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A podcast focusing on the Visual Arts and the Business of Art.

Tenet Wes Brown and Todd Pierson

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A podcast focusing on the Visual Arts and the Business of Art.

    Tenet Rewind with Jeff Velarde

    Tenet Rewind with Jeff Velarde

    This week, Wes and Todd present a Tenet Rewind with Painter, Jeff Velarde, previously released on July 1, 2021. Jeff talks about his exposure to art as a child, how art keeps him balanced, seeing some of his favorite art masterpieces in person, working as an Art Director for Z-Axis, traveling and how it influences his painting, balancing family with work and his fine art, working large, process, commissions, his solo exhibition “City Beats, Light and Shadow” at Bitfactory, and leaves us with some advice to aspiring Artists. 
    Check out Jeff’s work at his website www.jeffvelardefineart.com
    Follow Jeff Velarde on social media:
    Instagram – www.instagram.com/jeffvelardefineart/ 

    • 2 hr 19 min
    Ep. 182 Abigail Kreuser – Photographer, Curator, & Co-Owner of Auric Gallery

    Ep. 182 Abigail Kreuser – Photographer, Curator, & Co-Owner of Auric Gallery

    This week, Wes and Todd talk with Abigail Kreuser. Abby discusses how she and her partner Gundega came up with the name for their new gallery, being a serial entrepreneur, her journey as a photographer, getting her B.F.A. at the Rochester Institute of Technology, moving back to the Springs after college, her beginnings in curation, her first gallery space, her upcoming solo exhibition, editions, collaboration, photography being a hard sell, showing all types of mediums, Artificial Intelligence, her documentary project “Lucere,” the Colorado Springs art community and it's small business community, her mission and vision for her former gallery, how the pandemic affected her, 2024, selling art, First Fridays, her curation process, how being a creator affects her curation and vice versa, tips for artists, commission, work/home balance, Curate Your Space and the services they offer, the decision and catalyst to join forces with Gundega Stevens to form Auric, the balance of their partnership, their exhibition calendar, advice for people thinking about starting a gallery, putting yourself out there, the realities of running a gallery, pricing, collectors, signing art, exhibitions that she’s proud of presenting, and current and upcoming shows. 
    Join us for a wonderful conversation with Abigail Kreuser!
    Check out Abigail’s photography at the Auric Gallery website https://auricgallery.com/collections/browse-the-art?filter.p.vendor=Abigail+Kreuser&filter.v.price.gte=&filter.v.price.lte=
    Check out the Auric Gallery website at www.auricgallery.com
    Follow Auric Gallery on social media:
    Instagram - www.instagram.com/auricgallery
    Facebook - www.facebook.com/auricgallery

    • 2 hr 35 min
    Ep. 181 Kristen Egan – Mixed Media Artist Specializing in Sculpture and Sculptural Masks

    Ep. 181 Kristen Egan – Mixed Media Artist Specializing in Sculpture and Sculptural Masks

    This week, Wes and Todd talk with Kristen Egan. Kristen discusses sourcing gourds, carving masks, New Contemporary Folk Art, the area where she lives in Pennsylvania, sense of place, other materials she incorporates into her masks and sculptures, totems, the catalyst to carve gourds, air drying paper clay, repetition & referencing past work, birds, research, process, art show titles, Alfred University, being open to new experiences, foundation, Goggleworks, Arch Enemy Arts, Instagram, the compulsion to create selling art, commissions, production, pricing, perfectionism, evolution & experimentation, work/life balance, bagpipes, weird bagpipe experiences, procrastination, being a life long learner, and collectors previews.
    Join us for a lovely and fun conversation with Kristen Egan!
    Check out Kristen’s exquisite work at her website www.kristenegan.com
    Follow Kristen on social media:
    Instagram - www.instagram.com/kristeneganart/
    Facebook - www.facebook.com/kristeneganart

    • 2 hr 29 min
    Ep. 180 A.L. Lummus – Painter, Sculptor, Advocate Artist

    Ep. 180 A.L. Lummus – Painter, Sculptor, Advocate Artist

    This week, Wes and Todd talk with A.L. Lummus, a.k.a. Amy Lummus. Lummus discusses the pandemic & how it affected her and her work, timing, Barbara Kruger, Mettle Martyr I & II, being an Advocate Artist, lessons learned in doing the work, “dog with a bone” syndrome, work/life balance, the thread that runs through the work, stories/narrative, art & carpentry, the genesis for Mettle Martyr, telling the story that’s hers to tell, asking the question “is it breathing?,” research & statistics, process, the Ft. Collins Mural Project, working big, kinetic sculptures, Firehouse Art Center, her show “Spit and Splinters,” her residency, and her motto.

    Join us for a compelling and educational conversation with A.L. Lummus!

    Check out A.L. Lummus’ work at her website: www.amyleelummus.com

    Follow A.L. Lummus on social media:

    Instagram - www.instagram.com/alummusart/
    Facebook - www.facebook.com/AmyLeeLummus
    Check out Amy’s solo exhibition, “Spit and Splinters” at the Firehouse Art Center, February 9th from 6pm-9pm in the Main Gallery.

    Firehouse Art Center
    667 4th Avenue
    Longmont, CO 80501

    • 2 hr 56 min
    Ep. 179 Ryan A. Lee – Painter, Noir stories of the New West entangled with the Old West

    Ep. 179 Ryan A. Lee – Painter, Noir stories of the New West entangled with the Old West

    This week Wes and Todd sit down with Painter, Ryan A. Lee. Ryan discusses being “artsy” growing up, falling in love with wide open spaces, his wife proclaiming on Facebook his new professional career as an Artist, self-esteem, his brief art education at Kansas University, being exposed to art in his youth, the influence of the pop 80’s skateboard movement, landscapes, New West stories, process, reworking pieces, evolution, research and reverence photos, frustration, Americana, loneliness, darkness, humor, Cowboys & Hippies, the Coors Western, freedom of speech, trains, what art does for him, awkward humans, Edward Hopper, being a loner, mixed media, 70’s cars, low brow art, sticking up for the little guy, fear & self-doubt, anger, art essays, hating Hipsters and painting Western scenes, Memento Mori Gallery, being a juror for “The Wild Bunch”, being bold, galleries, commissions, collectors, Children of the Pueblo, Art for Redemption, art in prison, road tripping, pricing, and selling art.

    Join us for an unequivocally frank conversation with Ryan A. Lee!
    Check out Ryan’s stellar work at his website www.ryanaustinlee.com
    Follow Ryan A. Lee on social media:
    Instagram - www.instagram.com/ryanaleeart/
    Facebook - www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-A-Lee/100075996926060/

    • 1 hr 58 min
    Ep. 178 Johanna Mueller – Printmaker, Relief Engraving & Mixed Media Printmaking

    Ep. 178 Johanna Mueller – Printmaker, Relief Engraving & Mixed Media Printmaking

    This week Wes and Todd sit down with Printmaker, Johanna Mueller. Johanna discusses being an entrepreneur in her youth, having a strong work ethic, her art education, falling in love with printmaking, defending her work in grad school, learning to edit her criticism, finding her voice with printmaking, the printmaking community, Frogman’s workshops, wood engraving, printing presses, Wonderhand Studios, Hatch Show Print, what intrigues her about printmaking, process, holy cards & playing cards, the Bible & the birth of modern pornography, the fine art of printmaking, different printmaking processes, defining printmaking, educating people about printmaking, failures, experimenting & exploration, MO’Print, the thought behind her work, Jackalopes, the Sangre de Cristos, subliminal messaging, topographic maps, Wyoming, icons, fetishes & totems, art residencies, Siqueiros, Beth Cavener, the Greeley art community, pricing, editions, collage, selling art and the importance of connection.
    Join us for a fascinating and exploratory conversation about printmaking with Johanna Mueller!
    Check out Johanna’s beautiful work at her website www.johannamuellerprints.com
    Follow Johanna Mueller on social media:

    Instagram - www.instagram.com/johannamuellerprints/

    Check out the Wonderhand Studios website at www.wonderhandstudios.com

    Follow Wonderhand Studios on social media:

    Instagram - www.instagram.com/wonderhandstudios/

    Check out the MO’Print website for all the events and exhibition for the Month of Printmaking in Denver, March 2024 – www.moprint.org

    • 2 hr 51 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

Christy Lynne Seving ,

A close look at the Denver Art scene and beyond.

If you care about art, artists, making, curating, museums, galleries… this is the podcast for you. Todd And Wes do an intimate interview with real people. They ask great questions and really listen. As a long time Denver artist I can tell you that I have learned a lot from this Podcast. It’s interesting, funny and thoughtful. I appreciate that they take the extra time to promote people doing meaningful things. Thank you guys for taking the time, it means so very much ❤️

strangebirdmeg ,

Master of Articulation

I really enjoyed listening to your most recent podcast with Joy Redstone. She will go far as an artist with her skills to describe her thoughts, process, and motivation for creating art. That’s a level of competence which seems to flow so naturally through her.

toinette210 ,

So Good

I enjoy Todd and Wes’ as host as much as the Artists they talk to. They allow me as a listener to really get to know the art process and the artist they talk to. I really appreciate the links they give in each artists written blurb, I can listen an look at the images as they talk as if I was in a gallery.

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