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This is the show that takes Beast Wars & Machines breaking them down by episode in this limited run podcast based off these series of Transformers cartoons

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This is the show that takes Beast Wars & Machines breaking them down by episode in this limited run podcast based off these series of Transformers cartoons

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4.6 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

dann-o23 ,

well done

very well done though there are a few theories I want throw out and see what you think . One, the water is probably for human/organic beings visiting cybertron for the past 300 to 500 years since g1 before megatron took over the planet in which they probably left before things really went down hill. Two, could the oracle be what happen to the matrix after it was opened in the return of optimus prime and be living data like in prime. And thirdly vector sigma could be a conduit for sparks like stasis pods in which a person can manually alter a personality to a particular facton, otherwise like the early season 1 dinobots it could be hit or miss what they might do or who they join.If you have a discussion on these theories please do it on all things transformers with a quick update on your opinion of transformers prime beast hunters or on warz for a round table talk.

texneck ,

For any fan of Beast Wars....

I stumbled onto the Beast Unleashed Podcast last fall, just as I was finishing up an extended business trip in Seoul, Korea. It was a great way to kill time as I rode the subway to & from work each day. Very entertaining stuff, to say the least, and it helped to feed my voracious appetite for all things Beast Wars. See, I just can't get ENOUGH of that show, so I was ecstatic to find a podcast devoted to reviewing EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, where the hosts gush over the G1 continuity moments in "The Agenda" and ponder the true meaning behind Depth Charge's death scene. Also, it's amazing (and comforting) to me that, with the live-action movies, the video games, the IDW Comics, the more recent cartoon series (Prime, Animated, etc.), and all the other newer Transformers stuff, there are indeed still people out there, like myself, who still care about Beast Wars, and who recognize that without Cheetor & Co., Transformers would have STAYED dead back in the early '90s, and we wouldn't be enjoying ANY of that other stuff now.

Oh....and the celebrity interviews are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy coooooooooooooooooooooolllll!!!!!

Big Bot 41380 ,

Nobody expects a...

I absolutely loved this podcast! I am on the last episode now and although I on occasion was screaming in my car while listening to try to voice my opinion, it’s been a great show. From seeds of the past being buried somewhere unpleasant to the great Megatrons tryst with Barney, it has been Hilarious. I just have to say also that with the Beast Machines and the Megatron Head in comparison to Unicron, Cyberton has expanded three times its size due to the civilizations being added on top of each other as we see it within the first episode. That has to be taken into account. Thanks for a great show!

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