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Showcasing top innovators in business.

    Carl David Suicide Prevention Advocate

    Carl David Suicide Prevention Advocate

    Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a third descendant of a 4th generation art dealer family, Carl David is a firm
    believer in ‘paying it forward.’ He has overcome a great life struggle, and though it was painful, he has learned to turn the negative into something positive.

    When David was only sixteen, his brother Bruce decided to take his own life. Bruce David was only twenty-two-years-old at the time of his suicide. Bruce’s death tore the David family apart; so many questions unanswered, too much hurt to endure.

    The family had begun to realize that even though Bruce’s battle was over, theirs had just begun.

    Together, Carl David and his family had to learn to fight and keep strong no matter how challenging the circumstances. Just eight years later, David’s father, a legendary art dealer, died suddenly and unexpectedly on a buying trip in England. He was only fifty-eight-years-old. David was devastated by his brother and father’s deaths. In response to his grief, David decided to write a book. Initially, the book titled, Bader Field, was written so that David’s children (not yet born) would one day be able to know the greatness of their grandfather. Over time, however, the book’s true context came forth.

    Bader Field is a survivor’s story and talks about how death, specifically a suicide, can wreak havoc on loved ones left behind. The book reveals the story of how a family endured struggle and torment after suicide, and their fight to survive. David uses the book as an outlet to ‘pay it forward’ and help others cope with depression and suicidal tendencies. The author wants for those who are suffering to know that though they may feel lonely, they are not alone.

    Carl David
    215-735-2922 (gallery)
    215-478-5335 (cell)
    Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide
    Available on Amazon, Apple iBook store and in 60 digital markets worldwide
    YouTube; Coping After Suicide, Part 1, It's your call with Lynn Doyle
    A search for Bader Field by Carl David will bring up dozens of links to the book, interviews, etc.

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    Lauren Grey Flanagan - Communications Strategist Advising Companies on How to Empower Employees Through Engagement

    Lauren Grey Flanagan - Communications Strategist Advising Companies on How to Empower Employees Through Engagement

    Lauren Grey Flanagan, MPA, is a communications strategist advising companies on how to empower employees through engagement. Engaged employees drive revenue, cross-sell, and empower themselves and others to become better stewards in their professional and personal lives, which improves the community as a whole. With USI Insurance Services, Lauren serves as an employee benefits consultant designing cost containment strategies that positively impact bottom-line forecasts; and, the results for her clients are insurmountable.

    She is also learning about the rapidly changing communications climate, largely due to technological advances; where the intersection of work life and personal life collide. She began studying data patterns four years ago and is currently working toward a certification in Artificial Intelligence Strategy from the UC Berkeley School of Information. Certification in AI is representative of what she believes will bring a major cultural shift, directly impacting how we succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.

    As a first time author, her new book, 1001 Watts, released on Amazon June 21, 2019, is the output of her education and life experiences. She has a passion for data and healthcare, information, communications, and technology. Her continued education, and earning a Master of Public Affairs degree, has led her to where she is today: An advocate of empowerment through engagement.

    Her findings illustrate that women around the world are searching for a new way to connect, to follow their vision, to be guided and nourished. 1001 Watts is a guide that will help women navigate a new path of change in the fourth industrial revolution. Her mission is to bring hope and community to all women at a crossroads around the world and accelerate a path of change. A percentage of the profits from this book will be donated to education funds that support women.


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    Scott Hansen - Top Business Coach Gives You The Blueprint for Success

    Scott Hansen - Top Business Coach Gives You The Blueprint for Success

    Scott Hansen helps business owners increase sales, double revenues, breakthrough barriers, and become high performers in their business. His work has been seen in Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC, FOX, CBS, Forbes, Inc., and Business Innovators. He is also a nationally recognized Speaker. Best-selling author, and the host of one of the top business/entrepreneurial podcasts
    on iTunes listened to in multiple countries.

    In addition, Six-Figure Coach magazine has Labeled Scott as one of the top business coaches in the country to follow.

    The Blueprint is available on Amazon.com

    For more info on Scott
    Email Scott scott@scotthproductions.com

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    Pamela Leonard Helping You Kick Your Sugar Habit

    Pamela Leonard Helping You Kick Your Sugar Habit

    Pamela Leonard is CEO and Founder of Simply Positive, LLC, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Professional Speaker. She has been a featured leading expert on television, radio and in the media.

    Pam is passionate about empowering her audiences and clients with her step-by-step systems so they can release ineffective patterns and habits quickly, reset their taste buds and easily reboot their systems. Plus, with her proven techniques, they sleep better, have more energy, and release extra weight.

    Pam has a life-long commitment to being the Best of the Best for her clients. As a result, Pam’s background includes being a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodywork Specialist, and award-winning competitive body builder.

    Whether working with clients 1:1, in small coaching circles or speaking to a group of twenty or hundreds, Pam ignites the atmosphere with her proven methods, empowering presence and her commitment to helping others achieve profound results.

    Go here for the Sugar challenge. www.kicksugarchallenger.com
    Code: WCKG


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    Megha Jain Helping You Conserve Water Through Your Toilet

    Megha Jain Helping You Conserve Water Through Your Toilet

    Megha Jain is a senior at Granada Hills Charter High School in Los Angeles, California. She is an inventor, avid public speaker, and the founder of the Science Fair & STEM Expo at her school. In her spare time, she enjoys reading The Economist and playing the violin. In college, she hopes to pursue Environmental Engineering and Computer Science in order to study the intersection between AI and Energy Sustainability.

    For more information go here www.swchit.com

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    Erik Rind - CEO of ImagineBC Helping You Regain Control of Your Big Data and Profit

    Erik Rind - CEO of ImagineBC Helping You Regain Control of Your Big Data and Profit

    Erik Rind is the CEO of ImagineBC and an expert in understanding the largely untapped potential that Blockchain and AI technologies bring forward in order to help secure user’s data. He has had significant exposure to writing software in the HCM space and is in the position to bring these skills to his new company.
    Erik graduated from George Washington University in 1983 with a B.A. in History. Erik has over 30 years of experience in building advanced technology solutions and has been involved in the HR services industry since 1990. His professional track-record includes starting and then selling PowerPay software for $22 million and becoming President and CEO of Lyceum Business Services until 2018 when he chose to embrace his entrepreneurial side. Additionally, Erik is an advisory board member to Vertalo, Dashub, and Health Wizz.

    ImagineBC which is set to formally launch in late May (https://imaginebc.net/), was inspired largely by the growing outcry across the globe surrounding how vulnerable consumers are in relation to their personal data. While some major tech companies have announced sweeping changes, with privacy (or at least some version of it) in mind it's clear that more needs to be done. It's that central thought which has come to shape ImagineBC.

    Simply put, ImagineBC has identified how blockchain technology can be combined with other new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, to create innovative solutions that will empower individuals to efficiently and easily control the distribution of their personal information and turn this distribution into an income stream for themselves and not Facebook, Google, Amazon and all the other 3 rd parties currently profiting from their personal information.

    To find out more go here: https://imaginebc.net/

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