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A radio show about people who make radio, hosted by Mooj Zadie and Mickey Capper.

Tape Tape

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A radio show about people who make radio, hosted by Mooj Zadie and Mickey Capper.

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4.8 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

RoseEReid ,

Beautiful, Candid, & Personal

Mooj is the type of rare interviewer that initiates intimacy with his guests in a way that is a true pleasure for the listener. He asks questions that lead to unexpected places and emotion for all participants. He takes risks and in the most respectful way - there are holds barred! A wonderful listen AND excellent for learning or refining skills and passion for this craft.

Badger08 ,


Great because it goes into so much detail -- very helpful for those of us who are learning this craft.

oxenfree ,

I'm disappointed to BE disappointed

Hi guys. I want to say that when I found your show I was so excited.
Radio is my passion. I listen, I produce. And here you are, youngins in the field (like me!) interviewing the Greats one-on-one.
Your show has a recipe for success. Great subjects, sound quality, tight production. You clearly do your research, which I respect.
But often your interviews make me feel uncomfortable. Your questions are all over the place- too brainy, maybe. Maybe you assume too much going in. Or you get star struck. Or something... because I'm hearing that your subject has to put in too much work to respond to your questions. You struggle to make a connection. And when you're talking to professional talkers, that signals a problem.
Maybe you can work on your style. Loosen up a little. Or just interview everyone in your life till you get more natural. After all, there's no substitute for practice. Try deep listening (a la Pauline Oliveros), or an oral history approach (ask easy questions!)
My review here is intended as constructive criticism. Because I really, really want your show to be as great as it could be.
Liv Hardy

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