for years to come – where they all had to come together and get creative in the kitchen. They may even look back and laugh about it.

    There are things we expect to happen throughout our lives. We expect to make the team, get into a certain school, receive a promotion at work, or find that certain someone with whom to spend the rest of your life with and raise a family. But instead we may get cut from the team, turned down by the school, looked over for the promotion, or get a divorce. Your life is shaped by the decisions you make. But there are three decisions you make every day that shape your destiny.

    First, what are you going to focus on? (didn’t make the team OR l Iearned so much from that and made some new friends, now I’ll have more time to practice my drums) Second decision: What does this mean? (I’m not good enough, I’ll never move up, OR how can I improve, is it time for a new job or new skills?) And the third decision: What am I going to do? (get upset, yell, complain, feel like a failure, OR appreciate all that you DO have – and get a refund on the bird!)

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    Healthy Bite 030 - Flus Blues

    Healthy Bite 030 - Flus Blues

    It may be the season to be jolly, but it’s also the start of the flu season. I admit, I haven’t had a flu shot in years. I hardly get sick at all anymore. And today I have with me a special guest and good friend, Linda White, Certified Holistic Health and Transformation Coach and Yogi, who is going to talk about a couple of ways to stave off the flu, naturally.

    Flus Blues
    Welcome Linda! I’m so glad you have you here today! Before we begin, can you say a few words about what it is you do and how you began?

    In 2004 at the age of 40, I was pregnant with my 3rd child, moved ½ way across the country to where I am now, left my support network of friends and had to start over in a very toxic marriage. This is when I knew I had to do something. I began yoga for stress reduction. Fell in love with heated vinyasa. This is where I began to know myself. I knew I loved nutrition and came across Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I met Chris :) Went on to get a Holistic MBA and Masters in Transformational Coaching too! The transformational coaching was pivotal in helping me see where I was getting stuck in my life and learning how to move forward.
    I also have chemical sensitivities and wanted a perfume that didn’t make my lungs shut down. A friend told me about DoTerra Essential Oils and I signed on immediately not knowing the therapeutic benefits.

    Awesome. That’s quite a blend of skills! And I know how much you love essential oils. Before we talk about the flu can you tell us why essential oils are so powerful?

    Ok. So what are two things you do for your family during winter and flu season?
    I used to get the flu shot every year as well as my kids. I stopped that a few years back and now we are a lot healthier. I use doterra oils now. You can diffuse the oils use them topically or internally depending on the oil. For example, I use Onguard for keeping healthy during the winter months. It supports healthy immune and respritory function, protects against environmental threats, supports your body’s natural antioxidant defenses, promotes healthy circulation and the aroma is energizing and uplifting.

    A fantastic immune boosting blend is a mix of onguard, lemon, melaleuca and oregano oils in in capsule form taken orally. Oregano is powerful! antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant. Great for candida and and fungus.

    For sinuses, a blend I use is onguard, oregano, lemon, melaleuca, frankencense, rosemary. I also use Breathe oil in hot water and cup my hands around it and breathe it in to get right to my sinus cavities.

    Very cool. My personal go-to for when I’m feeling something about to come on – like that little tickle in my throat, is to reach for some herbal teas, manuka honey and zinc tablets. I’ll add those couple of Linda’s home remedies to my list on my downloads page at www.supersimplehealthy.com/downloads .

    My website is vibrantlifebylinda. I will be posting upcoming workshops on there.
    OK. Thanks you for being here Linda! I hope that was helpful! Please leave your comments and ratings on iTunes or Soundcloud, and feel free to share with friends or family!

    Until next time: Keep it simple. Be Healthy.

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    Healthy Bite 029 - Walk This Way

    Healthy Bite 029 - Walk This Way

    A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d pulled something in my knee during a workout. My knee was achy and stiff and I had a hard time even bending it. But the pain didn’t go away for over a week and it was starting to really worry me. I mentioned it to my friend and special guest, Betsy and she gave me three simple tips. Within 24 hours my knee was feeling better! Today we are going to share those tips with you.

    Walk This Way
    Betsy Wetzig is a Movement-Mind Researcher, Author and director of Coordination Patterns Training and Dynamics. Before we begin, can you say a few words about what it is you do and how you began?
    I teach people about their bio-electric, movement-mind Patterns, to help them move and feel better. There are four neuromuscular patterns that coordinate the core way we function both mentally and physically. They are causal to the WAY we relax, move, and the WAY we have awareness and creativity. Since all behavior, (like walking or leadership) is both physical and mental, I actually work with everything we do. But I focus the work of Coordination Patterns Training and Dynamics to apply my research to different needs.
    At Twin Ponds Integrative Center, I teach a class is called Coordination Patterns and Dynamics Training. We use simple exercises that access the Patterns and help people to move more ergonomically, and thus to release holding and bracing, get rid and reduce pain, and prevent injury. As a plus they are improving the way their brain is working as well.
    So Betsy, a couple of weeks ago I thought I might have arthritis. The pain in my knee wouldn’t go away and I was really starting to get worried. I mentioned this to you after a meeting, sort of in passing and you just looked at me and tell the folks what you told me.
    You were putting your weight too far back in your heals instead of your arch, and not using your feet correctly, thus hurting your knee. I gave you a simple exercises to change your habits of standing, and walking.
    1) rock side to side weight over arch
    2) put flashlights on your knees so your leg bones would move through more ergonomically
    3) Roll your feet on a rolling pin or swim noodle to release the foot and leg muscles and at the same time turn on the Patterns in your neuromuscular system by mobilizing the Patterns in your feet.
    And it was so simple and makes so much sense, and most importantly I felt results almost immediately! So thanks again, and of course for sharing that today with everyone. Betsy and I work at the Twin Ponds Center right here in Lehigh Valley. You can go to www.twinpondscenter.com to find us there. How else can people get in touch with you?
    Moves4Greatness.com, on Facebook at Coordination Patterns Training and Dynamics and phone me at 610-398-9652

    I hope that was helpful! Please leave your comments and ratings on iTunes or Soundcloud, and feel free to share with friends or family!

    Until next time: Keep it simple. Be Healthy.

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    Healthy Bite 028 - 6 Ways Carbs Help You Lose Weight

    Healthy Bite 028 - 6 Ways Carbs Help You Lose Weight

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard friends and clients tell me how they are trying to stay away from carbs (or carbohydrates). They are the still known as the “resident evil” when it comes to weight loss and today I will be talking about why you WANT to have carbs in your diet.

    Good Carb/Bad Carb

    So what’s the scoop on carbohydrates? Aren’t they supposed to make you fat and keep you from losing weight? Well, yes and no. First, let’s review what a carbohydrate IS, what it DOES and then what to look for when choosing what’s best for your diet.
    Carbohydrates are the sugars, starches and fibers found in fruits, grains, vegetables and milk products. Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. It is one of three macronutrients in the body – macro, meaning large – hense your body needs a lot of them in order to function properly. The other two macronutrients are protein and fats.

    Carbohydrates actually do a lot for your body and even help you lose weight! WHAT?? Yep. Here are just a couple of benefits:
    1) They help you keep muscle! And muscles help your body to burn fat (yay!).
    2) Help you curb cravings
    3) Stabilize blood sugar
    4) Promote healthy bowels
    5) Reduce cholesterol
    6) Reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes

    Where people get confused is when they are told to cut out carbs in order to lose weight. If we need them to function and they do all these great things, then why would anyone say you should take them out?
    Removing carbohydrates from your diet, will help you lose water weight. But it will also make you feel tired and eventually after the diet is over and you add those carbs back into your diet, you will gain all the weight back again (can you say - frustration?!)
    So what to do? There are good carbs and bad carbs. The carbs to stay away from include white sugar, processed foods, soda, high fructose corn syrup, white breads, and pastas containing refined flour. Those are the simple carbs. These carbs get stripped of all fiber, vitamins and minerals during the refining process and have little or no nutritional value and load of calories.

    The carbs you want are complex carbs that take more time to digest and give you energy such as:
    Leafy green vegetables, sweet potatoes, beans, quinoa, rice, oats, carrots, squash, beets, apples, bananas, peas, lentils, nuts and seeds.

    Just in time for the holidays, I am co-hosting a special retreat at Twin Ponds Integrative Center here in Breinigsville along with Ayurvedic Cook, Michelle Costantini on November 11th from 4-7 pm. We will help you create delicious, carb-friendly sides and treats you can feel good about! For details and to register visit my website at www.supersimplehealthy.com and click on “Holiday Feast Retreat”
    Or contact me at 610-704-8083. Space is limited, so registration is required! I hope that was helpful. Please leave your comments below and feel free to share with friends and family!

    Until next time: Keep it simple. Be Healthy.

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    Healthy Bite 027 - The Magical Elixir!

    Healthy Bite 027 - The Magical Elixir!

    You may recall hearing stories about slick salesman in the 1800’s, pulling up in a wagon yelling “STEP RIGHT UP! you won’t believe your eyes!”. He’d try to scam people into buying his “magical elixir”. Well, today I’m going to talk about one, all natural “magical elixir: Apple Cider Vinegar. But this time, I swear – it’s true!

    The Magic of ACV
    Apple Cider Vinegar (or ACV) has been used as a natural remedy since the days of Hippocrates. A few of the various things it can be used for include: sore throat, indigestion, weight loss, and can even be used to clean your home!

    First, I’ll go over what ACV actually is and what makes it so special. And then I’ll share the various ways in which it is prepared as well as how NOT to use it. And finally, two specific problems it can help you with and how to use it. And for more suggestions, pop over to my website www.supersimplehealthy.com and click on “downloads” for the full list of “Magical Elixir” solutions.

    Apple Cider Vinegar is essentially fermented hard apple cider. The sugar in the fruit is first transformed into alcohol and during fermentation becomes aectic and malic acids. These acids are what gives ACV its strong, sour taste and smell and turns it into that antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, fat burning, immune boosting “magical elixir”. During the fall is a great time to take advantage of making your own ACV. You can make your own for about ¼ of what you will pay in the grocery store. I offer a special class in the fall called “Raw-Mazing!” where I teach you how to make your own home remedies and cleaning agents. Check out my website www.supersimplehealthy.com and click on “classes and events”.

    Although apple cider vinegar is all natural, please don’t overdue. As with most things, too much can cause more problems so don’t drink it straight it is very acidic. Pregnant or nursing moms or people on medications should always check with their doctor before starting any long-term apple cider vinegar regimen. Also, whether buying from the store or making it at home, make sure it is stored in a glass, not plastic container, as the chemicals from the plastic can leach into the vinegar! And be sure to get RAW, not pasteurized ACV because a lot of the vitamins, probiotics and enzymes are destroyed during the heating process of pasteurization.

    Here are a couple of ways in which to use this magical elixir:

    1) To ease indigestion, add 2-4 tsp of acv to 8oz of room temperature water and drink it slowly over a period of 20-30 min. If you really can’t stomach the taste, try adding a small squirt of raw honey into the mix. Remember don’t overdue, start with the smaller dose of acv and add one tsp over time if you don’t already feel the benefits. This mixture can help to reduce symptoms of reflux, heartburn, gas, bloating, abdominal pain, cramping and constipation, which are often caused by having too little stomach acid rather than too much!
    2) To help ease symptoms of excema, add 1 tsp of acv to 8oz of room temperature water and drink this combo 1-3x/day. Again, if you are not seeing/feeling results, you can increase dosage slowly by 1 tsp, but do not exceed 1 TBSP. Alternatively, you can use it externally by mixing 1 part acv with 1 part water into a spray bottle and applying the spray 1-2x/day. Once dry, you may want to apply a little coconut oil to the area to add moisture back to the skin.

    1) Make or purchase only raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, stored in glass containers.
    2) Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing or on any medications before starting any long-term acv regimen.
    3) Start with low doses and increase only if necessary, do not drink undiluted.

    As always, if you found this information helpful, please feel free to share with friends and family and leave your comments and ratings

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