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Traveler tattoo artist Stef Bastiàn sits down with some of the most significant and influential tattooers around the globe. Their experience and insights can entertain, educate and inspire a whole new generations of tattooers worldwide.


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Traveler tattoo artist Stef Bastiàn sits down with some of the most significant and influential tattooers around the globe. Their experience and insights can entertain, educate and inspire a whole new generations of tattooers worldwide.

    55. HORITEN - Living by the Bushido

    55. HORITEN - Living by the Bushido

    Horiten the 1st is a female traditional tattooer from Nara, Japan. In this honest and enlightening talk she shed some light on what creates authentic Irezumi, the qualities that can help in this path and the value of Horikyo’s legacy.
    Her words are a beautiful manifesto about the way art relates to the core identity of the culture that produced it.
    Big thanks to Maur Tattooing for creating the connection.
    You can follow Horiten on Instagram and get more information on horiten.net
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    54. ZAC SCHEINBAUM - The magic of books

    54. ZAC SCHEINBAUM - The magic of books

    I love Zac. We met years ago during one of his guest spots and I remember him having the same qualities that characterize him today: well articulate, talented, dedicated, always trying to make every word count. The difference between then and now is that, apart from increasing even more his artistic abilities and experience, he created a publishing company that is a reference in the tattoo world: AFTERLIFE PRESS. 
    Beautiful books that showcase some of the most influential contemporary artists while sharing the art and philosophy behind these accomplished professionals. All done with exquisite taste and visionary curation. 
    If you want to not only support true quality and dedication but also learn from the very best, these are the books you need.
    Today Zac shared with us his upbringing and what it takes to create something so significant, an example to follow.
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    Your host Stef Bastiàn

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    53. BIG MEAS - Lettering and work ethic

    53. BIG MEAS - Lettering and work ethic

    What makes up a successful career? It takes vision, courage, confidence and a few more ingredients. Today Big Meas, a global reference in the world of lettering, shares with us what brought him where he is today. He talks about the importance of cultivating not only the tecnical aspect but also, and perhaps more importantly, the human connection.
    You can find Big Meas on Instagram and at bigmeas.com
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    52. CREZ - Japanese tattooing

    52. CREZ - Japanese tattooing

    With 30 years of tattooing under his belt and an intimate knowledge of Japanese culture, Crez is a reference in Italy for Japanese tattooing. 
    What I like about him the most, beside his expertise, is his genuine honesty and coherence, uncommon values that I personally treasure.
    In this cozy December afternoon we talked about what shaped him into the man he’s today; ethics within tattooing; how to hone your skills; the necessity of critical thinking and feedback; the importance of being open to progress. 
    The voice of people like Crez carries the weight of lived experiences, I hope you might find his words as inspiring as I did.
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    51. CLAUDIA DE SABE - The fight is within

    51. CLAUDIA DE SABE - The fight is within

    It’s been a privilege to sit down with Claudia De Sabe in this beautiful autumn afternoon to listen to her story and pick her brain on her own process. Over the course of this interview we learn how the beautiful work we all love her for is second only to her mindset. Unweavering work ethic, resolve and dedication are the foundations of her success, the same stuff greatness is made of. 
    Recorded once again Live at the Kaiserstadt convention in Aachen, I’d like to personally thank Andreas Coenen for putting together my favourite show on the planet. 
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    Aachen Tattoo Convention

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    50. SWASTHIK IYENGAR - Indian tradition meets western tattooing

    50. SWASTHIK IYENGAR - Indian tradition meets western tattooing

    I’m really happy to have had the chance to chat with Swasthik, she is such a beautiful presence in the tattoo world. Known as gunga_ma, for Swasthik tattooing runs deep in her blood. Her grandma, called Paccai Kutta Ma (tattoo mama), has been sticking and poking tattoos for over 40 years. Together with the spiritual practice she inherited growing up, she has been exposed from a young age to sacred symbols and rituals that reflects into her own art.
    I admire her work not only for the craftsmanship, creativity and dedication behind it but also and especially for the spirit with which she infuses it. A strong work ethic where the personal relationship with customers is a priority and gratitude is foundation on which her work stands.
    In the last years she has been progressively reconnecting more with her roots, especially the warrior women of the First Nation. In her words: “The women who bless me, guide me, show me strength. In our tradition, Women are Devi, women carry life, carry pain, carry compassion and carry wisdom.”
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4.8 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

jonFrias ,

Golden eagles

I’m very new to getting tattooed, and this pod is all I need to learn about the history and all of the greats. Cheers!

d2fan ,

Stef Bastian is a gem

As a listener and one of the guests on his show, Stef Bastian is one of those tattooers who is always giving back more than he takes from tattooing. This podcast is like a tomb of wisdom, experience and history all in one. All tattoo apprenticeships should make listening to every episode a mandatory requirement.

Nobletruth8 ,

Stories Stories Stories

As someone who is sitting in the chair rather than holding the machine I too enjoy listening to Tattoo Tales. Preferably hearing the stories of the older gents and how they were introduced to tattooing. Being from Cincinnati I truly enjoyed the Dana Brunson episode.

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