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This podcast covers Atari's last home video game console and its library, one game at a time. It's heavy on personal stories, from the host and especially the listeners, and is intended to be light-hearted and family-friendly.

The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast Shinto

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This podcast covers Atari's last home video game console and its library, one game at a time. It's heavy on personal stories, from the host and especially the listeners, and is intended to be light-hearted and family-friendly.

    31 - Syndicate

    31 - Syndicate

    Set your cybernetic sights on world domination in Syndicate! Get a handle on the controls, concoct an unofficial overlay, peruse reviews from around the world, and question the ESRB rating in this episode about Bullfrog's cyberpunk classic.
    Oh, yeah, and check out several previously-undisclosed cheat codes.
    Also included is feedback from RJ, the Lost Dragon, PFG 9000, tripled79, MightyFrog, cubanismo, Kyle, Louis, and Bobby Tribble! Woohoo!
    All that plus storytime involving out-of-context Atari, and nerds makin' noise in the computer lab.
    Full show notes can be found at https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/17232-31-syndicate/
    Next up: Rayman!


    • 2 hr 42 min
    30 - Super Burnout

    30 - Super Burnout

    Blisteringly-fast arcade-style motorcycle racing hits the Atari Jaguar with Super Burnout. In this episode, we figure out if "super" really is better, Bishop wreaks pre-programmed havoc on a national anthem, we track down the real-life inspiration behind each of the game's courses, hunt for the optimal audio balance, and create crazy glitches with a cheat code.
    We're also packed with feedback from Randal, Björn, Lestat, Roberth, Olivier Nallet (really!), Rhett, Derek, Peter, atarilbc, Doctor Clu, RJ, Louis, TrekMD, Steve Clinton from London, and Kyle!
    Throughout the episode, check out snippets from the underrated soundtrack, including the entirety of Shen's Theme at the very end, following Storytime, which includes my COVID-19 update.
    Full show notes are available at https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16882-30-super-burnout/
    Next episode: Syndicate!
    This episode has been modified since its original publication.
    Changes applied on 2021-03-06:
    Tried to balance audio levels a bit better

    • 3 hr 3 min
    29 - Theme Park

    29 - Theme Park

    The Advisor recommends you check out Theme Park! In this Ferris wheel-sized episode, we look at the histories of two storied UK video game companies, learn about the development of the Jaguar version straight from the source (whose name I hope I pronounced correctly), check out all the rides and attractions, and find out that M. Thatcher is actually a dude.  Act surprised at the unexpected musical number, and if you want, stick around for storytime at the end.
    Also included is feedback from Derek, Trevor, Randal, Chris, Gary, Mark, Zeus09998580, atarilbc, Patrick, TrekMD, and Adam!
    Full show notes are available at https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16392-29-theme-park/
    In the next episode, we're covering Super Burnout! Send in feedback to jaguar@gamebygamepodcast.com for this or any prior game.

    • 3 hr 5 min
    28 - Supercross 3D

    28 - Supercross 3D

    Feel the textures beneath your animated, dirt-chewing tires in Supercross 3D! Learn about how the tournament actually works (hint: don't read the manual), check out some of the hidden references in the list of competitor names, and learn what the heck a "nac nac" is in this dirty, dirty episode.
    Also included are a couple curious song similarities, storytime segments featuring carbonated beverages and open-source operating systems, plus feedback from Rhett, RD, Björn, Roberth, Liam, Atarilbc, Arethius, Hakuzo, and JagMod! One of those may or may not correct a recurring mistake on my part.
    Full show notes are available at http://atariage.com/forums/blog/615/entry-15965-28-supercross-3d/
    Next episode: Theme Park!

    • 1 hr 30 min
    27 - Flashback - The Quest for Identity

    27 - Flashback - The Quest for Identity

    Find out who you really are and then foil the alien conspiracy in Flashback: The Quest for Identity. Learn about the companies involved in bringing this game to the Jaguar, what it took to make the cutscenes, and how to recover your teleport receiver with one weird trick.
    Along the way, we uncover a previously-unknown cheat code, dig into all the various ports and their differences, and argue about whether the Titan in this game is a planet or a moon.
    Also included is feedback, lots of feedback, from Bryce, Andrew, Derek, Hugh, TrekMD, Ben, Mike, Arethius, Rhett, and Hugues! Plus storytime.
    Full show notes are available at http://atariage.com/forums/blog/615/entry-15790-27-flashback-the-quest-for-identity/
    Next up: Supercross 3D!

    • 2 hr 35 min
    26 - I-War

    26 - I-War

    Only a weapons-laden antivirus craft can save the I-Way, and only you can drive it. This heavy-tank-sized episode will give you all you need to know to defeat Override, including the little-known history of the game I-War, a complete catalog of weapons, a list of enemies and hazards, and tons of tips. We find a close connection between I-War and Defender 2000, dig deep for hidden messages, and solve the mystery of the missing level music.
    All this plus a dramatic re-enactment and a yelling Klingon are available on this side of the podcast Datalink.
    Stick around for feedback from Derek, Randal, Chad, Björn, Arethius, Roberth, and Chris, plus Jaguar stories from LehtMojo and Ben! Also, a Retro League eulogy.
    Full show notes are available at http://atariage.com/forums/blog/615/entry-15466-26-i-war/
    Next episode: Flashback: The Quest for Identity!

    • 2 hr 34 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Bbold75 ,

Fantastic !

If you like the Atari Jaguar, or if you were ever interested in learning about this severely underrated system, check out this brilliant podcast, from the one and only Shinto! A+

Bucky749 ,

Great show

A great show and both interesting and informative. Keep up the good work . Can’t wait you next episode.

Crabby71 ,

Can’t stop listening!

I stumbled upon this podcast by accident and I am glad I did!! Also super stoked that its current too. All too often I find s cool podcast and it’s long finished or abandoned. Looking forward to all the shows ! Thanks and I really appreciate this. Wish I didn’t sell my Jaguar 😞

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