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The Most Genuine Fly Fishing Podcast In The World.

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The Most Genuine Fly Fishing Podcast In The World.

    Episode 40 - Tailer Trash - "Celebrate Adventure"

    Episode 40 - Tailer Trash - "Celebrate Adventure"

    Load up with the Tailer Trash Fly Fishing crew for the first leg of their journey into 2020.

    Jamieson fills in while Marc is out west in Montana to fills us in on details of his recent travel and experiences in North Carolina and South Florida. His trip reminds us all of the value of spending for travel and adventure over gear.

    An idea for a more authentic style of fly fishing film festival is born, The Tailer Trash Fly Fishing Film Festival. "T2F4" (Stay Tuned for Details)

    Dates for the 2020 Tailer Trash Fly Fishing Dinghy Derby are announced. - April 4, 2020 Help us raise much needed funding for The Marine Discovery Center. https://www.marinediscoverycenter.org/

    The balance of the show is what you might expect, conservation news, opinions, fly line reviews and the usual useless information and stories.

    Thanks to Jamieson for growler of HollowtoberFest Pilsner. https://www.persimmonhollowbrewing.com/

    • 2 hr 43 min
    Tailer Trash - "A Beer With" - Episode 5 - Wes Hodges

    Tailer Trash - "A Beer With" - Episode 5 - Wes Hodges

    Grab a seat alongside Larry Littrell as he chats with Wes Hodges about what lead him to serve in the US Army's 82nd Airborne, his transition back to civilian life and his decision to become a fly fishing guide in Virginia. Wes shares whats been happening in his life in the New River Valley and how his business is growing beyond being a fly guide.

    They sat down recently in East Tennessee, had a few beers, shared some laughs and spent a rainy day inside; talking manly stuff.

    Find out more or book a trip here: https://wesleyhodgesflyfishing.com/

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Episode 39 - Tailer Trash - "Walking a Thin Brown Line"

    Episode 39 - Tailer Trash - "Walking a Thin Brown Line"

    With Marc and Larry out of town we are joined around the oak by our old friend Jimmy Davis. Ted and Andrew share about their latest fishing adventure, we talk about the "Great Loop", share some sketchy fishing stories and to top it off we all share our New Years Resolutions. Grab a beer, kick back and enjoy.

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 38 - Tailer Trash - "Territorial Governance"

    Episode 38 - Tailer Trash - "Territorial Governance"

    The band is back together for Episode 38 of Tailer Trash Fly Fishing, the final installment of 2019. Fueled by street tacos and beer, the boys recount recent fishing trips, discuss the silliness of territorial limits placed on fly shops as well as the usual nonsense you've come to love about life in the Tailer Park.

    • 2 hr 30 min
    Episode 37 - Tailer Trash - "Whiskey On The Table"

    Episode 37 - Tailer Trash - "Whiskey On The Table"

    OG Podcast Member, Andrew Gilbert was back in town with his camera and a bottle of bourbon for the weekend. Fresh off a recent work engagement and a trip to the Lowcountry, we spend an evening talking about art, photography, fly fishing, and a slew of other nonsense you've come to expect. Marc, Ben & Larry add a bit of color commentary to the roving conversation that touches on dock fishing etiquette & gender equality in fly fishing among other things...

    • 2 hr 1 min
    Episode 36 - Tailer Trash - "Friendsgiving"

    Episode 36 - Tailer Trash - "Friendsgiving"

    High on smoked turkey and pumpkin treats, Marc, Ben & Larry catch up on whats been happening in the world of fly fishing over the past couple of weeks. Caution: Actual fly fishing content! The Mail Barge visits and makes a delivery from locations west of the Mississippi River.

    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

Jacob Cole ,

Amazingly, Genuinely, Kind of About Fly Fishing

Really enjoy listening to this podcast that is honest, genuine, and has really fun conversations. And oh yeah, it generally revolves around fly fishing. Love how they balance talking about life and such as well as fly fishing, not 100% fish talk. Keep up the great work y’all!

Walpy207 ,

Uncle Larry, Cousin Carl and the boys

Refreshing, lots of BS (the good kind).. real genuine talk. Not every other post starts with #Ad and it’s very much appreciated.

Good talk, minimal filters, couple fish, probably deeecent wings, and some wobble pops.

Thecornfam ,

Another great show

Way to boys! Hope Carl was able to listen from jail! Hey Larry don’t forget that kayaks are the OG micro skiff..!!!

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