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100 word stories written and recorded by Laurence Simon every day, and a Weekly Challenge rounding up the best 100 word stories on a given topic every Sunday.

The 100 Word Stories Podcast Laurence Simon

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100 word stories written and recorded by Laurence Simon every day, and a Weekly Challenge rounding up the best 100 word stories on a given topic every Sunday.

    The biggest city

    The biggest city

    The city is huge

    It’s the biggest city I’ve ever seen.

    Because it’s the only city I’ve ever seen.

    Long ago, there were many cities.

    And they grew. And grew.

    Until all of the cities came together.

    And there was just one city left. As big as the world.

    Then the city grew the only way it could grow: up.

    And the city grew up so far, that the city became bigger than the world itself.

    So far, the air got too thin to live in.

    Sealed windows, and one fool tapping on the glass.

    And then everything blew apart.

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    We bought Jimmy a telescope for his birthday.

    He’d stay up late and watch the stars.

    Two or three in the morning, we’d have to drag him back inside.

    He proposed a new schedule. He’d wake up at dusk, go watch the stars all night, and then go to school.

    When he got home from school, he’d go to sleep.

    It’s not like he did any afterschool stuff, like football or baseball or even the chess club.

    He thought about starting an astronomy club.

    But other parents weren’t as willing to let their kids flip their schedule like we were.

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    Yanny and Laurel

    Yanny and Laurel

    The Hirschfelds named their twin daughters Yanny and Laurel.

    I guess it’s all about how you pronounce it.

    And they dressed them the same, even though people thought the dresses were two different colors.

    I guess it was how the room was lit.

    When the Nazis came, their mother Sophie could only save one.

    And she saved Yanny.

    Or was it Laurel?

    Her mother never wrote down her name.

    Only speaking it.

    The girl grew up so very confused.

    “WRITE DOWN MY NAME!” she screamed.

    And her mother screamed her name.

    And fell to her knees. And cried. And cried.

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    Rick – Why is Mother Crying?

    Rick – Why is Mother Crying?

    Creep Herder

    There was always something about mama that Drew me in. Good looking … sure … But there was something else. Something about her seemed to flip a switch in creeps and pedophiles. It was that way since she was young …

    It was the same for my little sister.

    Mom would meet a man … a creep … and within a week or three, inevitably, they would try something inappropriate with Sissy and Mama would catch it on film …

    It was pay up or go to jail!

    Over 20 men dropped off envelopes of cash … REGULARLY!

    Mama could sure pick em …

    She could work em too!

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    Weekly Challenge #769 – Why is Mother crying?

    Weekly Challenge #769 – Why is Mother crying?

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    Why is mother crying?

    Why does she not listen?

    Why is she stubborn?


    Why does she live in the past?

    Why does she have those photos up on the wall?

    The architect. The painter. The President.


    They tried, she said once, but she was too good for them.


    She sneered in contempt. She was too good for them.

    Why is mother crying?


    They never acknowledged her talent, never.


    She shrugged away their stupidity.


    She doesn’t care. She doesn’t listen. She is stubborn and will never change.

    Why is mother crying?

    That’s why, that’s why.


    Why is mother crying?

    Johnny was a wrong ‘un; Johnny was a thug

    He got caught up in a gang, hawking a new designer drug

    When the cops kicked the door in, our Johnny didn’t run

    Three shots rang out, two cops fell dead, thanks to Johnny’s smoking gun

    And now his days are numbered, waiting on death row

    Two more appeals, and final meals; one long walk left to go

    The chair awaits to claim his life; justice will have its way

    An eye for an eye, a life for a life, on Johnny’s final day

    So, Johnny sleeps; and his mother, weeps.


    Miss Appleton crouched to look at my painting.

    “So, this is your house, and that’s your dog… And who’s this then?”

    Tongue, stuck out in concentration, I mumbled, “That’s mother.”

    “Oh, and why is mother crying?” Miss Appleton asked, pointing at the smudged red teardrops running down her face.

    “She’s not crying, Miss.” I replied, “She’s bleeding!”

    Miss Appleton looked at me curiously, “And why is she bleeding?”

    “Because I stabbed her in the eyes with a great big knife!” I chuckled.

    Maybe that’s why Miss Appleton called my parents, but it was far too late.

    They were already dead.


    Why is Mother Crying?

    One minute it was a mixture of laughter and warm conversation. Then I saw the shadow pass her faces. The mussels set and her voice was edged with an empty breath. It got very quiet. Time slowed down, then stopped. My mother glazes was turn away from her assembled children and toward a haphazard pile of old worn books. Of the 100s of books in that house only three were my father’s. He was not much of a reader, but he love Tarzan. I catch my mom’s eye, she knew I knew. I said, “Sabor.” She smiled, then she cried.


    The flames of the fire reflected in the tears of Billbert’s mother’s eyes. Billbert saw no need to ask his mother the reason for those tears.

    Mr. Blanketmaker put his arm around his wife’s shoulder and hugged her. “I know it’s sad, dear. But we’re insured. We can rebuild our lives.”

    Mrs. Blanketmaker shook her head. “It’s true. This is sad. More than that, I’m angry. I’ve had it with Nuclear Fission harassing us. It’s gone on for years, but this is going to end. I’m going to kill her.”

    Billbert knew his mother wasn’t one to make idle threats.


    Why is Mother crying?


    The mothership was less than halfway to its destination, the star directly ahead,

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    Food scientists created olestra, a fat-substitute that was lower in calories and could be used in snack foods.

    But the drawbacks outweighed the benefits.

    It caused gas and bloating and severe diarrhea and flatulence.

    So, people didn’t like it.

    Never mind that regular snack foods cause arteriosclerosis, heart disease, obesity, and other severe conditions.

    God forbid someone shit or fart a bit, more, right?

    They’d rather sit all fat and happy, getting fatter and sicker as they’re chowing down their bucket of potato chips.

    As if any of this matters. Just look at the label on this French onion dip.

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4.6 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

cmor smalls ,

Shave your head, get a wet sponge, and flip the switch

I love this podcast. It's witty, sarcastic, and the stories can be rather thoughtful. They are very well written.

JimF 5150 ,

Podcast won't download to iPhone

It gets jammed up at 79kb.

SupComTabz ,


Fun. Short. Fun. Did I mention fun? Great podcast idea and very entertaining.

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