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The Barbershop Group podcast covers various topics of well-being as they relate to men and the interests of men in the arena of personal growth. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thebarbershopgroup/support

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The Barbershop Group podcast covers various topics of well-being as they relate to men and the interests of men in the arena of personal growth. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thebarbershopgroup/support

    What Men Want: Tackling Sexual Perceptions

    What Men Want: Tackling Sexual Perceptions

    Let’s be honest, women don’t know everything about men and men have tried like hell to get women to listen without making assumptions or lumping them altogether. Many women want to know why older men seem less interested in relationships and less motivated to make sexual advances. Men are now speaking out about their real thoughts. They might surprise you.

    Popular maxims attest to the pervasive belief that men are always ready and eager to bed almost any woman:
    * Men have only one thing on their minds.
    * Men lust; women want to feel desired.
    * What single word can women say to sexually arouse men? Hello.
    Chances are you’ve heard one or more of these, which attests to the prevalence of assumptions about rampant male lust. But sexual urgency, the feeling that I need sex now, is age-related. A recent study shows that after age 30, men’s desire for sex becomes more nuanced, more complex—and in contrast to the stereotype, more like women’s.


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    ABCs of Eliminating Debt

    ABCs of Eliminating Debt

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    Between a mortgage, car loan, student loans, credit cards, and medical bills, debt can get out of control before you realize what's happening. Whether your debt stems from a job loss, unexpected expenses, or overspending, it’s possible to reduce and eventually eliminate it. 

    Tackling your debt takes time and effort, but combining strategies and staying consistent can help you successfully dig your way out of debt. Here are some tips to help you get out of debt.

    Today we’ll talk about:

    Freezing Credit
    Build an Emergency Fund
    Use the Debt Snowball Method
    Ask Your Creditor for a Lower Interest Rate
    Increase Your Income
    Withdraw From Your Retirement Fund
    Cash Out a Life Insurance Policy
    Debt Settlement
    Credit Counseling


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    * Fidelity. "Thinking of Taking Money Out of a 401(k)?" Accessed June 3, 2021.
    * Ameriprise Financial. "Tax Planning Tips: Life Insurance," Expand "What Are the Tax Consequences of Cashing in Your Life Insurance?" Accessed June 3, 2021.


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    Romance For The Common Man

    Romance For The Common Man

    After a long period of time, the passion in a marriage or a long term relationship can begin to fade. Keep the flame alive with these ten ways to romance your wife.

    Read The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman

    You can find out more about your own Love Language by taking this quiz.

    You can also learn more about The 5 Love Languages For Men.

    Some other neat ways to spark romance:

    Make a scrapbook with photos, mementos, and little notes from you lives together.
    Kiss in the rain.
    Ride a ferris wheel.
    Sneak away from a party and make out.
    Bring home great take-out, and light some candles.
    Fix something or fix up the house just to make your partner happy.
    Slow dance to romantic music.
    Take a nap together.
    Kiss slowly, touching his or her back and neck and nape — slowly.
    Make a list of everything you love about him or her.
    Write a love letter.


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    Budgeting Made Easy

    Budgeting Made Easy

    If you want to control your spending and work toward your financial goals, you need a budget. In many households across America, men may be the primary wage-earners but stats suggest their spouses and partners do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to financial planning, budgeting and personal finance management.

    We get it. Guys want to make money. Even if you’re a humble dude, you probably still want to feel like you’re not broke, like you could walk into Tiffany’s with confidence or book that trip to Bali in the spur of the moment. But avoiding budget planning and your finances or lack thereof won’t help you get there.

    Here are 6 easy steps to help you take control of your financial life. No, these steps won’t make you rich, but they’ll definitely keep you from feeling poor and overworked.

    General Budgeting Tips
    Once you have set up a basic budget, customize it according to your financial situation and goals.

    * If you work on commission, be aggressive in saving to help cover periods when the market is slow. 
    * If you have cash flow issues because you are paid only once a month, divide that payment by weeks, and keep the cash you planned to spend in remaining weeks in a separate account until you need it.
    * Pay with a credit card only if you will have the money to pay it off at the end of the month. Otherwise, you will owe interest on top of the price of whatever you bought.
    * Adjust your budget monthly if you find you overestimated or underestimated your expenses. Keep an eye on large expenses that only occur every few months, such as insurance payments.
    * If you tend to overspend in certain categories, use budgeting hacks such as switching to a cash-only budget.
    * Once your expenses are lower than your income, budget towards savings goals before you increase your spending.
    * Take time to learn other financial skills to improve your financial literacy and make your money work harder for you.


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    Live Longer Man

    Live Longer Man

    June is Men’s Health Month and once again men are being faced with some dire health circumstances and according to many health research agencies, our situations are getting better.

    Average life expectancy in the United States dropped by a full year—from 78.8 to 77.8 years—in the first six months of 2020, according to provisional data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), and the life expectancy gap between the sexes widened.
    Women now outlive men by an average of 5.4 years versus the 5.1-year average in 2019, the NCHS reported and it’s even lower if you are an African-American or Hispanic male.

    Today take a moment to consider what you can do to take control of the longevity of your life and be sure to sign up for our podcast and blog at tbgmen.com.


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    Stop Raping Us Too

    Stop Raping Us Too

    •“We can’t solve the problem of violence against girls and women without also addressing violence against men and boys...

    •”If we want to raise boys differently, we must start believing that they are equally capable of feeling pain and doing violence.”

    •”When we convey to boys that unwanted touch is a serious issue of sexual assault only when it affects girls and not when it affects boys, we are sending a message that only girls’ bodies are worthy of protection.”

    Have you ever heard of "brooming?" Are girls & women really sexually assaulted more than males? How do we stop violence against women? Why won't the news media talk about male sexual abuse & the research? Are gay men at higher risk? Listen to today's podcast to find out!

    Check out https://www.washingtonpost.com/magazine/2021/02/22/why-we-dont-talk-about-sexual-violence-against-boys-why-we-should/ and research on the tbgmen.com website.


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4.8 out of 5
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23 Ratings

zhaupt ,


What I appriciate about this podcast is all the information shared . I always wonder how other men feel on certain subjects.

JRenee07 ,

Love it!!

This is one of my favorite podcast! It brings forth the awareness of the struggles that men battle!

MikeBogz2253 ,


This podcast is awesome! It really dials into the issues facing men today. So much valuable info and perspective.

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