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4.8 out of 5
234 Ratings

234 Ratings


Funny - Intelligent - Informative

I love listening to this show. Adam is funny and very intelligent. He has great guests on his shows and is always a joy to listen to. I appreciate the current affairs he talks about and I seem to never disagree with his opinions. I was saddened to see that his show came to an end but was very delighted that he had a comeback episode that showed up on my podcast feed! I will be going back to listen to the shows that I have missed. Thank you Adam for the great entertainment!

Manny in VA ,

Say it ain’t so……….

You’re ending the podcast? Nooooooo! I haven’t listened to the latest episode, I always listen while I work, just read the description.

Will miss you if true. 💔💔💔

Update: Okay, I listened and am disappointed, but understand. I also heard your call explaining on DNR.

Hopefully, you will resurrect the show in the future. You will be missed!

jmdcnyc ,

Dialogue without vitriol; it’s so refreshing

I just listen to episode 256, Adam’s interview with Damon Jacobs on PrEP, sex and everything in between.

It struck me how thoughtful and well-balanced the conversation was. I so used to listening listening to podcasts, consuming media in general, and just hearing screeching if there’s a difference of opinion. This was different in the best way.

Even though they had a difference of opinion, in a couple of areas, an intelligent conversation actually took place. For me that’s a great reminder that it’s still possible.

ThatNavyGuy92 ,

I Love The A.S.S.

I’ve been a huge fan of Adam Sank since the OutQ days when he was a frequent guest on Derek and Romaine. This podcast was everything I had ever wanted from a podcast…nothing super heavy, funny, and sexy. I’m usually a binge listener and when I run out of episodes to listen to I always want more. These guys deserve all of the accolades and more. I’ve even started to warm up to the co-host that isn’t Ryan (shade) 😘. Seriously, this is hands down one of the podcasts that I absolutely love and they consistently have the best guests. Adam, JB, and Chris you all feel like my friends and I have to remind myself that you don’t actually know me. Keep up the great work.

Studman1000 ,

A New Discovery

Really enjoying binging episodes of this!!

searsucker ,

A lot of fun and also informative

The three of them have great chemistry and adam is funny and articulate. Great show!!

Wall Street Scott ,


Adam has it all and I love his podcast. I can’t stop laughing and playing it for my friends! ❤️❤️❤️

Steve is also on the show.

GSOMatt ,

Sex Positive Comedy

Adam is hilarious and is a great interviewer. I’ve listened to him since he was a guest on DNR and love his sex positive attitude, authentic talk, and hilarious cohosts. These guys have gotten me through some pretty dark times and I appreciate everything about the show, especially the honesty!

PSR77 ,

Love this podcast!

Adam Sank is hilarious! This podcast is super entertaining because of what Adam brings to it: an outstanding mix of brains, wit, and humor. Anyone can fire off a funny quip or two, but rarely with the comedic timing of Adam, and almost never with such poignancy and intelligence behind it. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and Adam just has that star quality that can carry a show, giving gravity and depth to serious topics, while also making listeners like me hyperventilate from laughing so hard when he gets on a roll. A definite 5 stars!

Kevin/Tina ,

Ty Him Up

Bravo Adam!
I have been a fan of you and the show for a long time, but never felt that I had to tell you what a great job you’re doing. That’s until I heard your interview with Ty Blue, you always have great energy with your guests, but it was especially sultry during your time with Ty. Please tell me you were able to get some alone time with Ty.
Keep up the great work JB and Joanne.
Thanks for the great podcast! 👏👏👏
Kevin Moran
PS…see you on Facebook!