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Kyle S. King presents to you the Around The Way Podcast where we chat with experts to help you get around your obstacles to find a way to redesign your life.

The Around The Way Podcast Kyle S. King

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Kyle S. King presents to you the Around The Way Podcast where we chat with experts to help you get around your obstacles to find a way to redesign your life.

    Brand Building and Being You Made Simple w/ Brittney Jenkins

    Brand Building and Being You Made Simple w/ Brittney Jenkins

    Brittney Jenkins is passionate about helping others thrive while walking in authenticity and optimal health. She does so through a number of outlets but particularly through social media and her blog justbeingbritt.com. In this episode we sit down to talk about her journey, unpack her wisdom, and capture the blessing of her gift.   
    Connect with Britt : http://www.justbeingbritt.com

    • 33 min
    Paid Platforms & Deep Influence w/ Majesty Acheampong

    Paid Platforms & Deep Influence w/ Majesty Acheampong

    Majesty Acheampong is not only a content creator but a wife, mother, self proclaimed foodie, podcast host, and blogger. She has dedicated herself to mastering her voice and building a platform to Ignite her own Influence! On this episode on the Around The Way Podcast we sit down with Majesty to discuss :  How to use your platform as your pulpit as a way to serve others.  Her heart to inspire women and why creators of color inspire her.  The truth about knowing the difference between your ideal client and your audience.  Navigating through brand deals : how to position yourself for maximum compensation and influence.  Brand budgets and rates : the lessons she's learned about negotiating agreements.  Her fascination with cuisine and the cost of time to "get it right." Navigating through pregnancy and the blessing of life.  and so much more!
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    • 57 min
    Holistic Ambition w/ Dr. Shante Williams

    Holistic Ambition w/ Dr. Shante Williams

    Business Owner, Private Investor, Venture Capitalist and Creative Problem Solver : Dr. Shante Williams joins us on the Around The Way Podcast. 
    In this episode we take a deep dive into : 
    The world of entrepreneurs and startups : what it takes to suceed from the inside out.  Her passion to inspire and create the next generation of investors.  The holistic approach to life and business excellence.  What it takes to live with self-awareness.  Faith and business : how the world needs men and women who are compassionate, excellent, and problem solvers who are deeply rooted in their faith.  Angel investing : the stories that keep her engaged and interested in such a risky business.   
    and so much more !
    Connect with Shante : https://www.instagram.com/doctor_shante/

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Financial Literacy For Entrepreneurs - Sarah Young

    Financial Literacy For Entrepreneurs - Sarah Young

    Sarah Young  is a CPA, Virtual CFO, and Mom who has a desire of making talking about finances more approachable, less scary. Her purpose is to help business owners find wealth and reach their goals in life. In this episode we discuss : 
    Dealing with Anxiety and finances as an entrepreneur. The Truth about cash-flow : defining what the goals are in your business to generate a level of peace and purpose.  Profiting First? Is the goal to pull your profits or reinvest back into your business to cash out?  Defining your WHO and WHY in business : the drive and reason for your everyday output of energy and resources.  Authenticity in business : how to let things go that don’t serve your ultimate goals.  And so much more!
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    • 49 min
    The Planned Jump Into Entrepreneurship w/ Tre Via

    The Planned Jump Into Entrepreneurship w/ Tre Via

    When should you launch into entrepreneurship ? At what point in your life do all the stars line up and present you as ready? Today's guest offers insight and an incredible story to be inspired by that may help answer these questions. 
    Tre Via, has experienced A LOT of life with ups, downs, moments of deep pain, and moments of exuberant success. His ability to be a full time entrepreneur has been marked by boldness, humility, and a hunger to unlock his highest level of potential. 
    In this episode we discuss: 
    How he walked through the pain, lessons, and victory of overcoming a heart condition.  The truth of entrepreneurship : your ability to be consistent, bold, and have vision.  Real Estate : the truth of what it takes to succeed consistently.  "Jumping into entrepreneurship" : how to do it properly when seeking to capitalize on what it can provide.  Community activism: how to give back regardless of where you are in life. and so much more!
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    Becoming A Real Estate Mogul - Jeshua Powers

    Becoming A Real Estate Mogul - Jeshua Powers

    What if you had the ability to be uncapped, unrestrained, and unhindered in your belief and curiosity?Real Estate Virtuoso Joshua Powers joins us for today’s podcast to talk about the power and journey he has been on as a young man and business owner. We discuss :
    - Authenticity and being in what he calls the “Joshua Generation.”
    - How the level of sacrifice, intentionality and focus led him to working 100 hour weeks to finish college.
    - Real Estate : how he discovered his potential to not only buy real estate but to build real estate!
    - The power of developing a mindset of abundance and building confidence when you are “starting from the bottom.”
    - Selling, Cleaning, Inspection, and Building Real Estate : why he chose to do it all.
    And so Much more!
    Connect with Jeshua : 

    • 33 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Ty M Carolina ,

Loved- When Accomplishments Aren’t Enough

Truly, these subjects are so valuable and I loved this episode. I am so glad that you guys speak about what one feels in business. From anger to happiness and success... it’s the basic human emotions and I appreciate this episode!

Kiarakiwi ,

The motivation I never knew I needed..

I love to start the beginning of my week with a podcast of Kyle & Kiana, for a motivational message that’ll surely get me through my week. Life has been quite stressful lately, but these podcasts have helped me protect not only my space, but my confidence as a young adult, as well. I’ve always felt like each podcast is relatable and is equipped with advice that helps me better understand my purpose in life. I look forward to hearing much more!

Julia Stallworth-Howell ,

Very Relatable

Great podcast! It’s so empowering and relatable. I love that this podcast is not only able to reach adults but also young adults and teens. I really related to the conversion about quarantine being a time to reflect. Personally, I was able to take the time to really think about who I am. What I wanted out of life and what I need to do to reach my goals. It’s great that you guys are using your voices and wisdom to change lives!

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