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Tania is a black woman who grew up in an all white suburb who became an actress, Antiracism Educator and pop culture enthusiast. This podcast focuses on the intersection of culture, pop culture and race by using what is happening in in the world to teach listeners how to be an antiracist and celebrate the Black experience.

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Tania is a black woman who grew up in an all white suburb who became an actress, Antiracism Educator and pop culture enthusiast. This podcast focuses on the intersection of culture, pop culture and race by using what is happening in in the world to teach listeners how to be an antiracist and celebrate the Black experience.

    Black Woman, Gay Man; Main Character Energy

    Black Woman, Gay Man; Main Character Energy

    There is so much in this episode it's best to share the topics covered:

    Beyonce, Barbara Streisand, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, iconography, what makes an icon?, Peter Frechette, theatre, writing, playwriting, inclusion, BIPOC, LGBTQIA plus representation in theatre and film, tropes, writing hacks that use marginalized characters as devices to make white, cisgender, heteronormative characters more interesting or forgivable, being ones authentic self, why gay people can play straight but straight people shouldn't play gay, BIPOC and LGBTQIA plus supporting characters who we want to see with their own shows, agency, what we will no longer do as artists, advice to writers who want to write for characters from marginalized groups and the future of theatre. Tania and Mitchell also discuss a play they both were in where the gay and Black characters are misused and misrepresented, plus in a moment of healing, Tania shares for the first time an experience she had doing a play that was full of micro-aggressions that created a hostile work environment. This whole discussion serves as a cautionary tale for storytellers across all genres moving forward.

    Mitchell J. Fain is an actor and activist with 30 years of experience in theatre, improvisation, circus performance and teaching. He is the cohost of The Queer View with Alexandra Billings. His credits include The Santa Land Diaries, The Red Line, Into the Breeches, Midnight Circus and more. 

    Here are a few quotes from the episode:

    "We are not tropes and our lives are huge...Just because you're not invited to the gay club or barbecue doesn't mean it doesn't happen." Mitchell J. Fain

    "Don't desex me. Sex isn't just about sex. Since sex is the one thing that everyone thinks separates queer people from straight people, then you don't get to take it away from me. Don't take away the fullness of an existence." Mitchell J. Fain 

    "You don't get to control my narrative." Tania Richard

    "I will only show up as my full, authentic self." Tania Richard

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    The Queer View  with Mitchell J. Fain and Alexandra Billings


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    Avenging Nell Carter

    Avenging Nell Carter

    "To celebrate, honor and AVENGE Nell Carter." That is Tania's mission in this bonus episode of Tania's Take. Tania and her guest Steven Strafford discuss Ms. Carter's genius. They talk about her sitcom Gimme A Break, her amazing performances across genres and consider why she has never received the flowers she deserves. They also talk about being performers, the science of comedy, falling in love with theatre and performance during their formative years, addiction, race, body image and a performance of Nell Carter's at the 1992 Golden Globes that Tania is determined to avenge. Yes, the words "F*** Michelle Pfeiffer" are spoken. Twice. Find out why. Tania shares a regret that she has related to Nell Carter and a revelation. AND there's even some valuable take aways on how to be an antiracist and how to challenge your bias. 

    08:45 old school comedy

    16:38 our talk about Nell kicks off  

    32:15 Nell's career trajectory that led to Gimme A Break

    40:59 The Golden Globes story

    58:57 how to be inclusive and unbiased

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    Steve Strafford mentions his solo show Methtacular. Here is the link www.methtacular.com/show/

    Twitter @stevenstrafford

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Hiatus, Baby!

    Hiatus, Baby!

    Tania shares her reasons for going on hiatus with the podcast. She has a message for BIPOC activists and a call to action for accomplices who are ready to take it to the next level of antiracism. What are her thoughts on the Derek Chauvin verdict? What revelation did she have after the murder of Ma'Khia Bryant? What inspirational quote does she share with listeners and what does she have coming up? All that in under 15 minutes!

    Tania will stay active on Instagram @taniastake

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    How to live a diverse, inclusive, intersectional life

    How to live a diverse, inclusive, intersectional life

    Tania speaks with Chelsea Devantez a comedian and podcaster who is also the head writer for Jon Stewart's new show on Apple TV. Chelsea's podcast is The Celebrity Book Club Podcast . She has a diverse set of authors and guests on the show and created a submission process for hiring Jon Stewart's writing staff that removed obstacles and broadened the net. We talk about how Chelsea is inclusive, intersectional in her life and work and we break down how she does it so listeners can apply actionable items to do the same. We need to be the change we want to see in the world and this episode gives you steps for your antiracist journey. 

    @18:48 bursting bubbles to create inclusion

    @26:14 personal stories as the key to intersectional understanding

    @30:43 being open to feedback

    @36:19 on comedy; pushing boundaries while respecting others

    @40 removing obstacles: The submission process for Jon Stewart's new show


    • 47 min
    Two Daughters of Haiti

    Two Daughters of Haiti

    Tania wants to learn more about her mother and Haitian culture so she speaks with childhood family friend and founder of Daughters of Haiti-Chicago Cyndee Newman. Their mothers were friends and in some ways Tania feels Cyndee got to see sides of her mother that she didn't. The women talk about Haitian pride, food, history, resilience and being 2nd generation. They examine how to pass Haitian culture and identity to their children and the importance of knowing where you came from and who your people are. It's never too late to grab back the reigns of your history.

    @00:10  A love letter to my mother Dr. Edna Richard

    @11:56 The Haitian approach to living

    @17:56  Haiti's rich culture and history

    @19:54 Haitian American vs. African American 

    @24:09 Learn about Daughter of Haiti-Chicago 

    @29:50 Tania wants to be a debutante

    Join Daughters of Haiti's Bold, Beautiful and Black: A celebration on March 28th at 6p CST

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    Meghan, Harry, The Bachelor and Sharon Osbourne at the intersection of pop culture and race 2021

    Meghan, Harry, The Bachelor and Sharon Osbourne at the intersection of pop culture and race 2021

    Tania is pulling a Beyonce and "dropping" a surprise episode cuz there's just too much going on in pop culture about race for her not to comment. She addresses the controversy around the Meghan and Harry Oprah Interview (TW: Suicide), the latest updates on The Bachelor franchise including their decision to television a conversation that should never made it on air and she talks about the Master Class on white tears gaslighting gave displayed on the daytime talk show The Talk. All of the events are classic examples of what not to do if you want to be an anti-racist. 

    @2:02 Tania gives the latest on The Bachelor and why they should have never aired a conversations between Matt James and his Dad

    @8:16 A message to organizations who are hiring Diversity and Inclusion Consultants

    @10:22 Why don't have to accept an apology

    @13:02 Meghan and Harry: a major takeaway and why Tania doesn't think Harry is a hero

    @22:04 The Talk, white tears and the dynamic that happens everywhere between white women and Black women

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    • 34 min

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4.9 out of 5
44 Ratings

44 Ratings

ascro7 ,


Tania is fiercely dedicated to antiracism work, her insight has been a guiding force in my own antiracism work and I look forward to her nuggets of wisdom with each conversation and post ❤️

nisiea17 ,

Refreshing and smart!

Tania gives you levity and enlightenment with each episode. I’ve learned and grown so much from this content. Thanks Tania!

Jblack 67 ,

Everyone needs to listen up

This podcast hits the nail in the head!!

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