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Ryan Hare brings The 318 Project podcast that is designed to help equip men through Godly kingdom principles to grow as husbands, fathers and sons. We will help you to grow in your Christian faith and also tips on how to mentor and disciple other men to reach their full potential. We will have tips, discussions and interviews on various topics that we, as men, face in our daily life.

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Ryan Hare brings The 318 Project podcast that is designed to help equip men through Godly kingdom principles to grow as husbands, fathers and sons. We will help you to grow in your Christian faith and also tips on how to mentor and disciple other men to reach their full potential. We will have tips, discussions and interviews on various topics that we, as men, face in our daily life.



    So often we feel it is easy to purchase that new home or car and not worry about the cost, but then the first payment comes or a costly repair and your appreciation for that item diminishes.

    How about with your marriage?

    Or even your relationship with God?

    In this episode, I share about how God sees the true value in each of us no matter what you and I have gone through in life.

    You may have that feeling that you are worthless and junk just like an old abandoned house or vehicle, but God doesn't see junk only a Masterpiece and is worthy of being a FIXER UPPER.

    Mark 4:14-20
    Matthew 25:14-30

    Music: Links provided
    Intro segment- Eye of the Newscaster by Out to the World

    Outro segment - Kid on the Move by El Flaco Collective https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/h8KuCiV7Al/

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    • 20 min
    Mid-Season Break

    Mid-Season Break

    The 318 Project is taking a short mid-season break.

    I recently took on a new role in the Fire Department and my schedule is changing from a 24/48 schedule to a Monday-Friday routine. 

    Because of this change and going through training for this position, it has left me little time to concentrate on the podcast.

    The 318 Project is NOT ENDING, but simply taking a short hiatus.

    New episodes will return starting on Thursday, June 2nd, 2022. Until then, I challenge you to go back to the previous episodes that you haven't heard yet or one that stood out to you  and listen to them.

    So Get Ready by spring gang on epidemic sound
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    • 4 min
    How To Know You Are Hearing The Voice Of GOD

    How To Know You Are Hearing The Voice Of GOD

    Do you remember in school when a classmate would whisper or make a noise just loud enough to get your attention while hoping that the teacher did not hear it?
    Maybe you remember when your wife, an old girlfriend or even that first crush you had in school came up and whispered something sweet into your ear for only you to hear it.
    How about those times when you were outside playing and it was getting dark and you heard your mom or dad yell your name so that the whole neighborhood heard it, that it was time to come home for dinner?
    Do you feel like you are waiting to hear God shout your name to speak to you?
    Many times when you read the Bible it would say that God spoke to someone; but was it always in an audible voice?

    In this episode, I talk about the different ways God spoke to the saints in the Old and New testament.
    There are other ways that God can speak to us that lets us know what He wants each of to hear.
    It may be through a feeling about a situation, or when a Bible verse stands out to you at that moment.
    Maybe it is another Christian brother or sister that brings a word of encouragement; or even a worship song  that lifts your spirit.
    Scripture References:
    John 10:27
    1 Samuel 3:2-10
    Exodus 3:1-4
    Acts 9:3-7
    Joshua 5:13-15
    1 Kings 19:11-13

    Music in this episode:
    Intro - "Whisper Out" by Mica Emory https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/t2XvNhSaax/
    "In the Cool of the Day" by JOYSPRING https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/1ZegjHOK1L/
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    • 16 min
    God Can Use Broken Vessels

    God Can Use Broken Vessels

    Did your parent ever tell you to "Don't throw the ball in the house"?
    What Happened when you disobeyed and broke a bowl, plate, or special figurine?
    Did you try to hide what you did by gluing the broken pieces back together?

    More than likely after your parents found out and the ceramic ware couldn't be fixed it was thrown out in the trash.
    You probably feel the same way after some of the things that have happened in your life that you are junk and that God has no need for you and just discards you.

    In this episode, I share about how God can use the broken pieces of your life to create something wonderful and even more valuable that the original.

    I talk about how a trip to St. Peterburg, Russia and seeing the mosaic artwork at the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood reminded me of how God can use those broken pieces to make a masterpiece.

    I also share about the ancient Japanese artform called "Kintsugi" and how an artist will take a broken ceramic ware and add something special to fill the cracks to make it more valuable than before.

    Isaiah 64:8
    Jeremiah 18:4
    Ephesians 2:10

    To check out the music in this episode:
    Introduction- "Dust till Dawn" by Dusty Decks https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/FhKgzwY2Jm/

    "Broken Pieces" by Gavin Luke https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/J5X91AXv9G/

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    • 15 min
    The Heart Of Barnabas

    The Heart Of Barnabas

    What does it look like to have an encourager in your life?

    We all want to have people that will speak life and encouragement to us when we are going through a trial or crisis.

    Does that person have a selfish or selfish agenda?

    Are they looking for way to lift you up even if it means they take a back seat to your accomplishments?

    Do you have a BARNABAS your life?

    What was so special about Barnabas?
    He is mentioned only in a few chapters in Acts, 1 Corinthians, Galatians and Colossians; yet he had such an impact that the majority of the New Testament was written by those he encouraged.

    In this episode, I will share with you the 3 key character traits that Barnabas displayed and how we can apply those same traits in our lives to be an encouragement to others. We can also us these key areas for what to look for in a person that we are seeking as a mentor.
    1. He was a good man
    2. He was full of the Holy Spirit
    3. He was strong in his faith

    Acts 4:36,37
    Acts 9:27
    Acts 11:24 ( 3 key character traits)
    Acts 13-15
    2 Timothy 4:11

    Intro - It's Time by Ealot - https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/4XvPw1VzFE/
    Train of Thought by Ealot- https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/wXHX9VhnF8/
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    • 17 min
    Do You Have A Band Of Brothers?

    Do You Have A Band Of Brothers?

    Do you have an armorbearer? 
    In the Bible, you only see an armor bearer mentioned in the Old Testament, but the same duties and responsibilities continue on even today.
    An armor bearer was a young man that would carry the weapons and shield of the man he was under, much like a knight's squire that would carry the weapons into combat, but also use the shield to protect his master. Over time he would train and even be able to fight alongside the warrior or knight. 
    Sometimes the armor bearer would use the shield or weapon to protect or defend the flank of his master. 
    In 1 Samuel 14: 1-14 we read of Jonathan and his armor bearer defeating the Philistines. 
    We see that David became Saul's armor bearer in 1 Samuel 16:21
    But it isn't just about having one person, there are times you need a full garrison of brothers. 
    The foundation of the 318 Project comes from Genesis 14:14. Here we see that Lot was taken captive and Abraham raised up with his 318 men and servants that were trained in his household to go and rescue Lot. 
    Proverbs 17:17  says " A friend loves at all times, but a brother is born for adversity." 
    Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friends."
    To sharpen a sword or weapon means that it has been used in a battle and has been dented, chipped and gotten dull from hitting against the enemies armor and shield. 
    As an armor bearer and brother in arms that is what we are required to do for our fellow brothers. We may see their flaws, just as they see ours and through guidance and prayer allow the Holy Spirit to mend us. 

    The thing is that Satan doesn't just attack us from the same direction. He may first  come at us with a frontal assault then the next time a sneak attack from behind or end tries to side swipe you or me, that is why we need brothers praying for us on all sides, almost like we are covered in a box on all six sides.
    Going back to David, Over time he rose from being just a young shepherd that became King Saul’s armor bearer,  to became King David that had his mighty warriors that stood out as his elite force of mighty men that is stated in 2 Samuel 23:8-36. Many of these warriors risked their lives because they believed in King David.
    He even had his army of 600 men that followed him when he was running from King Saul. 
    Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 talks about the value of a friend.. When you and I read it, we tend to associate it with marriage , but this also applies to any friendship. 
    This is that unity and bond that when the enemy comes and attacks you, there is strength in numbers to overcome and defeat Satan.
    So as I am coming to a close, my challenge to you is to start praying about and looking for those brothers that you can unite with that will be your band of brothers, but also that you can be theirs also. It isn’t just to say that you have a brother by your side, but to also know that they won’t abandon you in times of trouble. I want to encourage you to really search for that man that will be a mentor and brother in your life, but to also look for those men that you can be a mentor and brother to help encourage them.

    Music from Epidemic Sound:
    song during Intro: Choirs of War by Dream Cave- https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/FR6Ed05Tc0/I
    song - The Gallant Squire by Jon Bjork https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/8nGHn5OQSj/
    Anvil sound effect -https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/ysH73yQcGi/
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6 Ratings

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The 318 Project with Ryan Hare is an encouraging podcast that calls Christian men out of their comfort zones. Hare admits that we may not all be called to be pastors, but he reminds us that we’re all called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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