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A tech-focused F1 podcast hosted by @NaturalParadigm, @dr_obbs, and @mollym_o

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A tech-focused F1 podcast hosted by @NaturalParadigm, @dr_obbs, and @mollym_o

    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep. 19 (Monaco Tech Recap + Spanish GP Preview)

    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep. 19 (Monaco Tech Recap + Spanish GP Preview)

    Welcome back to the Tech Heads F1 Podcast. Firstly a word of apology. This episode was recorded under an ambitious schedule with the intention of being released during the Spanish GP weekend, but was pushed back due to the extremely busy nature of the race build up and the Grand Prix itself. Nevertheless, the Tech Heads team had a fantastic conversation about the Monaco GP race weekend and the tech developments revealed by crashes, as well as covering the Indy500 and the track changes for Spain. One benefit of a late episode is knowing if our pre-race predictions were right! (hint, about Ferrari they were). Please enjoy this latest episode, and we will cover technical developments from the Spanish GP in Episode 20.

    Time Codes:

    (00:00:00) - Start

    (00:01:10) - Yellow Flag Scare in F2 Race

    (00:03:20) - Monaco Qualifying

    (00:06:18) - Monaco Race

    (00:09:54) - Monaco Technical Upgrades

    (00:12:22) - Mercedes W14B Upgrade

    (00:19:58) - Monaco Floor Parade

    (00:32:06) - Negative Rake & Analyzing Plank Wear

    (00:42:31) - Spain Circuit Changes

    (00:50:15) - Indy500 & Kirkwood Crash

    (00:55:14) - Speedy Recovery Stef Wilson

    (00:59:27) - Listener Questions


    Bryson Sullivan (@NaturalParadigm)

    Dr. Obbs (@dr_obbs)

    Molly O. (@mollym_o)

    Tech Heads F1 Socials:

    Twitter: @TechHeadsF1

    Instagram: @TechHeadsF1

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    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep. 18 (JR Hildebrand)

    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep. 18 (JR Hildebrand)

    Welcome back to the Tech Heads F1 Podcast. This week we are joined by IndyCar driver, STEM advocate, and all around interesting character, JR Hildebrand. JR has driven everything under the sun from IndyCars to F1 cars, competitive drift machines, Pike's Peak cars, rally cars, and even land speed record machines at the Bonneville Salt Flats. JR is the host of The Race IndyCar Podcast, and adjunct lecturer at Stanford University, and an advocate for STEM education using motorsports as a way to teach students about engineering and science. Based on years of first hand experience, JR gives unique insights into aerodynamic development in spec racing series and what it takes to drive a race car at 240 mph. He also gives his thoughts on the dramatic qualifying from the Miami GP and what F1 can learn from IndyCar (and vice versa). We think this was a great episode, we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!

    Time Codes:

    (00:00) Intro

    (01:37) Welcome JR and Motorsport Background

    (03:54) JR's Force India Test

    (08:34) Miami GP Qualifying Reaction

    (11:29) Driver-to-Driver: Absolute Commitment

    (19:38) Most Memorable Racing Experience? (Pike's Peak & Bonneville)

    (27:47) Biggest Misconceptions About Non-F1 Racing Series

    (35:29) Philosophy of Motorsport (Designing Regulations)

    (39:55) Adopting IndyCar Compound Rules in F1

    (46:35) P2P vs DRS & Red Flag Rules

    (51:08) The Shadow Development Wars

    (58:31) Aero Development In Spec Series

    (01:03:06) Wall Proximity Aerodynamics

    (01:07:16) The Four Corners of IMS Are Not Identical

    (01:10:12) Aero Preview of the Indy500 (New Parts for 2023)

    The Race IndyCar Podcast:



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    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep.17 (@ScarbsTech)

    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep.17 (@ScarbsTech)

    Welcome back to the Tech Heads F1 Podcast! F1 Spring Break is nearly over as we enter a stretch of five races in six weekends, starting with the always entertaining Azerbaijan GP. The week we're once again joined by F1 Tech expert Craig Scarborough, aka @ScarbsTech. If you are (somehow) unfamilar with Craig's work, he is a prolific freelance journalist/illustrator with extensive knowledge of Formula 1 technology gained over decades of experience in the sport. He can regularly be found answering technical questions on Twitter and Instagram, presenting his analysis on F1TV Tech Talk, or writing articles for Race Tech Magazine. This week we cover a range of topics including the (electric) future of wheel guns, surprise F1 Tech stories of 2023, why suspension has once again become critical in the new ground effect era, and how well teams managed the 2023 floor changes. We also discuss the evolution of Red Flag use in F1, MotoGP Tech, and Craig's most prized item from his collection of F1 memorabilia (hint: it's currently being displayed at the F1 Exhibition). This was an extremely enjoyable conversation, thanks again Scarbs for stopping by to chat!

    Welcome Back Scarbs! - (1:17)

    Electric Wheel Guns & Net Zero 2030 - (2:00)

    Biggest Technical Surprises of 2022/2023 - (4:10)

    How Teams Managed The 2023 Floor Changes - (6:28)

    What Explains The Renewed Interest in Suspension Design? - (9:04)

    Red Bull's Triple DRS - Debunked? - (11:28)

    Technical and Safety Considerations for Red Flags - (15:34)

    Key Upgrade Areas for 2023 (and Beyond) - (21:53)

    Technical Shake-up at Mercedes - (25:11)

    MotoGP Tech Insight - (28:57)

    Listener Questions for Scarbs - (33:40)


    Bryson Sullivan (@NaturalParadigm)

    Dr Obbs. (@dr_obbs)

    Molly O. (@mollym_o)

    Invited Guest:

    Craig Scarborough (@ScarbsTech)


    Red Bull Zero Gravity Pitstop w/ Electric Wheel Guns:


    Mark Urban Video on Red Flags in F1


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    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep.16 (@F1DataAnalysis)

    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep.16 (@F1DataAnalysis)

    What do we do to pass time during the F1 Spring Break? How about a special feature-length episode of Tech Heads F1! We are very happy to welcome back our first repeat guest (and friend of the podcast) Mirco Bartolozzi, better known as @F1DataAnalysis. Mirco has been extremely busy since we last spoke on Ep. 6, his impressive analysis of F1 telemetry has exploded in popularity with over 120K followers on Twitter and a further 31K on Instagram and other social media platforms. Mirco's work has been cited by journalists, pundits, and even the occasional ex-F1 race engineer. This episode is jam-packed with a great conversation, including Mirco's thoughts on the 2023 F1 season so far, the analysis behind some of his most notable calculations (e.g. DRS effectiveness), and unraveling a major factor in Red Bull's early success in the new era of F1. We also take a look back at Fernando Alonso's infamous driving technique at Renault, thermal cameras in F1, and answer several of your listener questions. We hope Mirco can join us again in the near future, for now please enjoy our latest episode!

    Time Codes:

    Welcome Back @F1DataAnalysis - (1:37)

    Four DRS Zones & The Melee Down Under - (3:27)

    Wheel Rims/Debris Escaping Catchfencing - (9:21)

    Low Sun Angle Effects: Safety & Performance - (14:28)

    Thermal Cameras in F1 - (18:39)

    Full Detail on DRS Effectiveness Calculations - (20:29)

    RB19 Anti-Dive Suspension, Theory & Application - (29:01)

    Speculating on Red Bull's Reliability Concerns - (38:27)

    Using Maximum/Minimum Speed Heat Maps To Study Driving Styles - (42:02)

    Alonso's Famous Driving Technique at Renault - (47:18)

    New Plots For Visualizing Acceleration - (56:01)

    Listener Questions - (1:00:28)

    Where To Find Mirco - (1:31:47)


    Bryson Sullivan (@NaturalParadigm)

    Dr. Obbs (@dr_obbs)

    Molly (@mollym_o)

    Invited Guest:

    Mirco Bartolozzi (@F1DataAnalysis)


    Amazing Thermal Camera Footage in F1:


    DRS Effectiveness Thread:


    RB19 Anti-Dive Suspension Thread:


    Maximum/Minimum Speed Heatmaps:



    Alonso's Driving Technique Thread:


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    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep. 15 (Saudi GP Tech Recap)

    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep. 15 (Saudi GP Tech Recap)

    Welcome back to the Tech Heads F1 Podcast! In our first episode since the official start of the 2023 F1 season, the gang explores some of the emerging story lines from the first two rounds of the championship including Red Bull's ominous early form, Aston Martin being the genuine article, and difficult days for both Mercedes and Ferrari. We take detailed look at the major technical stories from Bahrain and Jeddah, including clever tricks with legality wire (if you've never of this before don't worry), the aerodynamic theory behind Red Bull's rumored "Triple-DRS" design, driver feedback on the 2023 cars and their ability to overtake, LED wheel guns, CFD/wind tunnel correlation and much more. We also give some insight as to what to look out for this weekend in Melbourne, don't miss it!

    Saudi Arabian GP Recap - (1:01)

    Clever Tricks With Legality Wire - (6:54)

    A Conceptual Exploration of Red Bull's "Triple-DRS" System - (12:25)

    Methodology for Computing DRS Effectiveness (@F1DataAnalysis) - (17:59)

    Wind Sensitivity & Driver Feedback on Overtaking - (19:32)

    LED Wheelguns And Full-Electric On The Horizon - (25:47)

    Reliabilty Concerns and Short Course on Powertrains - (32:45)

    Answering Your Listener Questions - (41:31)


    Bryson Sullivan (@NaturalParadigm)

    Dr. Obbs (@dr_obbs)

    Molly (@mollym_o)

    Tech Heads F1 Socials:




    Scarbs Drawing of Triple DRS:


    @F1DataAnalysis DRS Effectiveness Calculations:


    • 59 min
    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep. 14 (Testing Recap + Bahrain GP Preview)

    Tech Heads F1 Podcast - Ep. 14 (Testing Recap + Bahrain GP Preview)

    Welcome back to the Tech Heads F1 podcast! This week Bryson, Dr. Obbs, and Molly give their thoughts on the three days of pre-season testing, what we (think we) learned, and our expectations for the Bahrain GP. We also discuss the technical considerations of the chicane removal at the Circuit de Catalunya and a deep dive on the aerodynamic theory of Gurney flaps and why they are so incredibly useful in Formula One. Ferrari experiments with multiple wings, Mercedes finds form after a difficult Friday, and Red Bull looks to be in supreme form ahead of the Bahrain GP. We address why Alpine and Aston Martin are teams to watch this weekend, and give our final thoughts on the new regulations before the start of what promises to be an amazing F1 season. 

    Circuit de Catalunya Chicane Removal - (1:24)
    Major Testing Takeaways - (5:59)
    Ferrari Rear Wings and Slot Gap Separators - (8:53)
    Alpine Looking To Impress? - (13:37)
    An Uneven Testing Performance from Mercedes - (14:50)
    New Pirelli Tyres for 2023 - (15:52)
    F1 Data Analysis & Derived Variables - (19:11)
    Ferrari Top Speed? - (21:30)
    Why Designing an F1 Car Is So Difficult - (22:47)
    Aerodynamic Efficiency in Theory and Practice - (25:51)
    RB19 Diffuser Design and Gurney Flaps - (28:15)
    Red Bull's Sidepod Evolution - (34:20)
    What You Can (And Can't) Learn From Tyre Smoke - (39:26)
    Ferrari Power Unit Gains - (41:17)
    Genuine Hype Around Aston Martin? - (46:38)
    Final Thoughts Before The 2023 F1 Season - (49:51)

    Bryson Sullivan (@NaturalParadigm)
    Dr. Obbs (@dr_obbs)
    Molly (@mollym_o)

    Tech Heads F1 Socials:

    F1 Data Analysis (Mirco Bartolozzi)

    • 57 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Qmsimeon ,

Awesome Content

Tech Heads is exactly that; terrific ability to convey techy content in an accessible fashion. Tech Heads gives measured perspective while ensuring their message is entertainingly within reach. Top Notch Production!!!

MSportsEngineering ,

Amazing Tech Content. An Engineer's F1 Podcast.

I love how this is a no-apologies technical breakdown of F1. The hosts do a great job explaining the underlying concepts though, so while one may need to be engineering-minded to understand the content, they do not need to know everything about the topic being discussed.

I would suggest creating a LinkedIn profile and getting your content out there since it is very much professional-based discussion, and not merely entertainment (though it is entertaining).

Yung Johnson ,


This is the F1 pod I’ve been waiting for, and I think it fills a real void (and serves a growing interest) within the F1 media sphere for us fans with a desire to learn as much as we can about the tech/engineering sides of the sport. Yes, The Race does a tech-centric podcast side-hustle (and it’s good, of course), but these guys do it better and in more depth. Accessible, informative, educational. These guys are extremely likable, knowledgeable, and they do a great job. I sincerely appreciate their willingness to step up and fill the F1 media world tech-void. Cheers, Bryson & Dr_Obbs! Thank you!

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