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What if I told you that there is a potential within you waiting to be released that will multiply your impact, influence and income? When you activate high performance, you're capable of accomplishing superhuman feats! Superhuman is defined as an elevated state of personal excellence, execution, energy, focus and flow that will give you an unfair competitive advantage in life. To be superhuman, is to be living at your God-given peak potential.

Superhuman Entrepreneur Dr Isaac Jones and Dr. Matthew Accurso

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What if I told you that there is a potential within you waiting to be released that will multiply your impact, influence and income? When you activate high performance, you're capable of accomplishing superhuman feats! Superhuman is defined as an elevated state of personal excellence, execution, energy, focus and flow that will give you an unfair competitive advantage in life. To be superhuman, is to be living at your God-given peak potential.

    Lead the Life of Joy with Stephanie Quayle

    Lead the Life of Joy with Stephanie Quayle

    Our next superhuman guest hardly needs an introduction. She is Stephanie Quayle, the nation’s top country music voice who has recently had the honor to sing in front of the five living presidents. Reflecting on life and career, Stephanie generously passes a few pearls of acquired wisdom.

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    Find Your Source

    To navigate the landscape of life and business it is important to have a ground, a base out of which to operate. For Stephanie it is health. She is, admittedly, freakishly on point about her nutrition and exercise. It’s what helps her stay on top of her game, regardless of what life brings next.

    Receive it Well

    Speaking of which, life, especially for someone as out there as Stephanie, throws sticks and stones at you from every direction. It is how we react to them that counts. Stress is the number one cause of anxiety and illness, and the best way to eradicate it is not let it affect in the first place. Weigh your reactions right, Stephanie submits, for a more stress-free time on this Earth.

    It’s connected to a wider philosophy of life. We can’t control the input of info, positive or negative, but we sure can decide how to receive it.

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    Protect Yourself

    We always hear about happiness, but rarely praise joy. For Stephanie, happiness exists in relation to joy. While happiness is free-flowing, shifting, external term, joy is the internal, sustained happiness that doesn’t rely on current emotional states. If nurtured, guarded, joy is an ever-present, your very own no-matter-what feeling of happiness.

    So protect it, let joy be the source of your being. Challenge it too, surrounding yourself with people from different backgrounds and of different profiles. But, minding your reactions, make sure that joy prevails.

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    Dani Solorio: How Being One with Nature Helps Your Business

    Dani Solorio: How Being One with Nature Helps Your Business

    Our guest for today is Dani Solorio, founder and CEO of the remarkable Compton Health Bar. Running her unusual, yet highly impactful business, Dani opens up on the nature of diet and healing itself.

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    Diet is not just another thing on out to-do lists. Whatever we eat, it becomes a part of us. As an activity, it has the potential to either build or break the anxiety cycle. With this idea in mind, Dani created an oasis of stress-free diet haven, the Compton Health Bar, where people can come, relax, eat healthy, and get much needed advice on their nutrition.

    It’s Simple

    Dani makes nutrition refreshingly simple. Going to doctor or a nutritionist creates a sort of a compulsory treatment or diet plan. At the bar however, all they do is talk. Conversation is the most powerful tool to reach people. Make them open up to ideas they themselves know of, but never had the encouragement to follow. Simple conversation, simple advice, is all we often need, but sorely lack.

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    Health Comes from Within

    Healing knows no doctors. Treatment does, but healing is something that comes from within. To start with, the fatal flaw of humans is that we consider ourselves disjointed from nature, a separate entity. Rather than separate, we are part of it, fully invested in its healing and deteriorating cycle and laws. Reconnecting with nature is the precondition to any healthy life. Dani suggests to start with the basics, eating more greens for instance.

    The trick is to learn the most natural thing in the world – teach your body heal itself. So very different than state healthcare system; so very similar to treating the cause rather than a wound.

    Nature of Business

    Dani’s natural health efforts have a lot to teach us about the nature of business itself. Her unusual bar is situated in Compton, a most unlikely of places for such a place. It is hard to see where income is coming from yet she manages to run a successful business in a difficult place, and help a bunch of folks. ‘Heart and mind in it’ is Dani’s business philosophy. Heart and mind.

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    Interview with Seth Bolt

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    Take a Break and Recharge with Seth Bolt

    Take a Break and Recharge with Seth Bolt

    Our today’s guest is Seth Bolt, an author, builder, and the bass player for NeedToBreathe. Starting his entrepreneurship carrier at 16, his creative output led him to many realizations about business and life. Willing to share them, Seth is here to preach some wisdom on taking a break.

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    Success is predicated on work ethics instilled in us at very young age. Still, work ethics means very little if it is not directed, or intended, towards what matters to us. To build something of value means driving your intention towards a goal, your goal. Otherwise, with no intention in place, all you do is wallow in self-indulging busy-ness.

    To have intentionality stretches far beyond business value. It’s a life value. It’ll make your all you do authentic, make you stand our as who you are.

    Slow Down

    We live in the world of constant distraction where it is often challenging to process everything that happens during a day. Seth has a universal solution to the human drama of busy schedule – it’s called take your time./strong A bass player and a tree house builder in him complement beautifully, seeking retreat in tree houses from all distraction his daily schedule throw at him.

    Because that’s what nature time is – a retreat. Someone has, with our approval, robbed us of ourselves. We have confused daily tasks for life. It is high time we recognized it, and took back what’s ours. Putting your phones away and pay attention to nature is one way of doing it. This is not escapism; if anything it’s returning to who we really are instead of getting pulled by forces we cannot control./strong

    Manage Your Time Well

    A highly creative person, Seth emphasizes a distinction between creative TM and managerial TM. The two types operate on different schedules. Managers are more day-to-day, hour-to-hour, one task at the time types, while creatives aren’t all that time bound. They have fits of output, not steady flow. This is important to know if you have a creative on your team or are yourself one.

    Time management is definitely important, but best moments in life come when we lose track of it.

    Great time management means chunking out some time for rest and recharge.

    Welcome the Obstacles

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    A final piece of wisdom from Seth is not to avoid obstacles. Appreciate them rather, as growth points. Running into an obstacle means running into an opportunity to grow. Living a life or running a business, you will run into challenges either way. The mindset with which you approach them is what counts.

    And remember, take a long break.

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    BeYOUtiful – Beating Cancer Together with Matt Coulter

    BeYOUtiful – Beating Cancer Together with Matt Coulter

    Our today’s guest is Matt, the President of BeYoutiful a non-profit cancer support foundation. A self-motivated entrepreneur by admission, he is on a path to create something truly worth our universal admiration. Matt is here to remind us of the often overlooked importance of giving back to the community.

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    In today’s world it is no longer a guarantee that formal education will get you where you want to be unless you have the right mindset. No diploma will land you a dream job and opportunity today unless you push for it, passionately. Because you are what you create, not what is created for you.

    Mind Games

    Setting your mind on a path to success needs to be laden with the right motivation. No matter where you draw it from, the motivation needs to morph into a structure of set goals. Ask yourself what you want to achieve through this particular job.

    Look beyond the material. Chasing dollars for dollars’ sake will get you to that ‘now what’ moment where everything is empty. Look for that something that makes it worthwhile to get up in the morning. Financial status will inevitably come as the result of hard work directed by the true intrinsic reasons for it. Your own reasons.

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    The Beauty of Giving Back

    Matt has found his in the giving back space with his non-profit foundation. He has created a platform to actively improve lives of cancer patients and survivors, through active engagement of all who would help locally.

    Find Your Passion

    There are things money cannot buy. Passion, for instance, is one. Knowing what you are passionate about to the core, waking and sleeping, sets you on the right path. Giving back keeps you on it.

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    Overcoming Challenges with Jay Feldman

    Overcoming Challenges with Jay Feldman

    We have a special guest today, Jay Feldman, a man en route to becoming something big. Combining the final stages of medical school with running a business, he has a lot to teach us about managing our time. Listen in as we hear how Jay in the face of atrocity, managed to find the strength and get back on the right track.

    Overcoming Challenges

    Your personality and business self is shaped by many things, especially the horrible or challenging stuff that has happened. Those can really rock hard, but are also the valuable experience resources you can incorporate and gain control of. Jay’s prison time and his parent’s divorce only served to work even harder towards his goal.

    Hold Yourself Accountable

    A driven man, Jay is not a down-to-schedule type of guy. Yet, admittedly, you have to become one at least in part to keep all the projects afloat. Still, more important than sticking to schedule is sticking to your word. If you said you’ll do something, you better do it, or else hold yourself accountable. No apps will help you here, donating a failure dollar is hopeless, the accountability thing has to come from your deep inside.

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    Clear Your Head

    Success is not directly measurable by the amount of hard work we put in, but by how efficient we are. One thing Jay learned, he shares, is that for high productivity you need an outlet, an activity that will help you chase off the bad clouds from your brain. It’s gym for him, lifting the ever greater weights to clear his head and mark progress, both physical and mental. His other head-clearing activities include stretching, juice in the morning, volleyball, and travelling.

    Yes, There’s Time

    And it’s not true that you don’t have time for this stuff. A medical final year student, a CEO, Jay still do it all by parceling out the time wasted here, rising up 30 minutes earlier there. So yes, there’s always time.

    Final Pieces of Advice

    Don’t delay things. There’s no perfect starting point towards your goal. Ask yourself what’s the first move towards it and just do it.

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    Elissa Goodman – Cleansing and Nutrition Specialist

    Elissa Goodman – Cleansing and Nutrition Specialist


    On today’s show we have cleansing and nutrition specialist Elissa Goodman and her story on battling with cancer at an early age and conquering it through a specific diet but then losing her husband too soon also to cancer. She has the expertise and first hand experience that goes along with the saying “You are what you eat”.

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    Your thoughts are extremely powerful – they can affect you and your health negatively or positively. You get to choose. After Elissa lost her husband to cancer, she went back to school not set out to become a nutritionist but to save her family – to learn about PTSD and trauma and the various things that can alter not just our emotional and mental health but our physical health.

    Inside Out Mentality

    Often changing our outlook on life or mindset about certain topics is a lot harder than taking a handful of supplements or juicing daily but is so vital to your success and overall health as an entrepreneur.

    Optimize your immune system

    Juice on a regular basis fresh organic vegetables only at home and drink immediately. Leaving fruit out also means you are leaving sugars out of your juice.

    Simple juicing option: 

    * Celery – detoxes the liver + calms down the brain

    * Cucumber – detoxes the kidneys

    * Lemon – helps alkaline and detox the intestines

    * Ginger – anti-inflammatory

    * Parsley – great for cleansing heavy metals

    *option to rotate the greens with dandelion greens or arugula/romaine/spinach/kale etc

    Juices are like a liquid IV of vitamins and mineral which CLEANSE YOUR BLOOD

    Stress really creates havoc with our gut (and its micro-biome)

    Your gut is really crucial for your immunity and the ability to break your food down so it gets into your cellular level. Hence why juicing is so great as it goes directly into your bloodstream bypassing the process of your gut breaking down the food for you to gain the nutrients.

    Elissa also recommends the following to help boost and build your immunity system:

    * Eidon Zinc Liquid concentrate for immunity and protects your organs

    * SEED – probiotic just released

    * Sleep is so crucial for your overall health immunity along with staying hydrated.

    Toxicity in the Body

    Heavy metals, pesticides (your produce),viruses (mono, canker sores, herpes etc) can lay dormant in the organs with other toxins and when we become stressed, ill or our immune system is compromised.

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    Eating vegetables at every meal is really crucial and still incorporating fruit into your diet like berries which are antioxidants and will help lower inflammation. Burdock root and dandelion greens are great to help detoxing the gut and liver from toxins. Algae, turmeric, oregano oil and ginger are things that have been around forever and very powerful in helping detox your body from viral and fungal things.

    Want to feel better within a few days? 

    Eliminate gluten, sugar and diary from your diet and you will begin to see immediate results. Juicing 7 days, or buying a green powder and putting it into a smoothie (amazing grass), limiting your animal protein to once a day and watching your sugar intake while being mindful of what ingredients are in the foods you are eating.


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4.8 out of 5
82 Ratings

82 Ratings

Brooke Craven ,

Awesome Podcast!!

Dr. Issac, host of the Superhuman Entrepreneur podcast, highlights all aspects of personal development, business and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

SarahX727 ,

Excellent podcast

I can't believe I haven't left a review for this one yet…

I absolutely love the guys that put this show on. Energetic, happy, enthusiastic, well-informed... they are doctors that are actually are healing people through their interviews… For free! *mind blown*

I feel like this podcast is one of those signs that we're seeing the world make a magical shift for the better. We have actual doctors here that are healing people, for free, through their information.

incredible podcast. I love it, and I'm very very thankful for it ❤️

Snowwmman ,


This was a great podcast. Till the host decided being a pot head was good. I done good bye

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