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Your weekly Animation podcast. Discussions, interviews, and more. Check us out on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Podbean, & AnimationStationPodcast.com

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HaroldSto ,

Good banter, thoughtful analysis

Josh has a great way of bringing out the best in his guests. He always approaches interviews with an upbeat attitude, no matter who he’s talking to! Looking forward to future episodes for sure!

Scarlet2Summer ,

The animation podcast I’ve been looking for

It’s so nice to hear people talk so much about the shows and movies I love. I started with the dragon prince season 2 episode, and They discussed theories and character development and everything I want to hear about for the new season. Great commentary, and I’m excited to check out other episodes
Okay, I already left a review but I gotta add my thoughts for the dragon prince season 2 commentary. SPOILERS!!!
So there’s been a lot of people calling Callum “the new avatar” with his discovery of wind magic and such, which I can see but. I have seen Ezran being way more related to Aang than Callum. I know Callum has wind magic, but Ezran is a very young prince who (unbeknownst to him until the end of the season) will suddenly be in charge of leading a nation into a new era. And he will have to grow up very fast and be able to make decisions that are going to impact everything, essentially having the weight of the world on his shoulders, just like Aang discovering he’s the avatar and suddenly having to deal with this responsibility he’s not ready for. So I definitely see Ezran being more like Aang than Callum is by a long shot. BUT, throughout ATLA Aang constantly has to battle between choosing what’s right for the WORLD, and choosing what to do based off his beliefs as a monk. And this conflict was never really settled very well (in my opinion) because throughout the series whenever anything gets to be too much for Aang, he ends up just literally running away from his problems (leaving the air temple right before it was attacked, fleeing the fire nation ship all his friends were on in the beginning of season 3, fleeing right before the final battle) and then when he finally GOT to the big final battle, he kinda did this cop out and found a way to defeat the fire lord without defying his personal beliefs, which made the entire conflict he had in the first place pointless and really felt like a cheap way to end things. What I’m getting at here, is that even though Ezran is like Aang in that he has this huge responsibility towards the world while still being so young and unsure of himself, he’s already proven to be better than Aang in that when he found out he was king, he immediately knew he had to go back and face his responsibility head on by doing his duty and ruling. This was such an unexpected turn, especially because he IS so young and still made such a mature decision despite his own fear about it. I think it says a lot about his character and what kind of decisions he will make in future seasons.

dgeekster ,

Great podcast!

This is one of the podcast I attempt to listen to most episodes of (sometimes I'll skip one if the film/show they are discussing is something I've yet to see or am not interested in) simply because I am a huge fan of animation. The hosts are a perfect 'odd couple' since they tend to like things on opposite spectrums of animation. This dynamic lends a more unbiased feel to their reviews. Though I tend to agree a bit more with Gavin on things (this may just be due to a generational/Disney fan reason), but sometimes Josh's logic really hits the nail on the head (though I hate to admit it). All-in-all, the hosts are fun, likeable and knowledgeable and the films/shows they've covered so far have been highly interesting. I definitely recommend the podcast if you are a fan of animation.

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