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Helping you create and capture demand in the enterprise technology market.

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Helping you create and capture demand in the enterprise technology market.

    How to Build a Webinar Lead Generation Engine

    How to Build a Webinar Lead Generation Engine

    “Webinar fatigue” is a myth. Lead generation webinars continue to be one of the top sources of marketing-attributed opportunity pipeline for cybersecurity vendors. In fact, over 89% of technology buyers say webinars play a role in their purchase process. 
    But using webinars to generate high-quality leads and pipeline requires that you execute effectively on all three phases of the event. You could miss the essential steps to plan for before, during and after the webinar. These steps are critical to maximizing your ROI. 
    On this episode, CMO Geordie Carswell maps out how cybersecurity vendors can build a webinar-powered, pipeline-creation machine! -Learn why webinars are still driving the majority of marketing ROI -Get a step-by-step plan for using webinars to generate cybersecurity leads and pipe -How to avoid the most common mistakes when running webinars for lead gen

    • 55 min
    Making Lead Gen Work - Special Interview

    Making Lead Gen Work - Special Interview

    In this episode, Geordie Carswell, CMO at ActualTech Media joins Cybersecurity Marketing Society Founders Maria and Gianna to talk about the stuff no marketer wants to talk about right now: lead generation and content syndication! 
    Can lead generation be a successful part of a demand generation strategy? Is there a right way to use content syndication for a cybersecurity audience? What are the strategies - and company qualities - needed to make these successful? Listen to find out!
    The guest and hosts use their demand gen backgrounds to jam on webinars, content, and other forms of creating engagement with cybersecurity audiences: 
     • The relevance of different webinar topics  • Considering whether to go broad or niche based on specific goals.  • The importance of personalization and alignment in lead-generation efforts 
    Plus…learn a little something about grocery store marketing 🤭
    Listen for shop talk and laughs on today’s episode, and make sure to check out ActualTech Media! 

    • 55 min
    How to Build an Integrated Marketing Campaign

    How to Build an Integrated Marketing Campaign

    Replay from a recent webinar with ActualTech CMO Geordie Carswell and Cybersecurity Marketing Society co-founder Gianna Whitver
    Wondering how you can get started in creating an integrated cybersecurity marketing campaign?
    Successful campaigns create a strategy and plan that connect the content and demand generation tactics that ensure real results.
    So, which channels should you leverage for cybersecurity audience? 
    What should you measure and report on? 
    How do you collaborate and navigate the organizational challenges that always seem to arise?
    The webinar outlines the frameworks and considerations you need to put together to architect a successful integrated campaign.
    This discussion includes: 
    Frameworks for how to build a full-funnel, integrated cybersecurity marketing campaignRepeatable and scalable process that drive results from awareness to revenueDetails on what you really need to measure, why it matters, and how to report on itHow to get internal alignment and collaborate so everyone can shine.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Prioritizing in a New Marketing Role, Cybersecurity Marketing, & Community Building with Gianna Whitver

    Prioritizing in a New Marketing Role, Cybersecurity Marketing, & Community Building with Gianna Whitver

    Veteran Cybersecurity marketer and Cybersecurity Marketing Society Co-Founder Gianna Whitver joins Geordie to discuss: 
    How to get your bearings and prioritize in a new marketing roleWhat it's like to start and manage a B2B niche communityThe Cyber Marketing Society's upcoming Austin cybersecurity (CyberMarketingCon) marketer's conference& More!Links:
    CyberMarketingCon detailsThe Cybersecurity Marketing SocietyGianna's Linkedin

    • 52 min
    Getting Case Studies Right w. Joel Klettke

    Getting Case Studies Right w. Joel Klettke

    Join Geordie and the founder of Case Study Buddy as we discuss how to get impactful case studies done on time and on message.
    What are the elements of a truly effective case study?Common mistakes in case study developmentThe advantages of strategic storytellingHow to get stats when there's none readily availableLength of case studies? What works best?Video vs. Written?Some of the best ways to leverage your case studiesHow do you get buy-in from clients to participate in case studies?Any tips for clearing internal approval processes at client organizations?How do you handle concerns from clients’ legal teams?How to leverage anonymous case studies Learn more about effective case study creation on Case Study Buddy's blog: https://casestudybuddy.com/blog/ 

    • 56 min
    B2B Marketing Strategy Tips w. Neil Patel

    B2B Marketing Strategy Tips w. Neil Patel

    On this rapid-fire new episode with B2B Marketing Expert Neil Patel, we dive into his advice on:
    How a new marketer can approach their B2B marketHow to prioritize your efforts (with so many b2b channels to pursue)How to differentiate your solution when others offer *roughly* the same outcomesTips for ‘un-sticking’ opportunities in the sales and marketing funnelPredictions for inbound marketing in 2024Strategies for paid search in uber-high CPC nichesHow you should be directing your Linkedin budgets right nowHow to turn webinar registrants into qualified leadsHow marketers can use email drip sequences to keep leads warm The challenges of scaling Reddit adsShort, plain text emails vs HTML creatives- What wins in B2B?Work with Neil: https://www.npdigital.com and check out his blog at https://www.neilpatel.com

    • 28 min

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