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Join Godswill Ugwa as he runs the gamut of topics to chew the fat on: anime, music, video games, fighting, politics, current events, and much more.

That's Dope! Podcast Godswill Ugwa Jr

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Join Godswill Ugwa as he runs the gamut of topics to chew the fat on: anime, music, video games, fighting, politics, current events, and much more.

    Remaking Final Fantasy

    Remaking Final Fantasy

    We brought back the Final Fantasy guru, The Night Sky Prince, to talk about the new game, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and to catch up in so much of the Final Fantasy franchise. If you're a fan of Final Fantasy, you'll definitely want to check this episode out!

    00:30- Akira Toriyama rememberance
    06:30- Final Fantasy 7 on PC
    13:10- representing Barret as a human in the new game
    19:14- starting at Rebirth or the OG
    20:43- Being a game review journalist
    30:27- Remake a cash grab?
    33:48- Crisis Core prequel
    39:28- Advent Children movie
    43:31- New graphics in FF games
    47:46- FF16 and side quests
    01:03:48- FF movies and adaptations
    01:17:12- FF13 Versus and Kingsglaive
    01:23:22- faith in the FF franchise
    01:35:53- Should I start Intergrade
    Special Guest: Night Sky Prince.
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    We had a blast with the bombastic Inevitably Dope on this episode! From learning about how he quit his job to pursue content creation full time; how Tekken, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball Z inspired him; and so much more.

    00:58 - Meeting ID at DreamCon and ShotCall
    03:03 - Quitting his trucking job
    06:37 - getting into anime reviews
    11:17 - favorite quip
    14:22 - main avenues of posting
    20:34 - FGC (SF2, Smash, and Tekken)
    34:12 - Interesting anime villains (Cell, Hisoka)
    37:54 - Dragon Ball Super Super Hero and Broly
    52:13 - Tree of Might & Garlic Jr
    01:06:47 - Avatar Live Action
    01:15:42 - Dark Knight slander
    01:19:28 - Cosplaying
    01:24:56 - One Piece moments
    01:34:44 - Conclusion
    Special Guest: Inevitably Dope.
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    Unreal Baby Drama

    Unreal Baby Drama

    We bring on Lizzy Ashleigh, a rising musician and creative, after meeting her at MAGFest and hearing about her crazy viral story about an unreal baby mama story! We get deep with where her creativity comes from, where she comes from, how media can be faked, and so much more.

    01:11- Who is Lizzy?
    02:30 - Childish Gambino & Tyler
    10:50 - Stylish vs Stylist
    20:04 - 5 Baby Mamas and Candace Owens
    29:51 - Nikki vs Megan
    34:47 - Reality TV
    45:12 - Music making and adoption
    48:42 - 23 & Me
    57:58 - MAGFest
    01:12:51 - Palworld
    01:24:37 - Mr. Krabs music
    Special Guest: Lizzy Ashleigh.
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    That's Dope Survives 2023!

    That's Dope Survives 2023!

    Josh and Godswill get together to catch up as the year ends and to plan for 2024! They look back on the events of the last year and the ways we got to grow through it all.

    6:10 - Rating our year
    8:34 - Dandadan
    11:22 - Our jobs
    22:53 - Working panels
    32:12 - Being black in the workplace
    38:05 - Waifu Expo
    41:07 - Dating life
    55:13 - self-improvement
    59:47 - Japan and nutrition
    01:03:31 - conversation with compassion
    01:11:42 - manga talk
    01:21:28 - era before internet and the algorithm
    01:38:10 - politics and love
    01:49:05 - Fortnite
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    Fighting Games Should Get Modern

    Fighting Games Should Get Modern

    Our special guest Kizzie Kay is a storied FGC legend who is trying to get new people into the fighting games community including Godswill! Everyone from people who don't play games to international champions are gonna want to check out this episode because there's a ton of wisdom packed in.

    0:50 - Start with FGC in 2013 w/ BlazBlue
    3:20 - Why people hated SF5 vs SF4 and SF6
    10:00 - Super Smash Bros vs Street Fighter
    16:40 - Modern controls and Project L
    30:00 - Dragon Ball FighterZ & GranBlue as casual friendly
    32:00 - from loser mentality to winning
    38:54 - Single player modes in fighting games
    41:30 - TMNT resurgence and 90s nostalgia
    51:22 - The N-word
    1:02:17- transitioning with LGBT acceptance
    1:17:46 - religion in the modern era
    1:35:34 - diversity forced into media
    1:51:46 - PandaGlobal
    Special Guest: Kizzie Kay.
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    Making One Piece Live Action Good w/ Steven Maeda

    Making One Piece Live Action Good w/ Steven Maeda

    We got Steven Maeda, one of the two executive producers of the hit live-action adaptation of One Piece on Netflix! We get into so much like what it took to make sure this show would be successful, casting choices, meeting Oda, and so much more in this episode.

    1 - congrats on One Piece live action
    3 - source material
    4- GoT
    6:30- executive producer role
    11- South Africa
    14- practical effects
    17- pacing
    21- faithfulness of adaptation
    25- biggest struggles of filming
    27- Luffy direction
    29- casting and their stunts
    34- start in production & show running
    38- getting into project
    41- working with tough actors
    48- feeling before the show came out
    53- meeting Oda
    55- Cowboy Bebop and world building
    1:05- favorite Straw Hat and non-SH
    1:07- kid actors
    Special Guest: Steven Maeda.
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    • 1 hr 17 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

lynzxer ,

Dope podcast!

I just started listening to this podcast and I already love it. It tackles the subjects that I’m interested in and the host’s voice is silky smooth so it’s not a bad listen by any means.

Shadow Shock ,

Favorite Podcast

Not trying to ramble but y’all need to know this series is great. I’ve been looking for a podcast that talks about anime, games, and other aspects of nerdy stuff. To be honest, I started listening to this podcast, because I was binge listening to the, “One Piece At a Time” podcast and finally caught up. I started following Godswill on social media and found out about, “That’s Dope”. Since then I’ve been binge listening, and now I’m on episode 12, and I really love the content! The discussions are just like the discussions I would have with my own friends. I’m never bored when listening because all of the content is informative and entertaining. Now, I’m sharing the podcast with others, who also feel the same way I do. Thanks to Josh, I’m finally going to take the time out to finish watching, “Yu Yu Hakusho”. Also, Godswill and Josh keep it up, y’all are really making this podcast live up to its name. Stay Dope Homies!


Jg The Don ,

Shoutout To Godswill

Ever since I found out that Godswill had a podcast, I had to support and give it a listen. It's been great so far! I thought this would initially be all about anime, but the conversations have gone to many other topics which are refreshing. A lot of life advice to be had here as well. Keep it up!


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