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    Ep 3. TeamGLEAS 101 - Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered in 20 Minutes

    Ep 3. TeamGLEAS 101 - Our Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered in 20 Minutes

    On this episode of TeamGLEAS RADIO, Founder Lindsey Gleason spends 20 minutes answering the most frequently asked questions we receive from new recruits.

    Questions include:
    1. What is the TG Experience?
    2. Why haven't I heard about it before?
    3. Who is TG for?
    4. Can I still compete even though I've used up my NCAA eligibility?
    5. What sports can I play?
    6. Does working with TG violate NCAA rules?
    7. How do college sports in the UK differ from in the US?
    8. What can I study?
    9. Will a degree from a TG partner institution transfer to the states?
    10. Why does a masters degree in the UK only take one year?
    11. What is the average total cost of pursuing the TG Experience and how do I pay for it?
    12. Are scholarships available?
    13. Why are TG services free?
    14. Why should I work with TG?
    15. How so I become a TG student-athlete?

    To sign up for free on our website, visit: https://teamgleas.com/accounts/signup

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    Ep. 1 TG Alumni, JD Robson

    Ep. 1 TG Alumni, JD Robson

    WE'RE STARTING A PODCAST! On our very first episode of TEAMGLEAS RADIO, we interview TG alumni, JD Robson. JD headed to England in 2014 when he enrolled at Leeds Beckett University to earn his MA in Sport Business and play for the men's basketball team. JD covers 99.9% of the concerns new athletes experience when considering TeamGLEAS for themselves, which makes him the PERFECT first podcast guest.
    Some questions asked: How did you hear about TeamGLEAS? What were your initial reactions when you first heard about the opportunity? How did your support circle respond when you told them about TG? What were your biggest fears when moving to England? What's your favorite travel story? What are your three biggest takeaways from living abroad for one year? What advice would you have for anyone considering TeamGLEAS for themselves?

    Degree translator tool: spantran.com/naces Questions for JD? Feel free to email him at jamesdeanrobson.com.

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    Ep. 2 TG Alumni, Mariah Cameron

    Ep. 2 TG Alumni, Mariah Cameron

    On our second episode of TEAMGLEAS RADIO, we interview TG Alumni, Mariah Cameron. Mariah headed to England in 2014 when she enrolled at the University of Nottingham to earn her masters in Counseling and play for the women's soccer team. When her masters program came to an end, she was nowhere near ready to move back home or end her playing career, so she worked her ass off to land a professional contract in Europe. Today, you can find Mariah living the dream in Lugano, Switzerland where her professional women's soccer club is located.

    Some topics covered during this episode: How she heard about TG, what her initial reaction was to TG, how her support circle reacted to the news that she'd be moving to England for 2 years, differences between the collegiate sports culture and higher education systems between the US and UK, her favorite travel stories, how to survive a distance relationship overseas, her biggest takeaways from spending the last 4 years in Europe, what advice she has for anyone considering TeamGLEAS for themselves, and much, much more.

    Episode resources:

    Come see us and connect in person with representatives from TeamGLEAS partner universities at our very first International Sports Grad School Fair in Buffalo, New York on Sunday, April 29th. Event details: teamgleas2018.eventbrite.com

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