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A podcast about God, culture, and current events.

That God Show Matthew Paul Turner, Benjamin L. Corey

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A podcast about God, culture, and current events.

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4.2 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Zackeriliac ,

Good stuff

Thanks for this show guys, enjoy the content and your pretty unique perspective. Keep up the good work!

Jeff V Cook ,


Corey and Turner are insightful, clear, and push into topics that need discussion.

KC Caine ,

That Apostate Show

If you like Rob Bell then you will like this "Rob Bell" lite podcast. If you regard Rob Bell and his ilk as apostates, as I do, then you will tear year hear out listening to the smug assetiveness of the hosts that they have figured out how 2,000 years of theology and scripture interpretation have it all wrong.

They are not even consistent themselves (though maybe consistency as a virtue is a modernistic concept too). For example they want some sort of Christian unity but then constantly call Christians who are on the opposite side of issues "them" and consider them outsiders.

They also have no clue about the depth of issues they talk about. For example, bakers don't make wedding cakes and put them on the shelf for people to take an buy and then leave. They bake the cakes, decorate the cakes to "glorify" the bride and groom (you know, those things at the top of the cake), the deliver the cake, they are at part of the wedding (at least) to get the cake where it belongs. they may even stay to cut the cake after the wedded couple do the ceremonial first slice. Not exactly the same as these guys so casually dismiss it.

I say save your time. If you want Rob Bell, listen to Rob Bell. If you want Christian in depth reviews of such current events, go to Issues, Etc. There are better alternatives for even Apostates.

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