Take Tiny Action Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

KB70001 ,

Just right …

I love listening to romance Audio books on my little walks but recently decided for every romance novel I finish…. I then have to throw in a self help book or podcast as well. (All about balance right :-) I came across Monique’s podcast and honestly she had me at the word Tiny. Especially with such a big world of self help tips and and tricks out there, giving me tiny doses and actions to chew on, hits the spot.

Snowgirl1 ,

Inspired to take action!

I love this podcast! Monique’s practical tips give you just what you need to hear to take step one. She has an approachable and relaxing style that puts all your fears to rest.

Kmelodies ,

Know my numbers

I have a round about idea what I owe but now I see the value in knowing the exact number and delegating each dollar to its task.

Bocasup ,

Conspire to Inspire yourself and those you know…

Monique gifts you practical tools to inspire yourself and those around you in each episode.
She has a way of making the difficult seem easy by braking down large tasks…into bite size things we all have the power to take on with more ease.
She’s help me build 3 businesses in 12 years and I’m incredibly grateful for the energy, free content, journals and books she has created with love to help me (us all) build dreams.

bro nickname ,

Just What I Needed!

We all have our moments when the world is giving us more than we can handle and finding the time to work toward certain goals never makes it on the agenda. This podcast broke down everything I was overlooking while “trying” to accomplish some life goals. We don’t get a meal and swallow it whole, so how can we expect to reach a goal without first breaking it down into more “bite sized” pieces. I urge you to give this podcast a listen, it might change your life.

Algie H. ,

Self-improvement that doesn’t overwhelm.

Take Tiny Action’s makes improving your daily life as simple as tying your shoe. I often struggle with anxiety but this easy to listen to podcast makes the next step seem within reach.

J.Atthowe ,

Tiny Action Taker

Bite sized productivity that help us reach our goals - it’s exactly what I need in my life. Thank you Monique for sharing your wisdom with us all!