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Andrew Deitsch is a world traveler, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and a podcaster. In a world of bite-sized content, he is having meaningful, uninterrupted, long-form conversations with fascinating people.

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Andrew Deitsch is a world traveler, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and a podcaster. In a world of bite-sized content, he is having meaningful, uninterrupted, long-form conversations with fascinating people.

    Addiction, Suicide, & Depression

    Addiction, Suicide, & Depression

    As you know, the Andrew Deitsch Podcast is on hold, but here is another episode of my new weekly show, the Wheels2Walking Podcast.
    We discuss the late Juice WRLD, Richard shares his battle with addiction, depression, hitting rock bottom, and how they deal with perfectionism.

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    Introducing My New Podcast!

    Introducing My New Podcast!

    Yesterday I announced that I was quitting The Andrew Deitsch Podcast.

    Today, I'm so excited to announce my brand new show, The Wheels2Walking Podcast!!

    2 years ago, I met Richard Corbett for the first time to record Episode 47 of the Andrew Deitsch Podcast.

    We sat down and he told his powerful story of spinal cord injury, addiction, suicide, and recovery publicly for the first time.

    This was the exact reason why I started my podcast.

    To give people a platform where they could share their stories and talk about deep subjects.

    After listening to his episode over and over, Richard realized he had something to say, and decided that he wanted to create something even bigger.

    I started working as his producer full time, and he let me build my podcast studio in his condo.

    We were an amazing team, and our business relationship and friendship grew stronger and stronger.

    Over the past year, Richard and I have been traveling around the country shooting videos for the Wheels2Walking YouTube channel.

    7 Million views later, we realized that we had a lot more to talk about than just wheelchair stuff, but I knew that I couldn't just keep having him as a guest on my show.

    Today, we're launching our brand new weekly show where we talk about current events, what it's like being full time YouTubers, and dissect our unique friendship / business relationship.

    If you've been a fan of the ADP, I know you'll really enjoy the Wheels2Walking Podcast.

    This is a huge step for me to totally change up my platform, but I know this is the right move.

    The first 6 episodes are live now everywhere you listen to podcasts, but please please please go leave us a review on Apple Podcasts 😁

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    Saying Goodbye (Not Clickbait)

    Saying Goodbye (Not Clickbait)

    After 130 episodes, it’s time to finally say goodbye.

    For a while at least.

    The ADP has been life changing, and I can’t thank every single one of you enough for subscribing and listening for the past 2.5 years.

    Luckily, I'm not quitting podcasting, and my new weekly show, The Wheels2Walking Podcast is the next evolution in my podcasting career!

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    130: Listen Differently - Raul Vega & Aaron Cavette

    130: Listen Differently - Raul Vega & Aaron Cavette

    My guests today are my friends Raul Vega and Aaron Cavette of Phantom Ape Productions.
    Two years ago, they launched Rose Drive, a fictional mystery podcast about 7 friends who are interviewed after a 10 year high school reunion tragedy occurs.

    Raul writes, directs, produces, edits, scores, mixes, & masters the show, and Aaron stars as the voice of the main character, Markus Hill.
    Raul has spent the last 7 years working for Hans Zimmer, where they create scores for films like The Lion King, Dunkirk, Blade Runner, Batman vs Superman, Interstellar, and many more.

    Aaron is an athlete-turned-actor who moved to LA and never looked back. He’s extremely dedicated to his craft, and it shows.
    During this episode we talked about how they met, why podcasts are taking over, and the future of audio storytelling.
    Aaron & Raul are an amazing team and I can't wait to see where they go next.
    Listen to Episode 96 with Raul Vega
    Listen to Rose Drive

    • 1 hr 41 min
    129: Injured Equestrian turns Professional Booty Painter - Diane Portwood

    129: Injured Equestrian turns Professional Booty Painter - Diane Portwood

    My guest today is Diane Portwood.
    She's a full time, self-taught artist living in South Florida with a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a background in engineering and equestrian sports.
    She's a very disciplined worker, and she's not afraid to joke about herself or other taboo subjects.
    During this episode she shared her story of moving to Florida by herself to ride horses at the age of 16, how it led to two near death experiences, and eventually moving to Fort Lauderdale to pursue her full time career in art.
    She quickly realized that she could get a lot of attention for her art on instagram, and grew an impressive audience who loved her unique mixture of thoughtful captions, captivating photography, and her sarcastic commentary on society.
    We also talked a lot about social media and its impact on us, and the pros and cons of being recognized in the real world.
    Follow her on Instagram: @DianePortwood
    Check out her website: DianePortwoodArts.com

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    128: Podcasts are Good, Apple is Bad - Daxy Perez

    128: Podcasts are Good, Apple is Bad - Daxy Perez

    My guest today is Daxy Perez.
    He's a podcast production & marketing expert, the co-founder of Legacy Podcasting, and the host of the Podcast Success Secrets Show.
    He’s helped his clients get over 50 Million podcast downloads with their proven systems and strategies, and he’s helped launch a bunch of top 100 podcasts.
    During our conversation we talked about the state of podcasting, why attention is so important, and why we hate apple.

    Make sure to follow him on Instagram: @iamDaxy and listen to Podcast Success Secrets

    • 1 hr 54 min

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4.7 out of 5
96 Ratings

96 Ratings

Small Marketing Teams Podcast ,

Very entertaining

I love how Andrew has no agenda other than to share fascinating stories with his audience. It is really compelling!

StayATL ,

Best Atlanta Cultural Podcast

I hiiiiighly recommend subscribing to the Andrew Deitsch Podcast! This mans is one of the BEST in the business, hands down ✋🏽🤚🏽 After listening to several of Andrew's podcast I contacted him and asked to be a guest and he so graciously hosted me for one of the best podcasting experiences of my entire life! I cannot wait to record with Andrew again and he has inspired me to create my own channel, the Mr. Atlanta Podcast! ✊🏽

haluckadoo ,

Love it!

Definitely never a dull moment! I love hearing all the stories of Andrew’s guests and he does a great job of keeping it interesting!

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