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The Archetypal Tarot Podcast explores the universal archetypal patterns of the Tarot uncovering provocative mythology for the 21st century. We often feature conversations with teachers, authors and creators about how the mythic tarot can be applied to modern life.

The Archetypal Tarot Podcast Julienne Givot and Cyndera Quakenbush

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The Archetypal Tarot Podcast explores the universal archetypal patterns of the Tarot uncovering provocative mythology for the 21st century. We often feature conversations with teachers, authors and creators about how the mythic tarot can be applied to modern life.

    Taking Back the Magic: Interview with Perdita Finn

    Taking Back the Magic: Interview with Perdita Finn

    Co-Creator of The Archetypal Podcast, Julienne Givot, returns for this very special podcast and interview with Perdita Finn!
    Perdita, Julienne and Cyndera discuss the deep meaning and magic inherent in having a daily connection with ancestors, and all friends, beyond the grave.
    Perdita Finn's father, a doctor, used to arrive home in the middle of the night and find his three-year-old daughter sitting in the dark in front of a broken figurine from some lost Nativity scene of the Virgin Mary. Not only was their family not religious but Perdita would not even see the inside of a church for another decade. Perdita didn't remember this...and her father would not tell her this story until just before his death. It took her almost a half century to uncover her childhood devotion and to begin to make sense of it.
    A longtime Zen student, she decided she'd had enough of priests and lineages and fundraising campaigns soon after the birth of her children. She preferred to be out in the woods with her kids and caring for various wild animals they discovered that needed help. Once they rehabilitated 16 baby possums together. A pet goose marched up and down the long driveway to their house in the Catskills.
    In 2011 in the events described in The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary her life changed forever. Rediscovering her devotion to the Lady freed her own voice at last. She is the co-founder with her husband Clark Strand of The Way of the Rose, an eco-feminist rosary fellowship dedicated to the rights of the earth and the rights of women. More of her writing can be found at wayoftherose.org
    *This description contains content from Perdita Finn’s bio featured on Amazon.
    *Julienne Givot's amazing Ancestor Hoops are available in her Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreeRangePriestess
    You can access the video of this interview by subscribing to archetypalstories.substack.com!

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    Barbie and the Heroine’s Journey

    Barbie and the Heroine’s Journey

    Join Cyndera Quackenbush in this special recording as she interviews Kate Farrell about the patterns and archetypes of the Heroine’s Journey and how it unfolds throughout the movie Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig.
    This interview covers the differences between the more commonly known “Hero’s Journey” popularized by Joseph Campbell. With parallels to ancient myth, the world’s first writing, and fairy tales, the heroine’s journey has the power to reach and validate women in their real-world lives. A deeper exploration within this interview reveals how the Heroine’s Journey can be a transformative experience open to anyone regardless of gender.
    Kate Farrell believes in the power of story. A graduate of the School of Library and Information Studies, UC Berkeley, she has been a language arts classroom teacher (pre-school and grades kindergarten through 12th), author, librarian, university lecturer, and storyteller in Northern California since 1966. 
    Kate has founded Woven with the vision to enhance and elevate the feminine in 21st century culture by applying the universal archetypes of the heroine’s journey to creative works that reflect a clear awareness of the vital role of the feminine in our era. Woven’s mission statement is to provide opportunities to explore the fundamental aspects of the universal heroine’s journey through activities such as, but not limited to, talks, workshops, training, retreats, in person and online, publications, and other media.
    You can sign up for Kate’s upcoming workshops by visiting her website: https://katefarrell.net/events/

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    The Rosebud Tarot: Interview with Amanda Lee Stilwell & Diana Rose Harper

    The Rosebud Tarot: Interview with Amanda Lee Stilwell & Diana Rose Harper

    This podcast celebrates the beautiful blooming of the Rosebud Tarot, now available from Weiser Books! Cyndera interviews artist Amanda Lee Stilwell and writer/diviner Diana Rose Harper.
    This deck depicts the glories of roses in their many forms along with vintage photographs collaged with sensuous altar imagery. Each card interpretation is introduced with an individualized poem that opens and expands the image translation (this podcast features Diana reading her poem from “The Star”). Tarot titles and suits are creatively re-imagined, busting old tarot restrictions to make both a queer and BIPOC-friendly deck.
    In addition to deep discussions on process and collaboration details, this podcast also unveils powerful gardening magic such as intentional tools and the use of rose stems as protective wards.
    After witnessing this playful deck and its creators, prepare to have your perspective of roses - and tarot - transformed.

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    My Dad Story (and the Stones that Launched a Thousand Card Images)

    My Dad Story (and the Stones that Launched a Thousand Card Images)

    This is the story of Cyndera's dad, the Archetypal Tarot's host and creator of the Story Through Stone Reflection Card deck. The billion year-old stones that her father Jim Quackenbush found within the Mojave desert contain rare naturally-occurring imagery that inspired not only the cards but a new process of card readings. 
    This is an origin story. This is a family story. This is a story from the earth herself. 
    To see additional imagery and video surrounding this podcast, please head over to Cyndera's substack archetypalstories.substack.com or to her website storythroughstone.org

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    You are the Medicine: An Interview with Asha Frost

    You are the Medicine: An Interview with Asha Frost

    Asha Frost, a member of the Chippewas of unceded Nawash First Nation (present day Ontario, Canada) shares with Cyndera about her Oracle deck and recently released book, You are the Medicine: 13 Moons of Indigenous Wisdom, Ancestral Connection and Animal Spirit Guidance.
    When so much traditional knowledge, life and livelihood has been lost through colonization, where can we even begin to pick up the pieces? New hope is found in the great gift of Frost’s Oracle, illustrated by Steph Littlebird. Steeped in Ojibway teachings, Asha has retrieved this wisdom from ancestors and from her own bones, to share with both indigenous and non-indigenous seekers. She instructs her audience on how to approach and use this medicine respectfully, with the true belief that these teachings can guide each of us back to our own unique medicine. How might the world transform if we are to walk in our own gifts, tailored from our own healed ancestors?
    While revealing traditional insights, Asha’s work is also immensely inclusive for our modern world. Asha embraces two-spirit folks in her work and introduces guides that are non-binary in both her imagery, stories and language.
    A whole-hearted gift from a rainbow healer, podcast listeners will love Asha Frost and for the visionary work that lies within her words and Oracle.
    ASHA FROST (she/her) is an Indigenous Medicine Woman and a member of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation. As an energy healer, homeopath, and mentor, Asha has guided thousands of people through profound and lasting transformation with her ceremonies, teachings, and speaking events. Asha lives on Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat, and Haudenosaunee Territory, with her husband and two beautiful children, with whom she co-creates a better world for the seven generations to come. Visit her online at ashafrost.com

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    My Mom: A Cinderella Story

    My Mom: A Cinderella Story

    “The only question in the end is whether I can find and tell my inner story, 
    which is also my inner truth.” ~ Michael Meade.
    What fairy tale, myth or story most resembles what your mother lived in her formative years?
    This month’s podcast is a special early tribute to Cyndera's mom for Mother’s Day! This podcast includes her story as a child, and its many parallels to the Cinderella story: absent mother, absent father, abandonment, perseverance, patience, kindness, birds, housework, stepmother, stepsisters, fairy godmother, the magic carriage, the dog, the dream come true....
    A video version of this reading is available for paid subscribers on the Archetypal Stories Substack! The article and video includes pictures of Cyndera's mom and images from the Little Golden Book version that captured my her imagination and heart as a little girl. 
    Enjoy and... Happy Mother's Day!

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4.4 out of 5
54 Ratings

54 Ratings

SeedyFilmz83 ,

Wonderfully insightful!

The ATP is one of the absolute best tarot resources out there! The personable and charming hosts present big ideas in a way that is approachable and mind-expanding at the same time, relating the tarot cards to a variety of contemporary and historical figures and events. There are few tarot books, websites, or other types of resources that have deepened my understanding of the major cards more than this podcast. Thanks Julienne and Cyndera! --Weston, host of the Root Lock Radio tarot podcast

JulesYenn ,

both the most educational and enjoyable Tarot podcast on the net.

I found this podcast whilst looking to get some basic knowledge of the Tarot. Couldn't believe what I'd stumbled across! Julienne and Cyndera draw on myth, archetypes and Jungian psychology to produce an incredibly in depth walk through of the Major Arcana. At the same time, they pitch this in a down to earth style that is accessible to anyone, whether you're familiar with these kind of concepts or not. They're also incredibly fun people to listen to - so I think this has to be both the most educational and enjoyable Tarot podcast on the net.

- Richard Cox

Kevin@RISK! ,

Where are the Episodes that Precede The Hermit?

I’ve really enjoyed this podcast so far. But in iTunes, it seems the episodes prior to the one about The Hermit are missing.

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