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Providing birth education to empowered women everywhere. It's time to take back birth.

Taking Back Birth Maryn Green

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Providing birth education to empowered women everywhere. It's time to take back birth.

    Burying My Placenta with My Soul Sister

    Burying My Placenta with My Soul Sister

    One of my besties and former client Christina is back! She’s chatted with me twice on other podcasts (2 of her birth stories) but this time we talk about the ritual of placenta burial. We had the gift of doing this together recently, and like many things, it felt way deeper than we imagined it would be! Listen in for what our experience was like, and why giving our blood/placentas back to the Earth may be an awesome thing to consider.

    • 35 min
    Is the Community Midwife Dead or is the Community Dead?

    Is the Community Midwife Dead or is the Community Dead?

    I’ve asked myself the community midwife question before but as I ponder what community actually is to me, or what I would want it to be, I feel like maybe the issue lies in the community.

    Midwifery is mostly fine! Women know how to take care of women, but it feels like we don’t generally know how to take care of our families, and larger groups of people that can support each other.

    In going to a new place soon, I wonder whether the community will be strong and whether the community midwife (as an archetype) will be valued or if it will be the same old thing. I don’t have any answers, but lots of questions and am excited to slowly discover what’s next.

    • 47 min
    The Mother Wound

    The Mother Wound

    I talk with my amazing kindred sister friend Devon Battaglia on this episode! You’ll hear how we met and connected, but one of the topics that she’s written about captured my attention. Whether it’s birth or mothering or just being a woman, most of us can identify with “not being enough”. Listen to this juicy talk around the “mother wound” and feminine shame and more. I know you will hear JUST what you needed to hear with the wisdom and stories that Devon shares.

    Also, Devon will be contributing some serious flower essence wisdom teachings through my upcoming Witchery 101 course! A great reason to join us there.


    Her “Mother Wound” article:


    Devon’s Flower Essences:


    Devon’s “Yoni Exploratory” Course:


    • 51 min
    A Trip Down (Birthy) Memory Lane – and Our Location Revealed!

    A Trip Down (Birthy) Memory Lane – and Our Location Revealed!

    Ah, packing up a house! I stumbled upon notebooks and journals, all from past (in person) midwifery events of the last 15 years. It was so fun reading through conference sessions I had attended, and I wanted to share some of the brilliant teaching highlights with you from masters like Michel Odent, Marsden Wagner, Gail Hart, Lisa Barrett and more (and extra motivation if you don’t even know who some of those folks are!).

    I was reminded myself of some golden nuggets of midwifery teachings and also it was just a trip down memory lane to reflect on each live event I went to and where it was and who I met. It’s been a long time in birth, and I am so grateful!

    Also, I start the podcast with a location reveal and a shout out to anyone in that area of the country to get in touch! We are so excited to experience something new and make new connections and community. I can’t believe the search is over, and that it all unfolded so beautifully and perfectly in the end.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Witchery 101 – and Thoughts About the World

    Witchery 101 – and Thoughts About the World

    How do these two topics go together? They do! I want to share my perspective on MY reality of this virus thing and how ultimately, we need to choose each step of the way how we want to respond.

    Best way to do that? Get in touch with your own innate power and let your soul light the way. Sound too idealistic? Take a listen and let me know if you resonate with this.

    (And if you enroll in my new Witchery 101 class, let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to learn!). I can’t wait to share this new offering with you:


    • 43 min
    Redefining Midwifery – Part 1

    Redefining Midwifery – Part 1

    After a moving update and a post-vacation summary, I’m back! I’m calling this “part 1” because I know there will be more ideas and a creative plan that come to be eventually as we settle down in our lives and I get back to birth work.

    As I share, this is the “burn it down” phase! I know what I want to change and what has not been working for me, so I ask you to reconsider too what your heart is telling you and what “midwifery” might mean to you.

    I have some ideas, and look forward to sharing more about all of this as it evolves and grows. I want and need to do this work in a way that feels more soul-led and aligned to me, and I am guessing many of you feel the same. If it’s broke, you don’t just fix it, you make something new.

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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
201 Ratings

201 Ratings

Amon E. K. ,


Sooo good. Every episode is fascinating & soul-opening! Refreshing and grounding… just the voice on woman-and-motherhood-centered-spirituality (and practicality!) I’ve been searching for. Indie Birth is such a fertile & thorough resource, not just for birth workers, or mothers, or even just women…. But really for all humans interested in deepening their human experience. Radical, definitely. Thank you :)

Samthelistener ,


I love so many of these podcasts episodes but “test or not to test” is really speaking to me in my current moment in time. After a miscarriage, I feel called to be in a state of surrender and trust. The two week wait will end in the next couple of days but it has been a challenging time for me. I woke up with swollen feet the day after I ovulated in the cycle immediately following the loss and I feel a sense of knowing I’m pregnant. I have wanted to test for the past week but I feel as though baby is asking for me to allow more uncertainty and do less planning or trying to predict. The podcast episode helped normalize those urges and feelings that were coming up while waiting. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your truth in this journey!

LDSangelica ,

Bad energy

Maryn has a lot going on and she cannot truly be at peace. Unfortunately her vibes are becoming unbearable. With all due respect, regarding Covid-19 precautions: You say that people are living in fear because they wear a mask and willing to sign up for a poison shot aka vaccine. But I think you are the one living in fear after all.

I can also argue that I am not afraid of the vaccine because bodies are resilient. I can also argue that I am not afraid of my own health because my body has fought and can fight COVID but I do care for the health of those at greater risk of suffering greater complications and even death. That is having real compassion and practicing it, my friend.

Maybe there are other areas of your life and in your past, where your fear has manifested. I am so certainly glad that you have found a new home for your family. I truly wish you the best Maryn and just really hope that you can sort out your fears.

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