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This is a creative entrepreneurial podcast helping you to grow your business and create the life style you have always wanted. We are wedding photographers that grew our business to over $400K a year and over 100 weddings all over the world.

The Anchored Business Podcast Devin & Kathryn Robinson / Anchor

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This is a creative entrepreneurial podcast helping you to grow your business and create the life style you have always wanted. We are wedding photographers that grew our business to over $400K a year and over 100 weddings all over the world.

    FB Live - Instagram Strategy Explained

    FB Live - Instagram Strategy Explained

    On this episode, i really DIVE into my instagram strategy and answer any questions in my facebook live!

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    73. Davey Jones - Creating An Optimal Website

    73. Davey Jones - Creating An Optimal Website

    In this episode, I chat with Davey Jones - marketer, content strategist, and relationship builder. I met Davey at the United Conference last year, and I always look forward to spending time with him! He has such an eclectic background and has a lot of great insight to share. Davey takes his experiences and lessons that he has learned in his previous jobs and uses them in his current situations. He would encourage you to do the same - think about what went well in those instances and what could have been done better, and use that knowledge in your current position. We spend a lot of time on this podcast talking about building a successful website. It is important to have a website and/or social media that showcases who you are.
    Davey has two questions that he feels you need to be able to answer in any situation:
    Are you good at what you do? Can you get results for someone like me? (Meaning everyone thinks that their business or their situation is unique, so they see you are good at what you do, but can you get those results for their specific situation). You can establish your ability to get results for 'people like them' on your website, and Davy gives you tips in this episode for how to do that. Also, check out his podcast Brands that Book with Davy Jones for more great podcasts (I'm on episode 70). 
    You can Find Davey at https://daveyandkrista.com/ and on instagram @daveytjonesy and https://till.agency/ 
    Check out the What The Gram pictures on the blog 
    Don't forget that the Kreativ Summit is coming up in just a few weeks!

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    72. Understanding the Value of Videography With John Bunn and Nick Miller

    72. Understanding the Value of Videography With John Bunn and Nick Miller

    Wow, I have so much respect for our two guests today, John Bunn (who runs https://www.wildoakfilms.com/) and Nick Miller (who runs http://redeemedproductions.com/).
    They are such great examples of what it looks like to do things with excellence and to genuinely care about client experience! They also do an amazing job of helping other photographers and videographers hone their skills and continue to develop and improve. John and Nick chose to collaborate and learn from each other, as opposed to charging for mentorship. Mentorship isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in this instance, they realized that they could learn more from a long term partnership of learning and collaborating than just a one day monetary mentorship transaction. They understand the value that other people can give you, and encourage people to humbly ask for help in areas where other people excel. Feedback is what can help you grow! We cover so much in this episode. They share about the importance of doing things well and doing them consistently. They encourage you to be confident in your abilities and therefore your pricing, you are worth it! We talk about how our culture is becoming more and more video-centric, and how using videos (or even picture slideshows) can greatly extend your reach and influence on social media. John and Nick talk about how Videography is such a special way to capture a wedding day because it not only captures that one moment, but includes the sounds and emotions of it. You don’t want to miss this episode, it is jam packed with great stuff!
    John and Nick also have a podcast, “How To Film Weddings”, you should check it out! They also have a free workshop coming up on January 7th that you should definitely take advantage of at https://www.howtofilmweddings.com/freeworkshops. You should also check out their facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/howtofilmweddings/ 
    The Kreativ Summit is now only a month away! It is going to be amazing (and a great reason to escape the cold and go to sunny Florida for a few days!) Sign up at http://kreativsummit.com/

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    71. Practical Insights from the Founder of Sprout Studio, Bryan Caporicci

    71. Practical Insights from the Founder of Sprout Studio, Bryan Caporicci

    In this episode I talk with Bryan Caporicci. I am so thankful for Bryan! His podcast helped me so much when I was first starting out, and he has so much amazing knowledge to share. I could have talked with him for hours! Bryan shares about how he started out in computer science and eventually transitioned into photography. Bryan has since been very involved in the photography industry. He has his own  photography company, and has platforms to teach other photographers. This includes his awesome podcast, and a program he developed called Sprout Studio, that integrates all of the systems a photographer could need. 
    Bryan is passionate about having a good work life balance for himself. I love how he says "We should be building a business that serves our life, and not a life that serves our business." 
    We talk about the dangers of comparison, about deciding whether to scale your business, and about the importance of empathy. 
    After listening to this podcast, Bryan encourages you to take some time to decide how you want to apply what you've heard to your life. What will you take away, and what will you do with it? This is great advice not only for this podcast, but for any information that you take in. 
    You can find him on Instagram @BCapPhoto
    Also, The Kreativ Summit will be here before you know it! It's going to be an amazing time, you don't want to miss it.
    You should also come be a part of our photography community on Facebook. It's a great place to get ideas and ask questions. 

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    Raw & Real - Profit First, Contracts & Associate Growing Pains

    Raw & Real - Profit First, Contracts & Associate Growing Pains

    On this episode I cover Profit first, an incredible book, having your contracts in order and the growing pains of associates!

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    69. Phil Porto - Building A Healthy, Successful Team

    69. Phil Porto - Building A Healthy, Successful Team

    In this episode I had the privilege of talking to Phil Porto. Phil Porto runs The Portos, a wedding photography company spanning 3 states -Florida, New York, and now North Carolina. Phil talks about what it takes to have a team of associates who represent what your company and brand stand for. No one is going to do it exactly the way you do, but you should have some non-negotiables as a brand that your team members all operate by. An example for The Portos is capturing real moments. Phil really takes the time to mentor and grow his team and give them opportunities. He has built a culture of support and trust and genuinely wants to see everyone on his team succeed. We also talk about the pros and cons of having associates that are salaried verses contracted.
    Phil is such an awesome, down-to-earth guy, and while his business is booming and he has won awards, he still realizes what is the most important in life, and prioritizes time with family and friends.  He is such an inspiration!
    Phil will be at the Kreativ Summit in Orlando January 27-29.
    You can find The Portos on instagram  @ThePortos
    To check out the What The Gram pictures, go to our blog post http://anchorandveilphotography.com/69-2/

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melboegoldenco ,


I’m so happy I started this podcast a few weeks ago. I’ve taken notes and made a list of changes I want to make and see in my business. I love how motivating it is and how tangible the content is. I highly recommend this podcast to any creative entrepreneur!

Teshorn Jackson ,


Enjoy all the episodes so far. Lots of valuable content no matter where you are in business.

Johanna oakes photography ,

This is an AMAZING podcast

Thank you for this great podcast. I am from France and i’ve only been in the states for 6 years so when I decided to launch my photography business a year ago it was a REAL challenge. I’m so thankful to be able to find GREAT ressources on the internet & this podcast has brought so many amazing information. can’t wait to hear more!
Johanna Oakes

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