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Come on in and get to know your favorite audiobook professionals over a couple of cocktails!

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Come on in and get to know your favorite audiobook professionals over a couple of cocktails!

    Episode 100: The Roundtable

    Episode 100: The Roundtable

    For this very special 100th episode of The Audiobook Speakeasy, I invited back some of my favorite guests from over the past five years: Andi Arndt, Jesse Bickford-Coghill, Robin Miles, Amy Rubinate, and Julia Whelan. Edoardo Ballerini and Carol Monda were also planning on joining us, but unfortunately got stuck in traffic and the airport.
    I didn't have any specific plan for the conversation aside from one important announcement, but we all kept coming back to the importance of a good work-life balance. I enjoyed chatting about life in the audiobook world with these giants in the industry just as much this time as I did the first time around. There was plenty of water, sparkling and hot, as well as some wine, a Gin And Ginger, and... my drink. :)
    If you haven't heard any of our previous, one-on-one chats, you can find them here:
    Andi Arndt, episode 4: https://www.richvoiceproductions.com/audiobook-speakeasy-1#episode004
    Jesse Bickford, episode 55: https://www.richvoiceproductions.com/audiobook-speakeasy-3#episode055
    Robin Miles, episode 39: https://www.richvoiceproductions.com/audiobook-speakeasy-2#episode039
    Amy Rubinate, episode 80: https://www.richvoiceproductions.com/audiobook-speakeasy-4#episode080
    Julia Whelan, episode 58: https://www.richvoiceproductions.com/audiobook-speakeasy-3#episode058

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    Episode 99: Jess Escalona

    Episode 99: Jess Escalona

    My guest tonight is the CEO of Common Mode Inc., Jess Escalona!
    Jess tells me about working in a hip hop studio and doing post-production at a television studio while pursuing a degree in music and recording arts from William Paterson University, and finding that the work really didn't suit her; but a meeting with an adviser led to an interview at Common Mode Inc., and that led to immediate employment, and she liked that work so much that she's been there ever since. Jess and I then discuss her various different roles at Common Mode over the years, and how very important good -- and timely -- communication is in this industry. All this and more over some water and a Whoville's Spiced Up Christmas Margarita!
    You can find Jess and Common Mode on Twitter and Instagram at @commonmodeinc.

    • 52 min
    Episode 98: Lisa Cahn

    Episode 98: Lisa Cahn

    My guest tonight is Hachette Audio producer Lisa Cahn!
    Lisa and I reminisce a bit about our alma mater, Occidental College: we were apparently there for a year concurrently, but, alas, didn't know each other. Lisa then tells me about her journey from journalism into publishing, including her experience abridging books for audio back when that was the norm, and how she just might be at least partially responsible for the "celebrity narrator" trend (which, thankfully, appears to be waning). All this and much more over some Klinker Brick 1850° red wine and a Mexican Firing Squad!
    You can connect with Lisa at lisa.cahn@hbgusa.com.

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Episode 97: Leon Nixon

    Episode 97: Leon Nixon

    My guest tonight is director, filmmaker, playwright, and award-winning audiobook narrator Leon Nixon!
    After a chat about whiskey, gin, and growing in up in Southern California, Leon tells me about his 30-year career as a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles and how he transitioned from that to narrating audiobooks. Then we discuss authentic casting, calligraphy, how important it is to be kind (in business and in general), and more. All this over some Uncle Nearest Tennessee Whiskey and a Pink Lady!
    You can find Leon online at https://www.leonnixonvo.com.

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Episode 96: David Rapkin

    Episode 96: David Rapkin

    My guest tonight is legendary audiobook producer and director David Rapkin!
    David tells me a great story about meeting a music legend on the streets of New York many decades ago and starting a career in audio engineering shortly after. He then goes on to discuss some of the many high-profile audiobooks he's worked on over the years, and offers up some great advice for narrators of all levels. All this and much more over an Agua Libre and a Tuxedo No. 2!
    You can contact David at drapco@aol.com. 

    • 1 hr 22 min
    Episode 95: Stephanie Cicatiello

    Episode 95: Stephanie Cicatiello

    Tonight's guest is Podium Audio casting director Stephanie Cicatiello!
    Stephanie tells me how she got into the audiobook world shortly after studying about various aspects of the entertainment industry at Drexel University. We then talk about her experiences at Common Mode, Hachette, and Podium Audio. All this over some Caravella Limoncello and a Naked And Famous!
    You can find Stephanie on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/audiobooksteph/. You can find Podium Audio at https://podiumaudio.com.  

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
39 Ratings

39 Ratings

Tad Davis ,

Genial and informative

Rich Miller is a genial host and a great conversationalist, and his guests are wonderful. I don’t share his love of alcohol, but he does call it the SPEAKEASY, after all — and it remains one of the best audiobook-related podcasts available, especially for those interested in what goes on behind the scenes.

#ShesSoJersey ,

Top notch podcast for Audiobook Narrators

Rich Miller’s podcast should be in every audiobook narrator’s must-listen library. His laidback style sets the tone and allows for fun AND informative interviews from every part of the industry.

StevieSue ,

What a treasure!

I discovered this podcast linked within Karen Commins's plethora of information for narrators. I've listened to several episodes over the past few days and found them very enjoyable conversations. The one with Lydia Rella, episode 82, was especially valuable to me as a budding romance genre audiobook narrator, but I went as far back as episode one with Sean Pratt, which was also excellent. Thank you for this podcast, Rich! Keep up the great work.

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