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The latest and greatest about all things TV from Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee.

Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee

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The latest and greatest about all things TV from Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee.

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4.2 out of 5
138 Ratings

138 Ratings

ssoozee ,

New listener

These two are so fun and interesting and knowledgeable. New fan of the show and of this duo! Hoping they can do the show more often in 2018. They’re great!

Alex from New York City ,

Fan since 2011

I love these two so much-- their takes on TV are always incisive and they bounce off each other with just the right amount of disagreement to keep things interesting. I feel bad I haven't reviewed it until now! Keep making episodes guys-- I miss you.

Hanna Martin ,

Not much attention to detail or background prep

I was hoping to find a podcast that gave an in depth and meaningful analysis of 13 Reasons Why because of the potentially devastating impact it could have on teens as it is gains more and more popularity. I was disappointed in the lack of understanding the hosts had about mental illness and the difference between being sad, hurt, lonely etc and having depression and think it is important that reviewers make sure they are well read on the topic if it is as critically important not only to the content they are reviewing but also to the viewers and listeners.
Mo was most definitely more prepared and knowledgeable than Ryan. So to the commenters that say "she talks too much", you're being sexist and obtuse. She doesn't just 'ramble on' as a commenter suggested, her analyses are on topic and substantive which is exactly what a host should be.

I was also disappointed in the lack of attention to detail. Mixing up what things happened to which characters or just straight up not recalling a scene is extremely frustrating as a listener because you can't have accurate analysis/meaningful discussion if key details are incorrect. As a listener you're left screaming at the speaker trying to correct the mistake as the conversation gets more and more derailed and just hope it won't carry on into the next topic.

I enjoyed Mo and Ryan's rapport and listening to the way they discuss with one another. Unfortunately the conversation was far too often based on incorrect details to be enjoyable.

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