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Each week the staff of SYFY WIRE present their case for what from the world of sci-fi, fantasy and horror won the week.


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Each week the staff of SYFY WIRE present their case for what from the world of sci-fi, fantasy and horror won the week.

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4.4 out of 5
70 Ratings

70 Ratings

Luke Cage Jr ,

Great show for Nerds

This is one of the better geek podcasts covering all the things I love. It’s fun to hear intelligent people discuss geek topics thoughtfully each week. My only criticism would be the “what won my week” segment to begin each podcast.( It’s devolved into a 30 min stand-up routine to kick off each episode; using the same joke). Other than that, It’s a must listen.

diegogon43 ,

The best

Karama, Dany and Adam bring the best in genre new each week. This is a must listen every Friday

Spacehistorian ,

3/31 Ep on Ghost in the Shell

I went to see Ghost in the Shell w/o knowing about the manga or animated orgin material. I try to avoid reading about a film before I see it. I did catch the headlines about the Whitewashing issue but I didn;t read up on it until after seeing the movie. I think ScarJo did one heck of a job of making the role of Major her own. She is underrated as an actress and apparently is getting heavy criticism for taking the role of Major which many people felt should have gone to an Asian actress.

Since I didn't have that baggage, I judged the movie based on what I saw on the screen. ScarJo sold me on her feelings of being disconnected from humanity and her physicality was robotic in the sense that she didn;t move with the fluid grace of a flesh & blood person. Her performance reminded me of Data on TNG in some ways. It was an interesting choice to make to differentiate herself from her human co-workers and other human characters in the film.

I also got the 5th Element/Blade Runner/Matrix vibe off of this film. I can see how humanity will eagerly embrace technological upgrades to better themselves. I know I would gladly get tech to upgrade my physical and mental abilities. We see the difference between the wealthy getting the top quality tech and the poor relying on making deals on the streets, alleys and dark buildings for questionable tech. So the question that runs through the film is what does it mean to be human? I think the most chilling moment in the film came when The Major tells Dr. Ouelet that she does not give her consent to the procedure. Dr. Ouelet tells her that they never needed her consent. An excellent example of the power of corporations/state to violate our civil liberties in pursuit of their goals.

I think it is a positive move for Hollywood to release a major Sci-Fi motion picture with a strong female lead. In a more perfect world, obviously the role would have gone to an Asian actress. Progress takes time and Hollywood is conservative in these areas. Also, the criticism of Batou in the club's bathroom comes from how you interpret the scene. I didn't get the feeling that Batou was having a Transphobic moment with his reation to the tall Geisha man using the urinal next to him. Batou was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get his gun slipped through the window from Ladriya. To me, that look was more "Aren't you finished yet?" rather than "OMG! That Geisha has a penis!" He needed the weapon so he could get into position to backup The Major during the op. Clearly, Batou had a deep affection for The Major.

I'd grade Ghost in the Machine at B+. That's the perspective of a middle-age White guy. Your mileage and perspective may vary.

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